The SUV models are the hot trend in the auto industry now and Kia has plenty to offer.

In the blog post here, we will present you two highly potent and great-looking Kia SUV models that can be yours today.

They both come available with AWD (optional on both models)!

Later on, we will also look at the possible future Kia SUVs.

There’s plenty of talk that the Korean carmaker could release two new crossovers /SUVs in the United States soon.

But first, let’s check what models can you buy today.

Kia SUV on sale now

  • Kia Sportage compact SUV
  • Kia Sorento midsize SUV

Future Kia crossovers

  • large SUV with 7 seats (positioned above Sorento)
  • small crossover positioned bellow Sportage

Did you know?

Kia produces the 7-seat Sorento SUV in the US!

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Latest news about Kia crossovers and SUVs:

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