Spy shots: 2014 Kia Cadenza / K7 facelift

Ahead of its official Korean-market unveiling, we are bringing you the very-first photos of the all-new 2014 Kia Cadenza (known also as Kia K7 in Korea)!

Kia released the K7 near-luxury sedan in its home market of South Korea in 2009 to replace the Opirus/Amanti.

The same semi-luxury sedan was supposed to hit the North American soil as Kia Cadenza about a year and a half later, but the South Korean carmaker postponed its launch due to the unknown reason.

Three years later, the K7/Cadenza appears to be ready for its U.S. market arrival. The model has, however, received a mid-cycle styling makeover and we have a proof of that.

These latest spy shots reveal Kia has given the car a whole new front-fascia which incorporated a heavily re-styled “tiger” signature grille, new set of headlamps and completely re-designed front bumper.

Along with styling tweaks up front come some subtle styling changes at the rear-end of the sedan. The facelifted Cadenza sports a new set of LED tail-lamps and re-styled rear-bumper.

Scheduled to go on sale in the USA next year as a 2014 model, the all-new Kia Cadenza will go head to head with Buick LaCrosse, Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima and just recently-launched Hyundai Azera.

Find latest news about the 2016 Kia Cadenza here.

Kia Cadenza/K7 image gallery:



17 thoughts on “Spy shots: 2014 Kia Cadenza / K7 facelift

  1. A big improvement for the front fascia of the K7 – getting a more sleek, yet aggressive looking front end.

    Much prefer the refreshed front end of the K7 to the K9 (hopefully, when the K9 gets its refresh, it’s for the better as well).

  2. I think it would be more A6 sized, but there is NO Kia that directly competes with an Audi.

  3. I AM PISSED OFF!!!!!

    Why? why? WHY did they make this vehicle look like the 2014 FORD FUSION!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the creases in the freaking hood emulate the ASTON MARTIN WANNA BE FUSION!!!!!

    Why could they not leave well enough alone or IMPROVE the design not down grade it!!!!

    I wanted this car really bad now they might be chasing me right into a 2014 Mazda 6

  4. Why wouldn’t I look at the 6? What does the 6 have to do with the 7? Anyway……………………….

    I would have considered the Optima but EVERYONE IN AMERICA has one LOL LOL I mean every color and style it is Great that the Optima is now America’s loved vehicle but I don’t want to be in such a cookie cutter vehicle . I guess all I have to count on now is Kia GT or Oprius (DAM I HATE THAT NAME).

    Trying to work out a deal to get a Forte Koupe and Forte Sedan the last model before they make the switch to the NEW front and rear. Hoping the Kia dealership would be willing to let me buy BOTH vehicles fully loaded with all the goodies for 40K. Will keep yall updated on that purchse.

  5. I don’t think the name has anything to do with it. Quoris and Cadenza are perfectly acceptable. I think especially Quoris sounds powerful, mean, and luxurious.

  6. Does Madza even sell that many 6’s?
    It’s not a rebadged fusion anymore.
    There will be 6 new or refreshed cars coming out for Kia in 2013. Busy year compared to 2012.
    Every car is striking and will have the latest electronic equipment.
    Look for uvo eservices to be on a lot of Kia’s. It’s a supercharged uvo service that has a lot more features than ever before.

  7. THe new Mazda 6 really has beautiful lines and the new Corporate grilll with the unique way the chrome accent lines run into the headlight treatmeant is beautiful. Inside the car reminds me a lot of the upscale Lincoln MKS

    Mazda 6 is a rip off of the Hyundai Sonata dude. They completely ripped off the tail light design of the Hyundai Sonata.
    Mazda doesn’t actually use Japanese steel anymore. They use Posco. They are hardly Japanese, and hardly original.
    The Mada 3 came from design clude from the Sportage hump, the Corolla/Lexux Hyundai Santa leaf shaped tail lights.
    the grill is from a Kia Optima… Mazda is engaging in war and and design creativity.. THere needs to be laws that
    punish out right rip off artists like Mazda. They are taking the hard work of other designers and putting it into their own cars.

    Hey Mazda, Why don’t you pay your designers more money so that you can come up with more innovative designs?

  8. ” just saw the 2013 Buick Enclave. The grille ripped off Mazda’s new shaped grille but since it’s not Korean it can get away with it. That’s why the Kia can’t use Aston Martin’s grille but Ford can. So Acura, Mazda and Buick have the same shaped signature grilles. Yet Kia can’t have Aston Martin’s grille.”

    The chinese design Buicks these days. And you know how blatant their copying is. The Enclave comes from a Mazda CX-9.
    Which the CX-9 came from the Hyundai Santa Fe.

  9. Quoris is a terrible name. I can think of better names than that for a luxury type brand.

  10. * Kia Serenity (K5(
    * Kia Galaxy (CUV)
    * Kia Electric (sporty name)
    * Kia Gold/Platinum (K7(
    * Kia Royal Crown (K9)
    * Kia Cheyanne (already Taken by Grand Master)
    * Kia Rocky Mountain (SUV)
    * Kia Fox (K3)
    * Kia Laser (K1)
    * Kia Star (K3)
    * Kia Majesty (K7)
    * Kia Montana/Nevada (SUV)
    * Kia Emma/Madison ( feminine CUV )
    * Kia Ocean/Blue Ocean ( Kia MPV)
    * Kia Iron Steel (SUV)
    * Kia Rome ( K5 )
    * Kia Autumn
    * Kia GP (Grand Prix( already taken)
    * Kia F1 (Formula One ) Maybe trademarked
    * Kia Moonlight ( K7 )
    * Kia Blue Skies (
    * Kia X-Country (MPV or SUV)

  11. Love Hyundai & Kia designs. Would like to see improvements in suspenions, NVH & actual gas mileage.

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