Trio of Kia and Hyundai prototypes caught in the wild

A trio of Hyundai and Kia prototypes, including a super-luxury Hyundai Equus sedan and a pair of Kia “cee’d plus” pre-production vehicles has been captured on digital camera by the spies when running some final rounds of testings in the wild.

In-line with these latest spy shots, we also have learned some exciting information and more details about the forthcoming Kia YN!

Built as a competitor to the all-new Opel Meriva and Honda Fit, the YN mini MPV will first be launched as a concept vehicle at the upcoming Geneva auto show.

Featuring a striking exterior design, the YN concept car has been penned by Peter Schreyer and his European design team.

Reportedly, the concept vehicle will display a real up-market, premium style, but strip away some of the glamour-items and the real production car is there.

Prior to the official YN concept unveiling, we will most probably be getting some teaser shots released by Kia Motors Europe. It is believed that the first teaser image will likely pop up to the web as early as next week! Photosource: bobaedream.co.kr

Latest Kia Spy Photos

hyundai-equus-sedan.JPG     kia-yn-gallery.JPG     kia_ceed-plus-spy-shots.JPG

14 thoughts on “Trio of Kia and Hyundai prototypes caught in the wild

  1. What’s wrong with Hyundai? Genesis was enough. The brand image, hyundai has got right now, isnt going to convince ppl to spend a lot of money on a hyundai. I haven’t seen a single genesis on Our roads… maybe they have sold a few but I haven’t seen even one…

  2. It would be nice if Kia brought the YN to the states to battle with the Fit…..it would definitely sell better than the Rio5 that’s for sure! Most people don’t even know Kia makes a Rio5.

  3. Rio and Rio5 don’t really even sell here during the winter. Most people get them stuck in the snow right off the bat. The Rio absolutely SUCKS in the snow…..any Rio owner in snowy conditions would tell you that. If the YN can go through snow at all, it should replace the Rio5 IMMEDIATELY.

  4. Our Hyundai store has sold over 10 Genesis’s since we have got them on our lot. They are pretty popular here in West Michigan. Of course with winter they have dropped in popularity.

  5. West Michigan? I am in west Michigan, Manistee in fact. I have not seen a single Genesis on the road.

  6. the genesis is actually going really well even in these times and they were on track in terms of projected sales up to last month. we’ll see what happened this month but i doubt anything has changed, if the stats are anything to go by. they said that 40% of genesis buyers stepped down from Audis, Mercs, Bimmers, Lexus and Porsches. the rich are getting poorer and the genesis is a great alternative to fill their egos~ also if the VI (equus) goes on sale in the US, it should be sold in a separate luxury division along with the genesis sedan and coupe.

  7. They’vw already spent a lot on genesis. And one of the spokespersons said something about it being too expensive to make a seperate luxury make

  8. Manistee is a little farther north then I am, I live in Grand Rapids, and they are pretty common here.

  9. hmmm well i think i am the lucky one. If you go to populated city such as LA , well for me it was Irvine, CA which is near to LA, you will see Genesis on the road. So far, i’ve seen 3 Genesis in Irvine, and 2 genesis in Bend Oregon(Bend is a little city). And it looks nice!

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