Last chance to enter the MP3 player give-away contest

I would like to remind everyone that today is the last day to enter the MP3 player give-away contest to win the 4GB MP3 player.

The MP3 player I’m giving away is a very exclusive one as it features Kia Soul paintings at each side of it. It was created specially for the purpose of Kia Soul promotion and not many of them were produced. I received one as a present at the official Kia Soul launching ceremony in Valencia and I’m enjoying it very much.

At the time when I’m writing this post, 55 people have already entered the contest so your chances to win the MP3 player are still pretty high. Your chances are a lot higher than let’s say winning a $ million at your National Lottery, so enter the contest ASAP! :)

How do you enter the contest… Simply answer these 7 easy questions and send them to my e-mail at info@kia-world.net!

1. Name Kia Motor’s Chief Design Officer!

2. Name all three Kia Soul concepts that were displayed at the 2008 Geneva auto show!

3. How many Kia Souls were sold in the US market in April 2009?

4. Name the country where Kia cee’d is being manufactured!

5. What is the name of the Soul based “pick up” concept car?

6. When was the first generation (!) Kia Sorento launched?

7. What animal was used in the latest Soul commercial?

The winner of the contest will be announced  here at our Kia blog by tomorrow evening! Good luck!

8 thoughts on “Last chance to enter the MP3 player give-away contest

  1. Interesting, since I published this post, I received almost 10 emails, while in the last few days I only received about 2 emails n average. NOw we have 64 people joining the contest.

  2. Ahh people always waiting until the last minute, and btw I have finally changed my name to a nickname

    Rob Woodward
    (A.K.A. SOUL4U)

  3. 1.Peter Schreyer.
    2.SOUL Diva, SOUL Burner and SOUL Searcher.
    4.Zilina in Slovakia.
    6.The first-generation Kia Sorento was launched in 2002.

  4. Some people seriously need to pay more attention and read the whole article.

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