Kia Cee’d tops it’s rivals in a L’Automobile quality survey

The renowned French car magazine L’Automobile conducted a car quality survey in France and published results in their latest issue. Final results from their annual quality report might surprise some car enthusiasts around the globe, but not us, Kia fans.

In the quality evaluation, Kia Cee’d edged out rivals such as Honda Civic, Toyota Auris, VW Golf, Opel Astra and also other mainstream models, such as Audi A3, BMW 1-Series and Volvo C30 to claim the victory in the compact car segment.

Kia cee’d received top quality rankings and topped 19 rivals in it’s segment. According to L’Automobile, the cee’d received 17.5 points out of the possible 20 points, beating Honda Civic in the second place with 17,3 points. The Civic was followed by Volvo C30 and BMW 1-Series with 17 and 16,8 points respectively.

Kia cee’d was given top quality ratings in a car quality survey!



11 thoughts on “Kia Cee’d tops it’s rivals in a L’Automobile quality survey

  1. That’s pretty fair cross section of top quality European and Japanese cars, to beat them is an amazing feat for Kia, and I hope this will shutup the seemingly endless complainers of this company and their products.

  2. yet another reason they should bring this lineup to North America – come on KIA get with it!

  3. Kia really deserves a round of applause. This car has been wonderful for their European, and even worldwide image. Come on Kia-Hyundai! Keep pressing toward #4!

  4. If importing cars in Australia wasn’t so expensive and difficult (from my own research) I would seriously consider getting one over here, once I had the money. Looking at that list, the SEAT Leon would still be my second choice!

  5. Hm, I am Cee’d owner and I think it is great car, but how this survey is relevant?
    Dacia Logan is ranked higher than A3, Mazda 3 etc.?! C’mon people, get real!

  6. Dejan: We are not talking about refinement, comfort or the ride. If this was the case then Dacia would be placed at the end of the scale, but this survey is related to mechanical problems and Dacia has no high tech implemented and is a very simple car, so there are less possibilities anything goes wrong with the car. That’s why it’s ranked higher than some brands.

  7. cee’d rulz!!!!! I’m proud to be owner!
    Regarding Logan, could be true. Don’t forget that the engine is a Renault – known as very reliable, and the gear is the same as on Megane, just the car is much lighter. Also the cars sold in West are more MCV, that means build for goods transportation (higher load, etc) so the roads affect very little the inner parts. Another two reasons are related to the country of origin: Romania. It still exists “export” mentality (better products than for internal use) and the car was designed for (maybe) the worst roads in Europe.

  8. True on that sorin!

    Technology that Dacia uses on it’s Logan compact is from previous generation cars. It’s very simple and no high-tech used, therefore it’s very reliable and affordable too. Dacias are known as the lowest priced cars in Europe.

    Bad part o the story, they don’t achieve the latest safety standards and the ride is worse than on 10 years old Kias.

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