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Sales March 2015 Kia

Kia USA March 2015 sales statistics reveals the 5 top-selling models! Have a look at details... Kia Motors America today announced best-ever March sales of 58,771 vehicles, increasing 7.3% from the same month a year ago. Sales...

Optima 2016

Kia Optima midsize sedan, fully re-designed for the 2016 model year, makes its official public premiere at the New York Auto Show. On the heels of the Sportspace concept car, the 2016 Kia Optima made...


This Is What The New Optima Looks Like Fully Undisguised

In today's world where everyone has a smartphone with camera capabilities, staying anonymous is pretty close to impossible. That has certainly turned out to be the case with the 2016 Kia Optima. The next-generation Optima midsize sedan is set to be unveiled at the New York Motor Show in April, but we...

3 Comments | Posted March 27th

Soul EV On Sale In Texas, Georgia, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii

The Soul EV, which was released last year, has been a big hit in California, states Kia Motors America! That success has prompted the automaker to expand the release of the all-electric Soul model in 5 new U.S. states. Soul EV Goes On Sale In 5 More States Texas (on sale in June) Georgia...

0 Comment | Posted March 26th

First Look At The New Optima / K5 Sedan

Up till this point, we have had nothing but spy shots of the 2016 Kia Optima / K5 to look at, but now there is a concept model and some official sketches released that give us a better idea of what to expect. The new model will make its official debut...

3 Comments | Posted March 26th

Kia Trademarks K900x Name! AWD Model On The Way?

Kia has filed a trademark that suggests the K900 flagship sedan may be about to adopt an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system. The trademark was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with the terms K100x to K900x, inclusive, used. The folks at AutoPacific see this as a clear indication that AWD...

1 Comment | Posted March 25th

A Little Bit Of Teasing Before Official Launch Of The Optima Sedan

We are almost into the month of April, which means that the New York Auto Show is right around the corner. Those of you who keep up with Kia news are well aware that the next-generation 2016 Optima will be officially unveiled at that event. You will also be aware that Kia...

6 Comments | Posted March 24th

Best Place To Buy Tires And Get Massive Discounts

Most modern cars come with a slew of safety features built in, but the first line of defense for a safe driver should be the tires that the vehicle rides on. You can have all the super druper active safety features in the world, but they will do you no good...

0 Comment | Posted March 22nd

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