CUB 4-Door Coupe Concept Announced For The 2013 Seoul Motor Show

Kia Motors Corp. reveals the CUB concept car ahead of its official public premiere! 

Kia has released a teaser image of its all-new 4-door coupe concept. Called CUB, the all-new concept vehicle will make its official public premiere at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show which kicks off this Thursday.

Details about the Kia CUB at this point are scarce, but Kia says their latest car creation is less than four metres long.

Kia CUB Teaser Image

cub concept car CUB 4 Door Coupe Concept Announced For The 2013 Seoul Motor Show  cars  seoul auto ahow

The 4-door coupe study, which was designed at the carmaker’s styling studio in South Korea, incorporates a pretty aggressive stance along with several striking design elements such as the two-point LED headlight arrangement, black racing stripe and large bumper air intakes.

No engine specs, dimensions or any other technical details have been released so far.

It is widely speculated that the CUB uses the same 1,6L T-GDI turbo engine as the just-recently introduced Provo concept.

However, knowing that the CUB is even shorter than its Geneva-bound sibling model, the 4-door CUB might be packing one of Kia’s small displacement direct injection turbo engines (1,0L or 1,2L T-GDI).

Expect more details about the CUB concept along with a large number of high-quality photos to be released later this week. Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “CUB 4-Door Coupe Concept Announced For The 2013 Seoul Motor Show

  1. The face of Kia just keeps on evolving. It is never satisfied. Unlike the faces of Mazda, Ford, Audi’ BMW and Lexus. Its easy to click and paste trying to keep up with award wining designs 3 years and a row Kia. Also I just saw the face of the 2014 Fit which copied the Quest’s front end.

  2. Agree JTZ…….they innovate along with Hyundai. This is why they will become number 1 worldwide within 5-7yrs I estimate

  3. That’s my first reason why I like Kia’s design language it’s unpredictable and yet still stylish enough to win more design awards. It’s like when Kia is designing, they always start out with a fresh sheet of paper. That’s why we don’t know what the next Forte Koup is going to look like. I think is is impressive how the pro-ceed, Provo and CUB appear to be coupe like and yet have totally different designs. One can’t just say, “it’ll take the Cadenza’s front end.” The KV7 may or may not be for the next Sedona. However regardless of what the next Sedona will look like, the KV7 looks nothing like Kia’s 2013 concepts or current line up. Also, I saw a rendering of the next Miata, it’s just a Mazda 6 grille added to it how predictable is that?

  4. Hyundai and Kia will never be at number one as long as they can’t keep up with supply. How about building another factory? I don’t care where it is, but one needs to be built ASAP!!

  5. Hyundai-Kia do not intend to be the No. 1 in terms of car sales, according to Hyundai boss. At least this is not their primary goal!!

    They want to be the No.1 carmaker in profitability, creativity and quality.

    They could easily build 5 new factories and ramp up production by a million or so, but this is not the way you can grow in these tough times.

  6. Greg…………..that will happen. You have to be a realist is one cannot build many factories at click of finger and go from say 3 million cars a year worldwide to 4.5million. Growth takes time to develop and Kia/Hyundai clearly are “PACESETTERS” here in more places worldwide then “not”

  7. Agree JTZ……..Kia throws gauntlet down on design and start off fresh piece of paper. Others just look crap or do not gel as unreal as Kia. This is why Iam predicting Kia/Hyundai on march worldwide and they will increase factories when time is right as they want the admin part downpat perfect as one has to have quality and control in check and Kia/Hyundai have raised that bar too high (and justified in my view).

    Anyone who cannot see where they going needs to be back at school again as for me is easy to see what and where they going and they will nail it well.

  8. Must admit am busting to find out what next Sedona (Carnival in Australia) will look like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Telling ME to be a realist? You said they will be number one within 5-7 years. As far as I’m concerned, they are. As far as sales it will never happen. They are already operating at full capacity. Without increased capacity, their sales volume will NOT grow. That’s fine with me, I just wish they would knock it off with the concepts and show us the Sedona! I mean, 3 new concepts all within the last 3 months is a little ridiculous. At $3-7 Million a-piece, there has to be better things that money could have been spent on. Kia needs to continue their focus on quality. It has increased leaps and bounds, but isn’t totally there. The reliability is, but the quality….not so much. I have 202k and 240k on my Sedonas. Extremely reliable vehicles. I never question that they will start in the morning, or if they might die on a long road trip…but I am disappointed in some of the interior materials. Color wearing off the leather in a couple places on the steering wheel and shift knob, excessive rattles too numerous to trace, and random small electrical issues (such as the heated windshield having all the correct parameters, but not heating up; and the driver’s heated seatBACK doesn’t heat up anymore). I’d rather have one large, easy to fix issue than all these inconvenient small, hard to trace/fix issues.

  10. Also could have spent the money on re-engineering their engines to be more fuel efficient. Looking at different forums there are little issues that should have been found and corrected during testing, but were not. A rattle in the dash of the new Rio, left pull issue on Optima, rattle in engine of the new Rio, clicking shifter on Sorento, peeling steering wheels in various models, turbo wastegate problems in Sportage and Optima, chipping paint on the Soul…..these are all things that should have come up in testing.

  11. I can tell you a list of quailty issues I have: Loud cabin. Terrible blue tooth, bumpy as hell, uncomfortable seating sometimes. I during testing, you’d think Kia would have taken the 1st generation Forte back after these basic issues. The Optima is bumpy too. I also read the 1st generation Soul and Sorento are bumpy and uncomfortable seating. I rented the OPitma and it was bumpy and felt like a longer 10′ Forte.

  12. When I rented the new Optima, the only thing between the Forte and the Optima was that the D segment car had a queiter cabin. Other than that it felt and handled like my 10′ Forte with a better looking exterior.

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