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There are a number of reasons why people might choose to invest in a minivan, but far and away the most common of those reasons has to do with space and safety. Kia is well...


Auto Bild magazine have published the Quality Report 2015 in their issue 50/2015, and it shows Kia Motors in first place in terms of customer satisfaction, long-term quality, and reliability. A total of 20 different...


Is Kia Thinking About Introducing A Luxury Brand?

What makes a luxury car? It’s a moot point, with brands like Mercedes-Benz dipping their toes in the mid-market with the CLA sedan. Does this model somehow negate the glorious motoring history of the brand? Or is it just a sign of the times? The reason for asking this question is that both...

7 Comments | Posted February 4th

Starting A Career As A Mechanic

Are you the type of person that finds cars fascinating? If so, chances are you would find a career as a mechanic extremely rewarding. Naturally, however, you can't get a job in this field without the proper training. Depending on your overall career objectives, there are a number of different paths that...

0 Comment | Posted January 31st

Kia Soul Key Fob Battery Replacement

Tips on Kia Soul remote keyless entry - battery replacement! The transmitter in your Kia Soul is generally good for years, but there may come a time when the 3-volt lithium battery has to be replaced. You could pay someone to do the job for you, but why do that when you...

0 Comment | Posted January 27th

Next-Generation Kia Rio To Be Launched As a GT Model

When the next generation Kia Rio goes on sale in 2017, it will have a totally new design. It will also, for the first time ever, have a sporty GT version added to the line-up. We have already seen some spy images of the 4th generation Rio 5-door hatchback, but it is...

4 Comments | Posted January 26th

Kia Soul Roadside Assistance – 2016

There is very little chance that your new 2016 Kia Soul is going to die on you anytime soon, but there are other circumstances besides engine trouble that can leave you in need of some assistance. That is where the Kia toll free Roadside Assistance program, and extension of the new...

0 Comment | Posted January 25th

Checking The Kia Soul Brake / Clutch Fluid Level

How to check brake / clutch fluid level in Kia Soul (picture added). You should get in the habit of regularly checking the fluid levels in the reservoir of Kia Soul, making sure that it falls between the MAX and MIN markings. When the cap is removed to add more brake/clutch fluid,...

0 Comment | Posted January 25th

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