Top 5 selling Kia cars in 2011

Demand for newly-launched Kia vehicles continues to rise fast so it comes as no surprise that the carmaker’s overall August sales increased 13.8 percent over the same month a year ago!

The South Korean automaker announced earlier today that it has sold a total of 197.695 vehicles globally during the month of August 2011. Kia’s global sales during the first 8 months of the year increased more than 18 percent with year-to-date sales totaling 1.609.886 units.

In August, China saw the biggest sales increase, at 41 percent, followed by North America 24 percent, and Europe with 19.8 percent. Kia’s sales at home, on the other hand, declined by 5 percent.

Kia’s top-selling vehicle in overseas markets for the month of August 2011 was the Cerato / Forte with 32.593 units sold.

The new Sportage CUV was the carmaker’s second best-selling product 25.886 units sold last month. The all-new Kia Rio 2012, known also as Kia K2 in China, came in third, selling 22.241units, while the 2012 Sorento CUV and 2012 Soul crossover rounded out the top sellers at 21.961 and 13.876 units sold, respectively.

Kia’s top-selling vehicles in 2011:

4 thoughts on “Top 5 selling Kia cars in 2011

  1. Hope the “Titan Highway” Auto Ship Carrier is filled up with 2012 KIa Rio5`s. Watch the 2012 Kia Rio5 car sales as soon as it`s released. The ship can hold almost “4,800” Vehicles so, bring them over, NOW!

  2. The Rio hatch was recently launched here in Australia, can’t wait to see one in person as well. Looks absolutely brilliant in the photos.

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