HOT: 2018 Kia Soul Release Date News & Rumors

Latest rumors and news about the 2018 Kia Soul (release date, color changes, turbo engine and AWD availability)!

Kia Soul crossover vehicle represents a major success story for the South Korean brand.

In terms of sales, the Soul CUV has been the best-selling Kia vehicle in the United States, and the top-selling model in the small crossover segment.

The current Soul model has also been ranked as tops in quality in the segment for the third straight year, so there’s no wonder why it has won the hearts of so many US consumers.

2018 Kia SoulThe second-generation Kia Soul has been on sale in the U.S. market for the past three years, which is why the carmaker decided to freshen up the exterior and interior by giving it a mid-cycle refresh.

Already on sale at your local dealerships, the Kia Soul facelift received minor styling tweaks inside and out, as well as several mechanical improvements.

How about the 2018 Kia Soul?

For the 2018 model year, the Soul crossover isn’t expected to receive any styling tweaks and changes. There will also be no mechanical upgrades.

Let’s have a look at what to expect from the 2018 Soul crossover.

Kia Soul 2018 model year – possible changes

  • Release date: late this year or early next year
  • Dealership arrival US, Canada: first quarter of 2018!
  • 2018 Soul turbo to be available (confirmed)
  • 2018 Kia Soul color choices: yellow color may return (rumor)
  • more standard features may be added to the 2018 Soul Base

The carmaker may introduce some other minor enhancements and changes to the Soul crossover cehicle, but those have yet to be announced. We will keep this blog post updated, so stay tuned!

2018 Kia Soul EV electric car

The 2018 model year changes and improvements may also affect the 2018 Soul EV (all electric model), but the automaker has yet to release official details about it.

You can expect Kia to further enhance the all electric Soul EV and provide it with a longer driving range on a single charge.

There is some talk that the 2018 Soul electric vehicle will receive a new, slightly larger battery.

Soul Trailster AWD launch?

The long-awaited Soul AWD will not be launched next year as previously reported.

It’s very likely that the Soul all-wheel-drive will most likely arrive to the market in 2019 when Kia unveils the third generation model.

We will keep you guys updated with all the latest news and rumors about the Kia Soul 2018. Stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “HOT: 2018 Kia Soul Release Date News & Rumors

  1. You do not need AWD on the Kia Soul SX. I put Yokohama all terrain tires, the same tires made to go on the Subaru Forester Outback. They are 16-inch tires, steel wheels which fit the Soul like the 18″ wheels & tires that come with it.

    One gets a better ride than the thumpy stock tires and I have been driving off road & in the snow ever since with great traction.

  2. Looking to find the colors available for the 2018 Kia Soul base models. I have a 2015 and want to buy a 2018 as my last car. Love it, it’s great in the snow in the northwestern part of Maine.

  3. I live in Colorado and work extensively in the mountains. I am a bit frustrated to learn that the AWD option is being put of for yet another year. What is the hold-up on this!? This is, in my opinion, a HUGE mistake for your profits in the intermountain west. I was really hoping to be able to buy this car in the fall or winter of this year at the latest. This development means that I will likely have to go in a different direction, which is deeply disappointing to me.

  4. I am so sick of the boring color choices offered in what is a fun car. The ultraconservative choices seems like an Asian thing. The Germans and the Italians with the Mini and the Fiat get it. Kia is stuck with the boring black, gray, silver, white, red for the most part, especially in the Exclaim.

  5. Living in the northeastern US mandates AWD for an SUV, so as I consider a small SUV for 2018, the KIA Soul is off the list. It’s a shame. I agree with a prior comment that KIA is missing a huge opportunity to make money in this region.

  6. Wait till the end of 2018 (or early 2019) when the new generation Soul comes out. That model will have AWD for sure!!

  7. I bought a 2013 Green soul liked it so well I upgraded and bought a 2015 yellow Soul. I want to upgrade to a 2018 but only will if the yellow comes back. I love the yellow cause when i come out of a store or Mall I can spot my yellow Soul right away. So PLEASE bring back the Yellow!!!!!
    I will be buying another. ( But only in Yellow)

  8. Hi, I am going to lease a 2018 SOUL turbo, but not 4 wheel drive.
    do not want or need 4 wheel drive, just want superior handling. Just after picking up my new Turbo Soul, I will be going to the fourth largest Walmart on this planet. They will be installing new Michelin tires on my Soul. Nobody makes a better tire. This new Soul will be my 232 car. Yes, I do know about cars. Who do you know that has had 32 Porsches.

  9. I have a 2015 red zone. People comment all the time on the car. It’s black with red trim. i agree about the color choice. They need more pastel colors.

  10. I have a 2015 KIA Soul and it’s our third Soul; so far we’ve been very brand-loyal. For the most part, we love the car, however I won’t be purchasing another one until two things are offered. You need to offer the Soul in a hybrid and you need to offer the power lift gate (foot-activated). We’re willing to wait until 2019 if those items will be available but if not, we’ll probably change brands. Thanks!

  11. We have a 2012 Kia Soul ! in original Alien Green. Need to update to 2018 but want a “!” version in Alien 2 green. How many more years do we have to wait. I understand from several dealers Green is the most popular color but you only have in the Base model.

  12. Kia needs to take a look at the great color options offered by fiat and Mini Cooper. The soul is supposed to be a fun car and the colors make it feel like just an old conservative car. Where is your imagination Kia and what about the fabric interior in the explain model. That’s your highest trim level and you cheap in it by putting fabric in the seats. not sure who is designing the colors and the interiors for the Kia soul but they really need to update their thinking and get with a more progressive color palette.

  13. I too, am severely disappointed in the colors available thus far for all of the KIA SOUL MODELS!!! I hope & pray you Do Better, starting with your 2018 Models! Also, I truly hope all of this feedback from numerous people, is taken into consideration moving forward.

  14. I actually like the white SOUL and bought a new base model with the six speed manual. Unfortunately this version was not available with the panoramic sunroof. If anyone from Kia is reading this how about offering the sunroof to anyone who buys any trim package. I would have loved to have purchased the SOUL with this sunroof option and almost went to the Ford Focus because they do offer their sunroof with a manual transmission. Or: make me up a panoramic sunroof-loaded white SOUL (with black interior and six speed manual) and you can have my brand new SOUL that just turned 3000 miles a day ago. Go ahead…make my day!

  15. i just spoke to kia regarding color options and to say the least, they couldn’t have been more disinterested in what i had to say. they didn’t seem to care that their color palette is so boring for such an upbeat car. a similar car, the jeep renegade has the best colors….their anvil gray and dune sand would be great colors for the soul. but i guess we are stuck with black, red, white and silver !!! YAWN!

  16. i just spoke to kia regarding color options and to say the least, they couldn’t have been more disinterested in what i had to say. they didn’t seem to care that their color palette is so boring for such an upbeat car. a similar car, the jeep renegade has the best colors….their anvil gray and dune sand would be great colors for the soul. but i guess we are stuck with black, red, white and silver !!! YAWN!

  17. Love all the comments, great info. We in Australia only get the si soul, no turbo or awd. 2017 model valued at $25,000 how does that compare with the States.


  18. Kia is losing out quite a number of people who waited for 2018 Soul to offer AWD. I wonder sometimes what goes thru the executives’ minds!

  19. I agree with most of the comments above. I waited for the 2017 for months and was so disappointed in the color choices. I decided not to get one based on the ugly seat choice….and I do means choice, not choices ! how can you offer the top trim and only have 1 color choice for the interior and an ugly one? I want leather or at least something that looks like leather, not an ugly cloth with bright orange stitching. looks awful on the red exclaim. looks like the 2018 models will have no better options. from what I have read they will be offering the same basic colors but they might bring that ugly yellow back. I would love a yellow car but they’re yellow is the ugliest yellow I’ve ever seen. Kia should look at some of the other cars in the same class and see what other manufacturers are offering. I agree with the comment about the renegade and also saw that Saturn has some great colors. I think it’s time to stop wasting my time with Kia and get a car that is really fun to drive and has colors that echo that kind of fun..

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