Kia Koup among most significant debuts at the 2008 New York Auto Show

Autoblog.com has put together an interesting video showcasing the line up of most significant vehicles from this year’s New York International Auto Show.

Many exciting concepts and production cars were revealed to us for the first time, but it seems like this year auto show was dominated by the South Korean carmakers.

Two Korean cars, the Kia Koup concept and Hyundai Genesis Coupe made it to the Autoblog’s editors top 5 list.

Click play on the video below and check the most beautiful rides of the New York Auto Show!

Find out more about Kia Koup concept by visiting the www.kia-world.net

13 thoughts on “Kia Koup among most significant debuts at the 2008 New York Auto Show

  1. go on Hyundai! hyundai’s no. 1. me is so happy! 😀 thanks autoblog!

  2. I’m so happy! that genesis coupe is no 1!!!!! its very beautiful and sporty. Its really great to see it drift! Love it!

  3. I’d place those five like this: 1st Genesis Coupe,2nd Kia Koup, 3rdSaleen, 4thKizashi, 5thPontiac…How about you?

  4. I agree with you Himi. I don’t mean to insult Suzuki, but, at least here in America, most of their products are rebadged Daewoos. The Kizashi could definitely help them out, but really, they’ve had a number of great looking concepts recently, with great features, that have come to no fruition. So I’m not holding my breath for their 2010 sedan. But the Hyundai and Kia line-ups are going to continue to grow with fantastic new vehicles over the next few years. I’m personally really looking forward to the 2010 “clean diesel” 3.0L engine that’s going in the Borrego. I figure, since the Borrego will also have the 3.8L that’s in the Sedona, Amanti and Sorento, why not fit each of those three vehicles with the 3.0L diesel? I’m not sure what Kia’s plans are as far as that goes, but I’d guess it’s doable.

  5. Yeah, but diesel is already over 4 dollars per gallon. Sales of diesel cars have screeched to a halt! I think that the Koup is better looking and more original than the Genesis coupe. Genesis coupe looks too buch like tiburon.

  6. Diesel costs more, but it has a much better efficiency over a gasoline. That $4 a gallon diesel will take you further than $4.00 of gasoline. Diesel is anywhere from 20 to 40% more efficient than gasoline. Just ask anyone in Europe, where diesels make up half the vehicles on the road (compared to maybe 10% of consumer vehicles in the USA).

  7. PS: I agree with you Greg that the Genesis Coupe looks like a Tiburon, though I don’t think that’s bad. I think it’ll replace the Tiburon, like the Genesis is replacing the Azera. But Hyundai claims the Tiburon isn’t being replaced with the Genesis Coupe. We’ll see…

  8. The Hyundai Velocity Roadster has been rumored to be replacing the Tiburon. The Genesis Coupe stands alone and the Tibby is to be replaced by the Velocity. I liked the cocept version of the Genesis Coupe better, with that orange and sweeping curves. Didn’t turn out as well in production.

  9. It’s the Veloster… No production model from Hyundai or Kia looks as attractive as it’s concept, unfortunately. This is the only fact that I don’t like about the company, besides changing CEOs every three months!

  10. Oh, that’s right, himi. Veloster, I knew it was some funky sounding name of some sort. And, really, let’s hang on to the same CEO crew for upwards of a whole year, guys!

  11. Good point on the CEO Himi and Bryan. I thought it was funny how Len Hunt was British, the company he worked for was (South/ Republic of) Korean, and it was the American branch of that company that he was the CEO for. It was like a globalization thing. “The Melting Pot”, if you will. &)

  12. The head Kia dude in the US(from South Korea) is a pretty headstrong dude and he disagreed on the advertising policy they were employing. Apparently there was no discussion as to their further employment at Kia Motors America, it was just slice and dice and see ya wouldn’t want ta be ya!

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