White 2011 Kia VG sedan spied

New spy shots of the upcoming 2011 Kia VG sedan surfaced to the web today. The set of latest spy images shows a heavily camouflaged, white painted VG sedan prototype parked in a parking garage.

Kia’s flagship sedan is expected to get a wide variety of efficient four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines, including a 2.4L Theta II and revised V6 Lambda engines. The 2.4L four-cylinder engine will feature Kia’s latest direct injection gasoline (GDI) technology and generate 201 horsepower.

As latest rumors suggest, Kia will be following downsizing route and replace the 3.8L engine with the all-new 3.5L V6 unit. Such particular engine has already been introduced in the beautiful VG concept car that made its inaugural debut at the Seoul Auto Show earlier this year.

Along with modern engine line-up, Kia will also introduce the all-new 6-speed automatic transmission in the VG sedan. The 6-speed automatic gearbox has been first applied to the 2010 Sorento, which goes on sale in the States in January next year, and will soon find its way to other mid-size Kia vehicles. Reportedly, next generation Kia Optima and 2011 Sportage will both have it as well.

Another interesting information about the 2011 Kia VG is that Kia will likely bring the model to Europe and try to steal some sales from luxury carmakers such as Audi and BMW.

To succeed in Europe, Kia will have to offer the VG with a powerful, yet fuel efficient diesel engine and load it with luxury features. For Europe, the Korean carmaker will probably choose between a highly potent 2.2L four-cylinder engine with 197 horsepower and 3.0L V6 with 250 horsepower.

Regarding its luxury features, we have learned that the forthcoming Kia VG will be equipped with LED technology in both, head-lamps and tail-lamps! It will also feature ventilated front seats, parking guide system, rear heated seats and panoramic sunroof.

European (and US) sales are scheduled to commence in the second half of 2010, while Korean sales will kick off already this year. [Source: bobaedream.co.kr]

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41 thoughts on “White 2011 Kia VG sedan spied

  1. whats parking guide system? is it like the one in infinitis which gives you an areial view of ur car when parking?
    I like the wheels on this one. i wonder if the fornt grille will have some chrome bars on it when its revealed. I think it will help with looks of the front.

  2. Guys, I have pics of VG’s interior!! But I’m no going to post them until Monday. Check them out then…
    Parking guide will be the same as in new Sonata.

  3. pardon my ignorance but what parking guide is in the sonata? i mean how and where is the driver ‘assisted’ with this system?

  4. This is a very nice design without a doubt. I love it’s clean forms and proportions. However, I think Peter and Kia need to start being a little bit cautious of intruding into Audi’s design language too much. I know Peter’s background is from there but I can already see a few Audi features from this design, some of which were introduced after his departure from the VW Group. Excellent piece of design nonetheless.

  5. Why is it that Hyundai has to get everything first. Lack of features is KILLING Forte sales. Infinity, nav, and auto temp control are ESSENTIAL. 5 customers walked right off the lot (that I have personally seen) and others will step into an EX or SX Optima, and drive off the lot dissatisfied. Who cares if the Elantra doesn’t have it? Why does Hyundai have to be so selfish and petty? Can anybody answer this?

  6. Greg becuase Hyundai is the Luxury make here. KIA will get the performance engines and options standard that Hyundai drivers wont get, or will have to pay exorbitent fees for.

  7. $9999 Spectras kill Fortes, and well as competitively priced Souls. The Soul should be $11,000 to start off, and the Rio should have a $9000 base model.

  8. However, Ive been seeing a lot of Fortes lately. As the Forte Koup gets name recognition I will expect to see a ton of those as well.

  9. KIA will become Mazda in the short term, and in the Future either follow Mazdas path and A. The Korean Alfa Romeo (Please no) or B. The Korean BMW.

  10. Mazda has become the Japanese Alfa Romeo. Great designs and performance with almost eastern Bloc build quality.

  11. Hyundai in the Short term will be the Korean Chrysler, and in the Long term can become the Korean Audi.

  12. Look at Hyundais Products and then Look at Chrysler’s Products. We have the Superior deal here, and most automotive journalists agree.

    If any of you have ever stepped inside a PT Cruiser, you will find out that the Cabin Materials in the Accent have a Superior Value to cost ratio than the PT does. If you drive the PT you will find out that it handles like a brick around sharp corners. You will also find out that is sucks gas as well. (by the way Chrysler has just changed its mind, the PT will live on, it will get heavily updated and will have more fuel efficient powertrains)

    If any of you ever stepped into a Sebring, you will automatically notice that the Current Gen Sonata offers a superior value.

    “The 300C doesnt hold a candle to the Genesis” raves Car and Driver Magazine.

  13. Well, the Canada Elantra has optional auto temp control and chrome door handles. They allowed Kia Canada to do the same for Canada Forte. Hyundai needs to get their heads out of their asses, because if the Forte actually had features, they would make more money as a group. I hate Hyundai having ultimate control.

  14. Greg, that Canadian Elantra Limited with the auto temp control is $1600 more than the SX Forte and that’s comparing a ’09 Elantra Limited to a 2010 Forte SX

  15. Stop crying guys, Auto Temp control is something you dont even get in any Toyota Proudct thats not a Subaru or Lexus.

    Greg Relax, you guys will get small car Turbos probably before we do. Hyundai will get small car turbos, but they will be of smaller displacement=better fuel economy. That also means they will be under development longer as well. The Forte will get a Modded Gen Coupe Turbo, probably in a few months. So be on the lookout for that.

    The Next Accent/Veloster will get a smaller displacement Turbo a 1.6L. Also it will be a smaller car than the Forte. “Accent Sized” According to Hyundai. So I guess thats going to be the new Accent 3 door. Its release date does coincide with the normal release date of the Next Gen Accent 3 Door. The Veloster will be a 4 door coupe/5 doorish Hatch this time however.

    The Rio might get the 1.6 Turbo too, but it will be modded for performance.

    Guys relax KIA will have some goodies coming.

    To the VG, I think Hyundai/KIA should just keep this as their only E Segment Sedan. Have it slot nicely between the Sonata and Genesis. Axe the Azera, so if people want an E Segment Sedan from our company they will be forced to buy the KIA.

    Just like how KIA should be the only Company with the Minivan.

    KIA should also be the only company with a Soul like car as well too.

    KIA should be the only provider of the C-Segment coupe too.

    KIA should also have a Rio that will replace the Accent 3 door and be a proper 3 door B-seg.

  16. Derrick, we did have a boatload of Spectra inventory, and sold 9000 during C4C. I estimate theres still about another 9-10K of them out there

  17. Why keep saying “Hyundai this hyundai that?! *CRIES* Hyundai gets the better stuff and they get it first!”
    if you like kia – you should like hyundai. they’re different but they’re the same. and hyundai got WHAT first? the genesis and gen-coupe? the new sonota isn’t on sale yet and the Gen-sisters have been on sale a while. Kia has introduced the new soul, forte, koup, redone optima and the sorento comes soon… sounds to me like hyundai’s a little bit behind Kia AT THE PRESENT TIME. & why complain hyundai got something first when The forte is here and we haven’t seen a new or revised (enough to talk about) Elantra yet? and aren’t those the two most-sold products they sell? The ones that YOU most likely would get cuz you can afford? quit you’re whining. good things come to those who wait. k?

  18. PS – why complain AS WELL that hyundai gets the premium products??? aren’t they the PREMIUM of the two brands? they keep kia cheaper cuz they ARE cheaper. if you want the premium options & equipment. shut up about kia and go buy a hyundai. (please note: i drive a 2010 Kia and i’m not complaining about anything. i’m completely happy)

    from left to right:
    1) Nice wheels, gives the car a nice stance so far.
    2) i love the “blacked out” design in the middle of the LEDs. distinctive.
    3) nobody’s mentioned the 3 other kias parked alongside the VG and nobody’s mentioned what looks to be a completely undisguised VG in grey in between a Koup & Soul. COULD it be an undisguised VG? another Kia model unseen? either way— i’ve compared the front of the car with renderings and other possible models and i’m almost certain that we weren’t meant to see this car yet…. there’s also a guy sitting in the VG.
    4) what’s the black car in the background? again, nice wheels.

  20. Exactly, Joshy. A Professional Colleague of mines just bought a Soul. It was really nice inside. Reminded me of my 07 Accent, almost felt like home.

  21. Greg,

    Are you saying KMA asked for those things for the Forte and Hyundai said no? I’d note the US Elantra doesn’t get them, either. There’s also a Canadian Accura version of the Civic not sold here because small cars aren’t viewed the same way here as up there. But I’d think that’ll change quickly enough and such should filter down. I don’t know if it’s a Kia v. Hyundai thing or a Canada v. U.S. There are all kinds of features in Korean Hyundais and Kias both that don’t make it to the U.S. I think their U.S. arms are scared of getting stuck with them. I’ve heard rumors that at first Sonatas with Nav. were a really hard sale.


    That many Spectras left? Wow. There are 7 listed in my area at one dealer and that dealer combines its inventory online with another dealership it owns in a neighboring area. None of the other dealers have a Spectra left.

  22. Derrick its a Civic with Acura Badges, and Leather. Nothing special about it from what I hear, its just a glorified Civic EX.

    Derrick they are floating around. Remember people are still scared about that employment situation.

    Anyway, Hyundai stated that Higher end content would be in the Next Sonata-2011 model, and in the Accent and Elantra in their next gen versions as well.

    Think about this, VW, MINI, SAAB, Subaru are the only guys that sell upmarket small cars. They are either overpowered, unreliable, expensive, or gas Guzzlers.

    Hyundai has a Niche opening here, and we will take this opportuniity. We can prvide safe reliable small cars that wont break down like a MINI or SAAB, we will provide upmarket interios and appearances like MINI, Subaru, and VW Our Fuel Efficiency will be superior as well.

  23. The Canadian Small Acura reminds me of Hyundai today, and the Acura of old.

    Except an old school Acura, like a modern Hyundai would have been a lot more affordable.

  24. Back in the day, you could have gotten an Acura Integra with a $23,000 salary.

    That’s what Hyundai is trying to do, and there’s a huge market for that in America that just gets overlooked.

  25. Or they get used to get reeled in, and then they raise prices on the the Luxury cars, and add features to the non Luxury make cars.

    As Hyundai goes more upmarket over the next 20 years, I can see more Hyundai Customers moving over to KIA or somebody else cheaper. I can also see KIA getting more mass appeal attracting more customers to buy both KIAs and Hyundais.

    The Acura NSX was just a halo car for the begining of the brand. The Hyundai Genesis is the Begining of all Hyundais being Luxury cars over the long term.

  26. As KIA gets more acceptance, the company will make to make a decision on KIAs future direction.

    Upmarket, Sport Luxury, Tuner Cars, Grocery Getters, Muscle Cars. That is just a sample of the genres you guys can choose from.

  27. from what i understand, its a replacement for amanti but will continue to sell alongside the amanti for some years.

  28. HS,

    No, it’s nothing special; most of what it has could be accomplished just by optioning a Civic Si. But it still speaks volumes about the difference in the market between the U.S. and Canada.


    My understanding is that the Amanti is already gone; there won’t be a 2010 model in NA. Now, the Opirus may be another story. It might stick around in Korea for a while longer.

  29. Just saw on the Edmunds Inside Line site that their sources are claiming GDI and GDI Turbo versions of the 2.4L Theta I4 for the Sonata. I’d expect the same for the Optima. They said 250-260HP for the turbo.

  30. 240-250 I should have said. But with 210 from the 2.0L without GDi, I’m thinking that might be on the low side.

  31. VG is not replacing the Amanti, its slotted right underneath it. It shares the Hyundai Azera platform. If anything it will replace the Azera even though VG is a Kia. Vg or K7 as known in Korea will be for sale in Korea in December. With U.S. sales a year after that. VG is stunning inside with rear heated seats and front heated and cooled seats. Rear sonar and a front mounted camera in grill. Not sure what it is used for. HId headlights with Led parking lights, led tails. And yes it has the 3.5 V6. I think the Future Amanti will share the Genenis platform and be rear wheel drive.

  32. Exactly Scott, it looks more and more like Hyundai wont be doing the Azera by the day.

    The Portico will replace the Azera, and Hyundai can easliy do a Genesis Blue with 30 MPG and priced at 27K. Upper spec Sonatas will be good for those who want a car that price as a sedan too.

    If they really want an E-Segment Sedan they will be told to buy the KIA.

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