UK becomes the leading market for Kia cars in Europe

Business is looking rosy for Kia Motors in the UK. Sales are up, auction favourability is up and residual values are up as the UK leads sales across Europe in the first quarter of 2008.

Sales are in rude health following the release of figures for the first quarter of 2008. Overall sales for March were up 18 per cent, when compared to March 2007.

But even more impressive is the significant kick-start to the year where sales show a 22 per cent rise overall, compared to the first quarter of 2007.

These successful figures make Kia Motors UK the leading market for Kia cars in Europe. Paul Philpott, Managing Director Kia Motors UK Ltd said: “Without doubt, cee’d has been the major success story for us – UK customers have really taken to the car, and I can’t blame them! Who wouldn’t want the excellent build quality, frugal engines and sharp design, all backed by the best warranty in Europe; seven years and 100,000 miles? cee’d is selling so well it is the third best selling car for the brand across the globe.”

But that is only half of the story in the UK. We’ve been working hard to increase dealer confidence and in the last 12 months we have seen major players in the retail market knocking on our door to join the Kia success story. www.kia-world.net

6 thoughts on “UK becomes the leading market for Kia cars in Europe

  1. cee’d is the third best kia seller in the world? and that also, only in europe alone? it will be the best seller if its was launched international markets.

  2. Only makes me long for the new TD-Spectra for 2009 even more! Since the U.S. doesn’t get the cee’d we must wait on the ’09 Spectra. Great news from the UK, though, indeed!

  3. To : KIA Motors Company


    I , would like to inform you that I am an adorer to your great company which is well known here in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh Territory. I have purchased a Keya vehicle type of (Karner) model (2007) plate no. 4459, chassis no. (77077446) since I have purchased the car before four month I discovered some defects into the said vehicle characterized in imbalance which is forced me to go many times to your agent in purpose of solving the said problem, but problem is still now existing.
    To your best knowledge I have reviewed the agent for many times as the following :

    1- after I have reached the distance of 1800 km, I have encountered the imbalance problem, I went to the agent where they inform me that the problem was caused by wheel hub and the coals. They replace them and I drove back.
    2- After I have reached a distance of 5000 km I found that same problem is still existent, for the second time I have reviewed the agent, they suggest that problem caused by tires, and for limiting my suffering I immediately changed the tires completely upon my own expenses, but the problem is still existing.
    3- On check up for the third time they informed me that the reason “perhaps” could be of wheels impact, then they carried out wheels impacting where it was unfortunately useless.
    4- On check up at the fourth time they informed me for the second time that the defect may caused by wheel hub and coals, they replaced them and the company called me to receive the car and asked me to pay SR 530 as reparation fees for the same recurrent cause since I have purchased the said vehicle. After that they discussed the issue with administration of Keya agent in Riyadh, where I have explained my vehicle’s case but he didn’t respond.

    His Excellency the manager of Keya Company, kindly I would like to ask you whether there was a manufacturing defect into my car or the agent’s maintenance team was not capable to find the primary cause of the defect?. Who will inure such situation ? . you cannot imagine how much I was suffering of such situation when my car was lodged many times for maintenance, where they refused to give me an alternative car for my daily transportation for me and my family.

    I hope that your Excellency will find fair solution to my problem in order to stop my daily suffering thereof. My car still now lodged to maintenance department at the company since ten days.

    Best Regards,

    Your Client :
    Nasser Mobarak Mazed Al-Mazed
    Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Mobile No. : 0504196586
    E-mail : ma22sa@hotmail.com

  4. Himi, I told you to ad a small note on the blog informing that this isnt an official Kia site. Its strange that these guys who post formal letters to Kia always find KW to post it. This site must be more popular than Kia BUZZ.

  5. Is “keya” how Kia spells their name in Saudi Arabia? I just searched “Keya Karner” and didn’t come up with any matches.

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