Mysterious Kia spy shots

What do you think of this car? While surfing on the web, I found those spy shots. I wasn’t sure of what car would this be until I saw the alloy wheel with Kia emblem. Now the question, what Kia is this? I was thinking of Spectra replacement.

The Spectra has been on the market for about 5 years now and it desperately needs a replacement to compete with the endless automotive competition.

Europeans got their hands on the cee’d, could this vehicle be destined for US and other non European countries only? We shall see… [Source: Jonganilbo]

But first take a look at the Kia spy shots:

kia2.jpg    kia3.jpg    kia4.jpg

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38 thoughts on “Mysterious Kia spy shots

  1. ok earlier in some other post I stated that the new spectra was most likely going to come out for 09.
    I was told this by one of the directors of public relations for Kia in the US Market (he gets his car worked on at our store)
    he told me that it looked like an older accord crossed with the new civic. which is kinda what it looks like to me. It is the right size to be a compact car by the size of the doors between the tires.

  2. It reminded me of civic when i first looked at it from the side. But the front reminds me of Cerato (Spectra). judging by its size, it could be a spectra. 😉

  3. no. sorry. I probably remembered civic because that pic has been squeezed a bit. like the wheels.

  4. oh wow! absolutely LOVE the wheels!!! its looking to be a very promising car!!! the grille looks like a Hyundai… shouldnt it have the new Kia grille? oh and you can basically see the shape of the lights under the camo at the front

  5. I hope it doesn’t have the “H” grille, I don’t care for it to much. I think kia should revamp the audi style grille

  6. Where’s kia’s grille? thats hyundai’s grille. Kia should use either kee’s grille or the one with two+ horizontal chrome line.

  7. I think this is going to be a 4 door Spectra replacement. And it has some styling elements from Kia KND-4. Look at the side profile. You see the line on the doors. It is similar than the one at KND-4. I wonder if Kia will develope a Spectra5 also.

  8. Yeah Alex stops in from Time to time here at the Store. I talk with him when he stops in to get some inside info. He is a great guy.

  9. The grille is Hyundai-ish but it’s masked so it could just be Kia’s twist on the same theme. Yeah, my guess is it’s the new Spectra from Kia. And, yes, it’s coming to the U.S.!!

  10. himi-

    Are you gonna include a post-counter for our post tally’s on this site? It is actually kind of interesting to have that feature, like I have experienced on other automobile websites. It’s cool if you don’t, too!

  11. himi-I automatically got the answer to the post-counter question when I visited and joined the chatroom portion of this website. It’s gonna be a lot of fun to participate in!

  12. Hey that grille is not with a single line. in has one more line below the logo. I’ll post it in th Spectra Forums (If I can)

  13. I think I see some styling similarities with Acura. Especially the front lights and the grille. What do you think?

  14. The grille doesn’t seem to be H shaped…The car we see here is a Spectra successor and it’s development code name is TD.

  15. the grille looks liek the ceed’ grille with the two lines above and below the Kia emblem. the head lights look more aggersive than the ceed’ though. I hope it is a modified version of the ceed’ for the US market, if Kia was smart they would do that and also bring out the ceed’ hatchback and pro’ ceed for the US market as well to replace the current spectra and spectra5

  16. Yeah, Kia bring the cee’d and the pro’ceed to the U.S. market…it would sell nicely me thinks.

  17. I think Saturn will start selling new compact hatchbacks based on Opel Astra soon in America. Do you know about that?
    Astra is the best car in it’s class, together with Golf here in Europe and will represent a stiff competition to Korean and Japanese brands. The car is better than Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic which are both better cars than the current Spectra/Spectra5 in terms of driving, safety, power and fuel consumption rankings.

    So Kia has to speed it up and bring this TD vehicle to US as soon as possible to compete with the newcomers.

  18. you are right. the new saturn looks amazing for its class. When saturn starts to sell that in the US it will leave the current spectra i the dust.

  19. I don’t like to say this but it’s true Colby! How do the salesperson look at the competing car when you know it is better than the one you sell?

  20. you sell the “sizzle” not the steak. You never sell the car itself. You sell the Value and benifits it gives the consumer. for example: just saying the car has ESC does nothing. most people have no clue what it does. The best thing to do is to tell a story for the major features of the car.

    Now, it really comes down to the sales person selling his product and doing a great walk around on the car with mr or mrs customer. Some cars are easy liek the Sportage it has a great reputation for the new body style and most people if they heard of Kia have heard how great the Sportage is. Cars like the Optima, which fall a little short, take a lot more spice in my presentation to sell one. Here most people will pay the extra 30-50 dollars a month to drive a base model camry or altima than an Optima. Price only gets us so far.

    I love Kia and have driven them for years but there is a lot of “better” products out there that make my job so much harder. ie; I used to work for FORD and Dodge

  21. The tires on this car are the same that are on the Kia future concept website. This is more than likely the Kia Koup that was unveiled at the 2008 New York Car Show.

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