Kia KV7 gullwing concept car headed for Detroit Auto Show

Kia is all-set to take the wraps off its latest concept car named KV7. The Kia KV7 represents the automaker’s vision of a next-generation MPV vehicle, which could, someday in the near future, replace the Sedona minivan.

Kia revealed that the all-new KV7 concept vehicle will be put on display at the 2011 North American International Auto Show next year. Further information about the vehicle will be released in early-January.

Official Kia press release: For the past several years Kia Motors’ design-led transformation has been delivering production vehicles – such as the Soul, Forte Koup and Sportage – that bear a very close resemblance to the original concept designs that preceded them. At the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Kia will make another dramatic design statement with the world debut of an all-new, convention-challenging concept vehicle named KV7.

Kia KV7 concept image:

15 thoughts on “Kia KV7 gullwing concept car headed for Detroit Auto Show

  1. I am going to NAIAS again this year, it will be exciting to see these things. Sometimes living in Michigan has its little bonuses ;D

  2. Perhaps the forums on KiaWorld will be up by then. Greg, since you like minivans I thought that you would like this new Kia concept. Kia should go straight ahead with this one, like most all of their concepts lately, this one is as sound as a pound. Even the little Kia Pop might have a future as a Kia Green-ster mobile, too.

  3. Wow, Greg, you passed on an opportunity for an orange Forte SX for a Sedona minivan? Was the orange Forte SX also a used Kia vehicle?

  4. No, I passed the orange Forte on the highway. He was going north, I was going south. They dropped the orange color for 2011, so it was a 2010. As for the KV7, Kia’s recent article about transmissions on Kia-Buzz hinted at a RWD 8-speed automatic…….

  5. Why did Kia drop the orange color for the Forte? Not enough demand for them over the red, silver and black and so on?

  6. it’s a possiblity that it could be more of a Rondo replacement than a Sedona, but I guess it all depends on its size. I guess Greg, you will have a better idea when you view it in the next couple of weeks.

  7. I have a feeling that this is the rondo replacement. I heard that the sedona is already in testing mode and is more along the lines of honda odyssey and toyota sienna. Don’t forget that Kia was the second manufacturer to come out with a van (6 months behind dodge) back in the 80’s and I can’t see Kia going that far away from the conventional design. I think this is definitely a replacement for the rondo and I agree I think it will be built on the k7 platform. Both US and Canada have ditched the Borrego so I think this will be a slightly bigger rondo that will also accomidate 7 passengers.

  8. There wasn’t supposed to be a Rondo replacement, but if Kia can pull it off and sell more than 400 of them per month, I don’t see why not. More vehicles = more sales = Good. I just hope it doesn’t cannibalize Sorento and Sportage sales. I find it very strange that Rondo sales died the very same month that the Soul came out.

  9. Well, the gull door is just a concept. That idea of having a gull wing is too impractical of course in the real world.

    And I think think this concept design looks long enough in the real world. It depends on scale and how large they magnifiy or project this design in the manufacturing of this minivan.

    On second thought, the minivan market is awefully tight with Chrysler having a big time lead over rivals like Honda and Toyota. Even that monster GM (Grand Master in Free Masonry) wants to re-enter the minivan game probably with Korea being the lead supplier as well. I wouldn’t doubt GM would just take over the minivan market over the Japanese rivals. Since, Honda and Toyota seemed to have lost their mojo.

    Kia will have to hit a Home run with marketing, design, price, drivability, comfort, safety, Fuel economy. ANd if Kia meets this criteria, Kia needs the acceptance of the racist American Public. which will fawn over a Samsung-Korean made iphone but will think that the Samsung Galaxy phone is MUCH inferior, even though Samsung parts are in both devices. THat is typical American and European bias. Well, That bias needs to be overcome. I don’t know how really.

    If Edward Bernays was alive today, I would hire him or his children to market the Kia or Hyundai cars. I mean he was so successful in leading American into a War in Guatemala off of lies and successfully introduced the cigarette to Women who thought that holding a cigarette meant Feminine power.

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