Thousands interested in US Kia jobs in West Georgia

Kia Motors Corp. first US assembly plant, located at West Point Georgia, is scheduled to open in November 2009.

When operating at full capacity, the $1.2 billion automotive assembly and manufacturing plant, is expected to churn out massive 300.000 Kia vehicles each year.

Kia Motors Manufacturing Group Inc. is looking to hire around 2500 people for jobs at the plant, but far more job applications were filled during the 30-day recruitment period.

By the February 7. deadline, the company had received more than 43.000 applications.

Kia used an online processing system to collect applications for the three main positions that will staff the assembly plant: production, maintenance and tool-and-die maintenance.


The first round of candidates will be invited for interviews and orientation in March, after the applications are fully reviewed.

Kia representatives also stated they have received enough applications for hourly production and maintenance team member positions and do not expect to reopen the application process before the end of the year.

As said, only 2500 people will be selected to work at Kia’s main plant.

However, there will be at least five parts supplying plants built nearby, possibly creating thousands of additional jobs in region.

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28 thoughts on “Thousands interested in US Kia jobs in West Georgia

  1. Yes. Production of Sorento is already confirmed. We still wait for announcment what other models will be.
    There could be up to three different vehicles built at the plant.
    Those will not only be produced for US market, but also for exporting to other countries. Perhaps South America…

  2. I have a feeling that Kia doesnt do much for the car the send here to UAE. they make safety optional here and certain things thst I saw as std on US and europe site, those were optional on our models.

  3. I wonder if the Mojave pickup concept will find production line space at the new Georgia Kia plant.

  4. before a pick up, I’m looking for an air engine or hydrogen engine powering the Kia vehicals, Once they get that, I wont mind them making a pick up. the rotary air engine is awsome. Kia should work with that guy who invented that engine.

  5. Is this guy a Kia employee who invented the rotary air engine? If not the costs to the rights might be prohibitive for Kia. They also would need to study it extensively to make sure it’s compatible with their drivetrains also.

    If it’s a design that pollutes a lot less and still offers the propulsion power of an ICE than I would be all for Kia incorporating that engine in their rigs. I suspect costs would be too high for Kia to risk stepping in to that kind of potential quicksand right now.

  6. bryan,
    1- he’s not a kia emloyee. he’s some guy from melborne australia.
    2- It doesnt pollute a lot less, It doesnt polloute at all. Its emissions are pure breatheable air!
    3- Its got full torque from standstill and doesnt need a transmission and its so small, that you can hold it in your hand, so most of its power will go to the wheels instead of part of it going to trassmission and drivetrains.
    4- its so small means it has lees parts, then those list of parts of IC engines, so costs should be lower.
    5- power. thats hard to explain. The engine has a single rotary piston, so in order to power a car it needs to be more than one rotary piston meaning more than one engine will be needed to power a car. for a buggy, it will need only one. this engine has been tried on boat engines, cars, scooters and buggies.

  7. Infomative website and video. This looks to be a breakthrough in propulsion technology. Fill-up takes only 2 minutes with a compressed air hose.

    Downside? It only goes for 2 hours. Oh, well…we’d just have to pull in to gas stations for shots of air. And those nice owners of those stations wouldn’t dare charge us for….simple comressed air. Would they?

  8. There are many many new technologies automakers could use to protect the environment, but seem there is not much interest in it.

  9. I – THINK – that the air gets un-compressed before entering the engine, so it will actually be using expanded air in the end. so why not add a snorkle, like on rallly cars, to get air in so that you’ll never have to fill up in the dry seasons and only start filling up in the wet season because the snorkle would flood the engine if rain enters.

  10. Translated-we still have a bit to learn about this single rotary air engine! We do see the concept powering several rigs in his video, so it does work. Develop it dudes, ICE’s are on the way out and good riddance to them, too.

  11. Wonder if anyone will remember them in the future (the IC engines). I mean it was one of the first sources of power for cars.

  12. Yeah, it really is a big deal to replace them. I mean, when I started following cars, in the 60’s, ICE’s were all there was. Now, there are so many different variations under development it’s astounding. We need to switch out of ICE’s and I welcome the idea, even the rotary air engine!

  13. the prob is that when these will be replaced, thousands (or should I say millions?) of workers would lose their jobs at oil rigs unless oil would still be needed for things like shoe polish and cosmetics.
    Kia is using water based paints now, so thats one reduction of oil usage.

  14. We’ll still need oil for cosmetics and lots of rubber and plastic products, as well as lots of plastic automotive parts. But fossil fuels are evaporating and we’re gonna need alternative sources of fuels. Now’s the time to develop them.
    Also, jet’s use lots of petrol and I don’t see them going to alternative types of engiens for a long while.

  15. I thought they were thinking about hydrogen or somethin for aircrafts like on space shuttles. I could be wrong.

  16. I don’t know about aircrafts, but heard the hydrogeen (fuel cells) could be massively used in trains even before we see fuel cell cars on roads.

  17. Good. I’m not interested in seeing them in cars any way after discussing its dangers with my friend at school. a single leak combined with a spark of some sort (e.g: shot circiting) could trigger a hydrogen explosion and dont even bother calling an ambulence after that.

  18. I haven’t heard about a single source of fuel for jets besides plain old jet fuel. Anyone else heard of another source for propulsion of jet engines?

  19. nope. but here’s somethin I found on the net.
    One alternative researchers are studying is biodiesel, which can be made from soybeans, corn and other products, and is used in some cars and trucks today. A big problem, though, is that biodiesel freezes at a much higher temperature than traditional fuel, which could spell trouble in the frigid air at 35,000 feet (10,500 meters).
    Another option, which has been considered for decades, is whether jetliners could run on hydrogen. Gerald Brown, a senior research engineer with NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, said it would require relatively little modification to run a regular jet engine using liquid hydrogen. The hard part is storing it on board.
    Liquid hydrogen has to be stored at minus 424 degrees F (minus 253 C). While lighter, it also takes up far more space than regular jet fuel. Airplanes would have to be redesigned to accommodate it.
    Also, since hydrogen occurs mainly in combination with other elements, such as water, it’s costly and takes a great deal of energy to produce it.

  20. -Since the Hindenburg disaster of 1937, there have been worries about hydrogen’s explosive qualities. But Stan Seto, an engineer with consulting firm Belcan Corp. who has researched airplane fuels, said people now have decades of experience handling such fuel, so that’s not a primary worry. –
    I’m still not in for it. Humans could make mistakes, every one makes mistakes.

  21. I applied in 02/08 on line; I want to correct my phone numbers. My situation has changed for the worst. I need to add these number 256 357-4630, and 256 357- 0022. as my contact numbers. Some of my fellow employees has already been hired. I am currently employed at Mohawk Industry. Roanoke, Alabama. We are current working three days a week. I am a single mom of three; I need full employment.

  22. what about the kia soul !,+,?, will thay be offered in the states, an how can i be first on the list, this will make the perfect audio show car.

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