What Do You Kia Fans Think Of Niro Hybrid?

Are you the type of person who immediately purchases something new on the market, or are you the type who adopts a wait and see attitude?

We ask this question because we want to know where you all stand on the new Kia Niro hybrid.

We have written quite a bit about the Niro hybrid vehicle, but in case you missed it, let’s do a quick summary.

The 2017 Niro will ride on a dedicated platform designed especially for hybrid models, with both Kia and Hyundai developing vehicles to use on that platform.

Niro CUV  NIro Crossover

The 2017 Kia hybrid crossover is powered by a 1.6L 4-cyclinder engine mated to a 1.56 kW lithium-ion polymer battery driving a 32 kW electric motor, with a 6-speed DCT automatic transmission rounding out the powerplant.

All told, the combined power from the engine and the electric motor comes in at 141 horsepower and 264 Nm (195 lb-ft) of torque.

It is estimated that CO2 emissions will be around the 89 g/km mark, which makes the Niro very eco-friendly.

The Niro will fit in the space just below the Sportage in terms of size, and it will also leave a larger footprint than that created by the Cee’d hatchback.

The new Kia Niro hybrid is expected to go on sale in Europe during the third quarter, and word has it that Kia will introduce an optional towing package that will deliver 1,300 kg of towing capacity.

Expect to see that addition by the end of next year.

As far as technology goes, the new Niro will be the first car in the Kia line up to have Android Auto available to drivers.

There are still a lot more details to come on the new Kia Niro, but based on what you know now, how interested would you be in adding this vehicle to your garage?

Do you want to be first in, or are you willing to wait?

New Kia Niro hybrid video commercial

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9 thoughts on “What Do You Kia Fans Think Of Niro Hybrid?

  1. I will be looking at both the Niro hybrid and the Hyundai Ioniq hybrid as candidates for my new car next Spring. My choice will be mainly down to running costs and upfront price. I expect the Ioniq will have cheaper running costs due to the incredible 0.24Cd.

  2. There will be two Ioniq models available initially (the hybrid and EV), while later the automaker will also add a plug-in hybrid.

    Kia on the other hand will first launch the Niro hybrid, while later it will also go on sale as a plug-in hybrid.

    Hopefully, Kia also unveils a Niro EV…

  3. I’m actually comtiplating the Niro Hybrid for our next car once our lease is up depending on pricing so bring it on & bring to the US please. We love Kia cars and if not affordable do t know what I’ll end up getting was also looking at the Kia Soul EV but it’s a little too pricey for me yet.

  4. I feel like, if they’re going to avoid doing an AWD Niro… that’s not going to do so well in SUV/CUV populated areas. Here in Colorado, if you were to drive a vehicle of that size but not have AWD or 4WD, you’re asking for a death sentence on the road during winter. But we’ll see when the vehicle actually has all the specs released.

  5. am excited about having affordable options as I am ready to downsize; options/specs/price/warranty make the Kia Niro a very attractive option as long as they bring it to Canada… agree with Caleb that AWD needs to be option (at least give consumers the choice), and I don’t want to be forced into an EV because the infrastructure isn’t here yet…

  6. Will be nice see all the colors and what it looks like in person. Looks really shiny in the ads. We have a 2012 Forte 5 door hatch back which we really like. The head lights are the best either of us have had on a car. It says the size is in between the Soul and the small SUV. our Kia Forte shows on the charts as being there also. The Niro looks a bit larger. That would be nice. Looking forward to more safety features also.

  7. Apparently the UK spec will not get the optional 1300kg towing pack.Just crossed the Niro off my 2017 buy list!

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