Kia Pro_cee’d

This is the new three door version of the cee’d from Kia. Named Pro_cee’d, it joines the Kia range as the sportiest sibling of cee’d family.

The Pro_cee’d offers fresh and sporty look combined with truly sporty feel to the driving experience. The three door car is longer, lower and lighter than the five door cee’d hatchback.

Despite it’s lowered, more sporty appearance, Pro_cee’d provides generous legroom front and rear, and luggage capacity is a class leading 340 litres, with the rear seats upright.

Kia is promising a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines in Pro_cee’d. Five Euro4 compliant engines are offered, with power output covering a 90 to 143 hp range.

You can expect Pro_cee’d to hit the market between December 07 and January 08! [Photo Source: auto-news.de]

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16 thoughts on “Kia Pro_cee’d

  1. Black looks good on almost all cars but I like this one in White. 340 L of lug space is awsome too
    So, when’s the new vote poll coming?

  2. The pro_cee’d looks veeery good in black and white. But I prefer white one. The only thing I don’t like about white colour is, it gets dirty preety fast, so you have to clean it twice a week. I know that because I drive white car.

    The pro_cee’d looks very impressive. It has much sportier profile and I can’t wait to see XR Pro_cee’d (turbo engine) which is coming on the market, acording to rumours, at the end of next year.

  3. Well Greg what do you say about this. What would be your best colour for pro_cee’d? The interior does look very nice and simple. Black interior might look sporty but simplicity should be there sometimes. I think red or white backlighting would have matched with the greys.
    But i really am surprised with the lug space.

  4. I mean both of them together. I’ve seen that on a rio before. Exterior color black for sure. Not sure of the engines. I will try to get back to you.

  5. Boris, Kia offeres 5 different engines in their cee’d line up. Two of them are diesels, other three are petrol. You have a low or high output 1.6 litre diesel engine (90 or 116hp) and 2.0 diesel unit producing 140 hp.
    Gasoline engines available in cee’d are: 1.4 CVVT (109hp), 1.6CVVT (122hp) and (143hp).

  6. Andrej wrote, he would like to see one of those in his garage…I don’t know why Andrej doesn’t write in English. It would be easyer for you to understand him…:-)
    Anyway, he seems to be a Kia fan and he is also welcome to the KIA-WORLD blog!

  7. Another Kia fan from Slovenia told me today that he has already booked the Pro_cee’d in “mars red” colour with 1.6 diesel engine producing 115hp, 17″s and sport pack which includes some aluminium stuff inside. He has to wait about two months to get it.

  8. I think he chose some equipment that is not offered as standard on pro_cee’ds sold in Slovenia. So they had to make special order from SLovakia. That’s why it will take him a little longer to get his pro_cee’d.

    And there is another reason. We are still waiting to get the first consignment of Pro_cee’d at all.
    Kia will start selling Pro_cee’d between December 07 and January 08 across the Europe.

  9. Then feel sorry for UK consumers – we have to wait for Right Hand Drive production and that can mean a three month delay! the car will go on sale in the UK in February and we’ll be showing it to the media in January. We’ve gone big on the white because we feel it really stands out and adds to the sporty look, but we’ll also have red and blue for the journalists to comment on.

  10. Is there a great interest in the Pro_cee’d in England? How is cee’d, cee’d SW selling in your country? And what car do you drive Stephen?

  11. cred ca o sa ma oftic rau de tot daca o sa vad un pro cee’d pe langa cee’d-ul meu pe strada!!!

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