Latest news: Kia cutting overseas production, US plant preceeding

Here are some interesting Kia Motors related news that popped up on the web during this week. I did not reported on them until now, so here is an opportunity to find out about Kia’s activities in different parts of the world.

Kia cutting overseas production
Kia Motors has had to cut overseas production at it’s European and China plants as global recession bites into auto demand around the world. Kia initially planned to build 225,000 vehicles at the Slovakia factory and 160,000 units in China this year, but has scaled down production for several thousand units.

US Kia plant on schedule
South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported Wednesday, citing a source it did not identify, that Kia could delay the start of manufacturing at the factory in West Point, Georgia because of rising inventories resulting from the slowing global economy.


But Mr. Michael Choo, Kia’s spokesperson, has already denied the talk and told no change has been made to the schedule to complete the US Georgia plant by the end of November 2009. He also said that production is planned to commence in December of the same year.

Kia Motors Australia appoints new CEO
Kia Motors Australia has appointed Mr. Terry Im as the company’s new President & Chief Executive Officer. In addition to becoming President & CEO of Kia Motors Australia, Mr. Im retains his existing position as regional Managing Director for Kia Motors in Asia, and also takes responsibility for leading Kia Motors in New Zealand and Pacific countries.

Mr. Im brings to his new role more than 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, including experience in North America and Asia. Prior to his appointment to the Asia regional headquarters role, Mr. Im held positions at KMC headquarters in Seoul and at Kia Motors America.

Kia Mohave launched in Kuwait
Kia Motors recently launched its new Mohave SUV in Kuwait. Dr Sulman Asoussi, Quality Production Vice Chairman-General Consultant, said for Kia it is “a dream come true”. He added the Mohave is a strong car and best suited for Kuwait’s seasons. Since the establishment of Kia Motors in Kuwait in 1997, more than 40,000 Kia cars have been sold, with the Kia accounting for five percent of Kuwait’s car market

Updated Kia website

Kia Motors America has updated it’s official website. Actually, it has been completely redesigned, so check it out: Kia Motors America.

8 thoughts on “Latest news: Kia cutting overseas production, US plant preceeding

  1. Actually, it got it 14 days ago, but I missed to publish a news… :)

    I wonder what models Kia will build in USA. We know for Sorento, but what are the other two??

    Looking at Hyundai’s plant, it has a capacity of 300,000 vehicles, but they will only build 150,000 this year, far less than last year when they produced more than 200,000 units.

    Hope Kia doesn’t produce the cars at half of it’s capacity in US like Hyundai does at the moment…

  2. me and hy husband brought a kia in december 1,2008 we took the truck home and everything on jany 8,2009 the kia in Baton Rouge La call and said they could not get us finance though amerciacorp and have to bring the vechile back if this is how kia do business then i feel something should be done about it and the refuse to give me back my whole deposit i gave to them i feel i need to all the news and the bbb know about this

  3. The fact that the bank could not get you financed has NOTHING to do with Kia. It has to do entirely with the dealer you attempted you buy the car from and the bank they were using. These sort of things happen. The dealer can not control a banks final decision to finance you. They delivered the car to you after getting an approval for a loan but later (after seeing your credit report) the bank changed the conditions of the loan. Sorry it happens but it’s by no means Kia’s fault

  4. bought a 2010 soul in may got great gas miles, then right from the start i noticed it jerks real bad when it goes into 2nd gear, they checked it out replaced computer chip still the same result told me i need new transmission, its has a defect. week before it was to go in corp rep said no thats the way it works. it happens in cold,hot all types of condition,and now my gas miliage has droped…big time …dealer is giving me the cold shoulder.can some one out their tell me what to do? plus the seat belts are causing scratches on the side of the door,which i show them…

  5. Make a sign that says “Bad Customer Service – Do Not Buy Your Car Here”. Go into the manager’s office with the sign, and say that you are going to stand on the side of the road in front of the dealership with the sign, unless they do something about your vehicle. Then, without waiting for a response, start walking out. I guarantee they will do something about your vehicle. Exercise your first amendment right.

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