White two-door Kia Koup spotted in Korea

Heavily-disguised Kia Forte Koup spotted in South Korea!!

Kia Forte Koup has had a successful US premiere at the New York Auto Show last week. Even before the auto show closed it’s doors, the Koup has been selected as a best vehicle at the auto show by a reputable US automotive website, MSN Auto who has praised the Koup for impressive exterior styling, value and overall potential to help move the automotive industry forward. 

The 2010 Forte Koup is sportier variant of Kia Forte sedan and is Kia’s first two-door coupe model ever. Aimed at younger buyers, it was originally unveiled as a KOUP concept car at New York Auto Show last year and now, only 12 months later, a production model has made it’s official unveiling.


The two-door Koup is scheduled to go on sale already this year, sometime by the end of summer Kia says. Initially, it will only be available in the Korean, US and Canadian markets, but later it’s sales is expected to spread and reach global markets such as Australia, South East Asia and Middle East. According to Kia it will not be on sale in Europe, where Kia has a sporty pro_cee’d that is built on the same platform.

This exciting Kia model is expected to be a tuner-friendly car and a popular choice among tuner crowds. As you can see below, modifications such as lower coil springs or a set of aftermarket alloy-wheels makes the vehicle look even more stunning, while it’s four-cylinder engines, when in the hands of the right tuner, can turn this car into a real Honda (Civic) killer. [Photo source: KMSA]

kia-forte-koup-sport.jpg     kiafortekoup11.jpg     kia-koup-one.jpg

29 thoughts on “White two-door Kia Koup spotted in Korea

  1. I thought the cee’d was on a different platform with independent rear suspension, as opposed to the Forte’s beam axle. Is that not correct?

  2. I have a nice picture somewhere on my computer that shows the cee’d (codenamed ED) and Forte (codenamed TD) are really built on the same platform. I hope I can find it and post here.

  3. “while it’s four-cylinder engines, when in the hands of the right tuner, can turn this car into a real Honda (Civic) killer.”

    dude, this thing does not have to be tuned at all. It rapes Civic in the ass by itself. All it has to on the streets is tell the Civics: “Bend over” and they’ll save themselves from the trouble. =D

    P.S I am not as excited about the wheels in that picture =P

  4. 😀 YEAH!

    I absolutely love white cars with dark rims! Just look at the Aston Martin Vantage and you will see what I mean, hehe.

    This is another brilliant example of the White on Black, really looking forward.

  5. I am getting a Blue One for my next car, I can’t wait for it to hit the streets. This car is going to sell fast. Hopefully it will come with the 2.4 Liter Genesis Turbo Engine.. I hope the people at Kia are listening!!!

  6. Boris. Not anymore…. anyway, I love this! Did anyone else notice the even-more-than-stock darkened headlights in the covered pic?! HOTT! I predict hat the Forte or Forte Koup will be the first Kia to break the 10,000 units per month mark, if the Soul doesn’t first!

  7. The Hardcore Tibby Buyers will scoop this up, since the new Tibby Replacement, will essentially be a New CRX. They will scoop the Kee Comact Sports coupe up as well.

  8. SomGred da chajee: The Hyundai Genesis Coupe comes in either a 2.0L I4 Turbo or a 3.8L V6. No 2.4T is offered.

    HyundaiSmoke: While you are definitely correct in that the Genesis Coupe is not the successor to the Tiburon, there WILL be a replacement for it in the coming years in the form of a production version of the Veloster concept.

    That KMSA Koup is looking really nice and Kia has once again done well in the design department, but the real test will be the engineering side of it. Judging by Kia’s latest attempts, the handling will be great so lets hope the motors can follow suit.

  9. This car is hot. I hope Kia does it big at this year’s SEMA show with this, the Forte 4dr, and SOUL. Like mentioned above, I’d really like to see the Genesis’ turbo 2.0 as an option.

  10. It no doubt will be eventually. And Kia is going to have a lot of fun at SEMA this year.

  11. I’ll be at SEMA and I’m sure there will be tricked-out Soul’s and Forte Koup’s everywhere. I’ll be ordering my Koup as soon as it becomes available.

  12. To reply to Derrick G, the Forte and Cee’d share the same platform (also with the Hyundai Elantra), but the fully-independent rear suspension has been replaced by torsion-beam semi-independent suspension. This allows for a larger trunk and is less costly to manufacture. Let’s remember than Golf/Scirocco/Jetta had torsion-beam rear suspension for many years, until the arrival of the Golf Mark V if I am not mistaken.

    And yes, the Forte Sedan and Coupe both look very good. The sedans are now on dealers lots here in Canada and I should be test-driving one very soon.

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  14. I don’t think so. But maybe. I hope these server problems are going to go away soon.

  15. They need to:

    a) Hire HKS to do a souped up version
    b) Use the Genesis Coupe’s Turbo 2.0L GK4C Theta II engine

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