You need to check these latest Kia hybrid models, because the ROCK!

Kia Niro is the world’s first ever hybrid crossover which also comes as a plug-in model.

If you prefer something like a 4-door sedan that also wins eco credentials, you can also check the Optima hybrid sedan, which is also available as a plug-in model.

What those hybrid cars do are deliver really high mpg numbers and emmit less CO2.

What about future Kia hybrid cars?

It’s a well known fact that sooner or later all vehicles will become some sort of hybrids.

So Kia is working on a range of such models that are scheduled to hit the US market in the next couple of years.

Now let’s check your Kia hybrid options:

  • Niro hybrid
  • Niro PHEV
  • Optima hybrid
  • Optima PHEV

Did you know?

Kia has another vehicle with a hybrid drivetrain on sale, but only in South Korea. And that is the Cadenza hybrid sedan, which is positioned above the afore-mentioned Optima.

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