VG sedan (Kia Amanti replacement) spotted winter testing in the Arctic Circle

Various speculations on the new Kia VG sedan have been circulating on the web since first images hit the web in the summer of 2008. Despite it’s official launch approaching fast (September 09) many facts have not yet been cleared and seems like we will have to wait until it’s launch to finally place the VG sedan into the Kia’s vehicle line-up.

The all-new Kia VG sedan is expected to share a Front-Wheel-Drive architecture with the next generation Hyundai Grandeur/Azera and will replace the slow-selling Amanti sedan in the US. One of the rumors also suggests the model will be featuring an AWD system which would certainly make it much more upmarket and more attractive to buy.


Reportedly, the Korean Kia and Hyundai have partnered with Swedish Haldex experts, responsible to supply Kia with their latest all-wheel drive electronics. I guess we will have to wait until official VG’s September launch to get that rumor confirmed.

What’s more interesting, and I’d like to hear your opinions, is this question: Does Kia need this vehicle at all and will it sell in the crowded US market where consumers have been downsizing lately and focusing on buying smaller, more fuel efficient products?

You can share your thoughts and post them in the comments below but first, check out some more spy shots of the 2010 Kia VG sedan at the Worldcarfans website.

14 thoughts on “VG sedan (Kia Amanti replacement) spotted winter testing in the Arctic Circle

  1. I think it could have some market. I don’t think it’ll be a really big seller, but if like the Azera can be had for the price of a loaded Accord or Camry, it should have some market, especially if the fuel economy is better than the current U.S. Azera. Speaking of such, what’s this about a 3.5L V-6? This another version of the Lambda or something new? Anyone know?

  2. Well, worldcarfans has written that this number reflect the engine, but we know that the 3.5L engine has been discontinued (or willl be very soon) so they might be wrong. It might mean something else, this is a prototype vehicle and automakers use different marks to mark them.

    Regarding the sales, I’m affraid this could be one model similar to the Borrego and will not sell in the US. Perhaps Kia’s targeting it’s home Korean market with the VG. That also the market where Hyundai Azera has been quite successful. US sales for the Azera has been really low, that’s why I’m affraid for the VG.

    It will compete against toyota Avalon, so does anyone know how has Avalon been selling lately?

  3. in Canada the Avalon sales in February were 18 (21 for ’08) and YTD 33 (38 in .08). The YTD for ’08 380 with 1,010 in ’07. (total Amanti’s sold in ’08 158)
    KIA needs to get rid of Amanti, its too dated and not up to the competition. If the VG had a diesel in for North America they may have something, I don’t see AWD as much help.

  4. it might sell slightly better than amanti. but won’t be a huge difference as fewer ppl r going for big cars. I don’t have high hopes for this one.

  5. I know it’s certainly not the old Mitsubishi derived 3.5L. Thinking maybe this was just another Lambda. It’d fit in between the two current ones.

    Last rumor I’d heard on the Avalon is that it wouldn’t be replaced after current gen. Just a LWB Camry would be offered. Definitely could open up market for Hyundai and Kia. If with the 6-speed and newest version of Lambda could hit same mileage as Accord, I could see stealing some sales.

  6. Also might steal some sales as a value-priced Maxima competitor. Depends on power and how it handles I guess. Or from those for whom the new Maxima is too small inside.

  7. So obviously we have another Kia “Borrego” here. I also think Kia should focus on the next gen Optima development to conquer the mid-sized car market…

  8. can’t agree more… In my country malaysia, the Optima, from the day it launch (early 2008) until today (2009), i only saw LESS THAN 10 optima…

  9. Nope HyundaiSmoke, the Optima is getting it’s replacement sometime next year, while VG will be replacing the Opirus/Amanti. Just got that confirmed from a friend working at Kia!

  10. Just want to say I own an Amanti and Love it…. I also sell the product in the US and continue to wonder why the smaller cars like the “3” or Picanto or the Ceed are not available in the US… These are products that have a good track record of sales in the rest of the world…. I am not sure if the new VG will be much for this market.

  11. I totally agree that Optima’s V6 is really underpowered for the segment. Not to mention its fuel efficiency is sub-par in the V6 segment, too. I think that if they offered the 2.4 Theta and the 2.2 R in the VG, it will sell fine. Maybe 2.4 for LX, 3.3 for EX, and 3.8 for SX. 2.2 for LX and EX. That would be a good configuration.

  12. The Optima is a good package dont get me wrong, the rumors (and I say Rumors) do make sense, jus tbecause of the lackluster sales of the optima.

  13. The Optima’s sales always slow down in the winter, I always see Optima sales ROCKET during the summer months. The Optima sells fine. It usually does better than the Rio in US sales.

  14. Yeah but Greg this is also the same silly country where the extremely lackluster Chevey Aveo (Daewoo/Chevy Matiz) sells more cars than competitors that are surerior in every way like the: Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, KIA Rio, Nissan Versa, and MINI combined.

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