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Kia concept car In 2017

Kia has a new concept car coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12, and they have now released some official pictures of the model. The amazing looking concept was conceived at Kia’s European...

Kia Stinger in a crash

Before a new vehicle is officially released, there is usually a mad scramble to get some pics that might give us a hint of what to expect. PoPVille, a blog devoted to a neighborhood in...


Kia U.S. sales figures in November 2017

The hope was that Kia sales in the US would improve after a few sluggish months. After all, November has traditionally been a strong sales month for the Korean automaker. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned for Kia U.S., as the trend of slower sales numbers this year continued. It's not all...

0 Comment | Posted December 8th

Kia Stinger Goes On Sale In December, Priced $31,900

Kia are diving head first into the performance car market with the release of the new Stinger sports sedan. A stunningly fast, great looking model, the Stinger is still all Kia, as it comes with a host of features at an affordable price point. We are going to get into the details...

1 Comment | Posted November 21st

The Perfect Wheel And Tire Combo For Kia K900

The K900 is Kia’s entry into the luxury performance niche. If you didn’t know that Kia made a luxury sedan, you’re not alone. And while it doesn’t have the same performance of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or a BMW 7 Series, it doesn’t sport the same price tag either. Whether you get the...

0 Comment | Posted November 2nd

2018 Kia Stinger Comes With Head Up Display (Q&A)

The all-new Kia Stinger has been talked about a lot on these page over the past few months, but now that the vehicle has finally arrived in dealerships, there are a lot more details we can share. A pair of engines and drivetrains are available with the Stinger sports sedan. Choose...

1 Comment | Posted November 1st

2018 Kia Niro Graphite Edition Launched In U.S.

The hybrid car market is booming, but there are still some consumers who need a little nudge in that direction. Kia have released a limited edition version of the Niro hybrid crossover that is surely going to be one that makes people sit up and take notice. The model in question is...

1 Comment | Posted October 25th

2018 Kia Niro Release Date, Colors, Changes & News

Latest news and rumors about the 2018 Kia Niro hybrid (release date, new color options, plug-in model launch, possible AWD)! Kia Niro crossover vehicle has set the world on fire and has sure shaken up the hybrid car segment! The vehicle has been first launched to the market late last year and...

16 Comments | Posted October 5th

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