The cee’d represents 90% of Kia sales in Romania

The five door cee’d was launched in Romania last year and it immediately became one of the best selling C-segment cars in the country.

Initial strong demand from the first two months, when its sales exceeded the overall 2007 sales expectations, was further fueled later in that year, when cee’d won the Car of the year title in Romania.

The cee’d is now Kia’s biggest seller in Romania and it’s sales performance so far looks really outstanding. In the first five months, more than 3000 cee’ds rolled off the dealer’s showrooms, representing almost 90 percent of all Kia cars sold in Romania. Compared to the first five months of last year, it’s sales increased by almost 50 percent!


Strong sales performance of the cee’d has also helped the Kia brand to enter the list of top ten largest automakers in Romania, for the first time since the company entered the market. With addition of the Pro_cee’d and cee’d SW models to the range earlier this year, Kia’s sales is expected to gain another momentum in the coming months. [Source: Tmctv]

3 thoughts on “The cee’d represents 90% of Kia sales in Romania

  1. ooh missed this story! anyways it seems like car of the year titles have a significant impact on the success of a car, as the hyundai i30, after receiving car of the year in australia, has been selling very well and has been getting great reviews by australian press… its also because they employed a suspension guy to come and tune the suspension specifically for australian roads! i see the kia cee’d doing much better here tho cos of the style and sporty-ness it has~

  2. I just wanted the man that owns KIA car company in Romania and the people that go there and buy these cars to know what is going on in this service department. I am from the United States and my husband is from romania he brought his mom and dads car that he brought them in romania back to there service department this past week (oh my husband knows a lot about cars since he use to work on them in romania.) to get a part changed don’t know what part but he told me when he got the car back they had changed the part but with another old part. NOT ONLY was it done with out him knowing but they also took new parts from the new car and replaced them with old parts. IF I was the man of this company I would check to see if someone is stealing parts and selling them outside his work place. Also I would check to see all the cars this man has done in the past and call these people back to check there cars out. PEOPLE could be in danger. I HOPE SOMEONE CHECKS INTO THIS E-MAIL. As your country grows in independace so will the law suites to every company and person for the freedom to procect and defend yourself in every counsumed product. Which here is call the LEMON LAW for cars.

  3. Dealer in Bucharest charged 500 over their quote. Very Very poor service. Very slow at getting all the paper work done.!! Didn’t add the paid for options and were two weeks over the stated delivery date.


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