First Kia Ceed Sporty Wagons Have Been Produced

Kia has officially announced it has produced the very first batch of Cee’d Sporty Wagons.

The cee’d sporty wagon is based on a 5-door Kia cee’d which has been first unveiled at Paris Auto Show.

Only four Cee’d Sporty Wagons were produced so far at Kia’s Slovakian factory, but the company plans to ramp up production fast to meet the yearly sales targets of 50.000 units.

The first four cars were produced as pilot cars last Friday to test the Sporty Wagon production line.

The very first four cee’d sporty wagons will not be on sale, but next 3.000 units that Kia plans to produce after the first pilot production run will be avaliable for European customers.

Production will start within a few days and will gradually increase to up to 4000 units per month.

With the 2010 model year, Kia plans to update the cee’d Sporty Wagon.

Just yesterday, the company released its first official image of the 2010 Kia cee’d and revealed a much improved and updated exterior look, including the new “face” of Kia.

In addition to Sorento SUV, the cee’d hatchback has been one the first Kia models that customers have been buying for emotional reasons.

Since its launch about two years ago, the cee’d has been instrumental in placing Kia firmly as one of the top five global automakers.

The 2010 Kia cee’d Sporty Wagon will be officially unveiled at the upcoming IAA Frankfurt Motor Show alongside with new Kia mini MPV and all-new Sorento crossover.

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