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Hamster Soul

The hip-hop hamsters are back, but this time they are broadening their musical horizons for their latest appearance in a Kia Soul ad. The new spot, which is titled "Soul Jam," sees Kia's advertising agency...


It’s a busy time for Kia Soul, with refreshed 2017 model expected to be unveiled later this year, as well as the arrival of a new Soul turbo model also on the horizon. It's no...


2017 Kia Hybrid Cars On Sale In The U.S. Market

In the next few years, automakers expect to see a sales spike in eco-friendly cars, with the likes of EV’s, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids gaining popularity. It’s believed that by 2020, there will be 6.6 million electric vehicles on the road, and Kia wants to be at or near the top...

1 Comment | Posted May 20th

Kia Cadenza Diamond Butterfly & Intaglio Grille Designs

New Kia Cadenza grille designs: Diamond Butterfly and Intaglio! It's easy to get excited about the features and luxury components that will be part of the new 2017 Kia Cadenza premium sedan, and believe it or not, that includes the front signature grille. Check in your rear-view mirror and you can't help...

1 Comment | Posted May 19th

Jellybeans Replace Kia Hamsters In 2016 Soul Commercial Ad

Kia have always had a fun way of showing off the Soul in their ads. Not so long ago, it was hip hop hamsters selling the funky urban vehicle, and now it's jellybeans. The latest Kia Soul TV spot focuses on showing the amount of space in the vehicle compared to the...

0 Comment | Posted May 9th

Kia Sorento 2017 – What’s New And Changed, Pricing, Colors

Kia announces the 2017 Sorento SUV launch - let's have a look at what's new and changed (pricing, colors, mpg, etc...) The Kia Sorento is in with a tough crowd in the SUV segment, and the 2017 version is looking to make a step up with some great new technology and...

3 Comments | Posted May 8th

Kia Owner From Latvia: Only 10 Souls Have Been Sold In The Country

The latest in our Kia owner’s series sees us head north to Canada, where Haralds from Riga, Latvia will be taking up residence for the foreseeable future. Haralds actually had his first experience with Kia after seeing a Soul crossover vehicle on an earlier visit to Canada. Upon returning home, he was...

3 Comments | Posted May 7th

Is Kia GT Sports Sedan Getting The Stinger Name?

Kia have made a habit of turning concept cars into production models, and it looks as though they are doing the same with the GT concept that they showed off in Frankfurt back in 2011. While certainly different from the concept, you can definitely see the inspiration in the spy shots...

8 Comments | Posted May 5th

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