Kia sales soar 24 percent in September

Kia posts 24 percent higher September sales, while other automakers experience slump in sales.

As latest automotive sales reports reveal, the end of “cash for clunkers” program meant the end of strong sales for majority of automakers. New car sales have fallen sharply with GM, Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan reporting the largest drop in sales.

Out of 33 automotive brands, only nine of them posted higher sales compared to the same month last year. Among those nine brands were both Korean carmakers, Kia and Hyundai, with sales gains of 24 and 27 percent, respectively.

After record-high August sales, Kia enjoyed another “healthy” month with sales increasing 24 percent to 21.623 units. The best performing Kia vehicle in September was the mid-size Optima sedan with sales of 5.986 units.

The all-new Forte sedan (and Forte Koup), which has replaced Spectra sedan, has had the best sales month since it entered the US market earlier this year. Almost 4.500 units of new Forte left dealer’s showrooms in September.

The all-new Soul urban passenger vehicle continues to perform well. With 2.459 units sold, the Soul has been the fourth best selling car in Kia’s line-up, right behind Kia’s Rio with 2.811 units sold.

Kia’s sales in the first nine months of fiscal year totaled 238.570 units, representing a remarkable 4.6 percent increase over the same period last year.

“Consumer confidence in the Kia brand is on the rise, and on the heels of an all-time record sales month in August we continue our momentum by achieving the best sales quarter in company history,” said Alex Fedorak, director of public relations, KMA. “New designs, like the highly styled and personalized Soul, Forte compact sedan and Forte Koup, are appealing to a larger consumer audience while staying true to our brand’s core pillars of value, safety and fuel efficiency.” [Source: Kia Motors America]

11 thoughts on “Kia sales soar 24 percent in September

  1. back in July,we went down and looked at the Forte,we liked it.(our car had more)so we sat down and was trading in our full equip 2006.5 Optima,but when they came out with the $ figure what our trade in would be was 2k less then the blue book…..they told us they use there book and it is a black book …..so we left with our car and that turned me off on KIA….we will drive it for a long time….

  2. and where is the news on KIA Canada’s records sales of nine consective months??????

  3. robertro2. Did you try another dealer? They independently owned so prices might vary..

  4. It’s nice to see Forte sales picking up, and Kia being rewarded for their design direction.

    …and robertro2, it’s always disappointing to be offered less for a trade-in than what we think it’s worth. It’s always the same thing: the dealer will tell you your car has a lower value, but, once he has it, will ask an inflated price on the used car market.

    Urban dealerships often have little or no space for a used car inventory. They will often try to immediately get rid of a trade-in through a wholesaler, They don’t really want your car. Your best bet is to look for a Kia dealer in the countryside, who keeps a large used car inventory. He will be more willing to offer a fair trade-in value.

    … You can also try to sell your Optima by yourself, but it will be difficult, because you can’t offer financing to a buyer.

  5. ” New car sales have fallen sharply with GM, Chrysler, Toyota and Nissan reporting the largest drop in sales”

    what about ford?

  6. Conwel, there’s no info on Canada’s sales quite frankly because no one gives a fuck about Canada… or Kia of Canada, for that matter.

  7. I did not try another dealer,but they all are about the same…don’t get me wrong my KIA runs great and looks just like new,so that is the main reason to keep it,thanks

  8. not bad.

    Kia will be a major auto company.
    I think their dealership need to wholly upgrade as world class automobile.

  9. How Pathetic Are You People!
    Congratulations To Kia … The Reason That This Website Exists, To Follow A Successful Company!
    Not To Be 10 Year Olds Shouting Pathetic Abuse At Each Other
    I Love Reading This Website But The Ignorance From Some Of Its Members Angers Me :/

  10. Hi Guys,
    I do aggree with Rob,You just need to look at the new models coming out ! they are going places fast,I am involed with selling KIA and to do believe it is taken the market by strom .

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