The 2011 Kia VG shows off a completely undisguised interior

A prototype model of the 2011 Kia VG has been spotted again. While nothing really changed since last week when we published a series of spy shots of the VG, the new spy shots are bringing us something new, and that is the very first image of a completely undisguised interior lay-out of the VG sedan.

Being larger and wider than the current Amanti, the interior of the new VG has been rebuilt completely to offer increased passenger space. To our surprise, the interior design looks faithful to attractive VG concept car, that the Korean second largest carmaker unveiled at the Seoul Auto Show earlier this year.

The interior features high quality materials and a range of luxury equipment not available in the existing Amanti sedan.Those include a panoramic sun-roof, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats and others.

As seen from other spy shots, the 2011 Kia VG will incorporate modern lines and dynamic look from the VG concept. It will feature a completely different and slightly lower roof-line than the current Amanti. Production model will also feature Kia’s family-look radiator grille and for the very first-time in any Kia vehicle, LEDs technology equipped head-lights!

The all-new VG sedan is expected to ride on a new front-wheel-drive platform that is expected to be shared with next-generation Hyundai Azera/Grandeur. Some rumours also indicate that the platform has been modified to adopt Haldex AWD system, but that remains to be seen.

As we learned in the past, Kia VG will be available with Kia’s all-new six-speed automatic transmission coupled to a range of four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines offering class-leading power outputs and fuel-consumption ratings.


Powering Kia’s new sporty sedan will be the all-new Theta II four-cylinder engine with gasoline-direct-injection technology and maximum output of 200 horsepower, or the companys Lambda 3.5L V6 with impressive 275 horsepower.

With its official Korean premiere scheduled for this coming Novemebr, the all-new Kia VG sedan is less than two months away. According to latest reports from Korea, the VG sedan is set to go on sale in the Korean market in late Novemebr, while North American and European sales are scheduled to commence sometime in 2010.

Based on these latest shots, we can’t wait to finally see the production-ready 2011 Kia VG in the flesh! [Source: bobaedream.co.kr]

2011 Kia VG gallery:

kia.jpg     kia-vg1.jpg     kiavg2.jpg

26 thoughts on “The 2011 Kia VG shows off a completely undisguised interior

  1. Please, don’t use amanti/opirus name on this car.
    amanti/opirus was not a successful vehicle.

  2. This car compete with Nissan maxima/Toyota Avalon, Right?

    Its concept car was very ‘audi style’, keep ‘audi-ish’, it will not fail.

  3. This car is not replacing the Amanti, even though it’s bigger. There will be a Genesis platform rwd Amanti in future. Hyundai-Kia uses two digit code to determined size of car. The second letter is the class size. VG is grouped with the TG which is the Hyundai Azera. The Amanti is the CH while the Genesis is the BH, same class.

  4. I think KIA is Hyundai 10 years ago=Slowly going upmarket.

    The Amanti right now=Hyundai XG series caliber car.

    The VG will be Azera.

    Forte and Optima are getting high end equppiment that before was not avialibe to cars of this size in in the KIA brand.

    I have a feeling the Next Gen Rio will grow up.

    Why not have KIA undercut Audi and Infinti? Why not have Hyundai undercut Volvo, etc…?

  5. The Amanti will hit Genesis Level.

    The Company needs the bring out the KIA Kee to close the hole left by the discontinuing of the Hyundai Tiburon. Base it off the Next Gen Optima or VG.

  6. if u mean those LEDs along the side, then, no. its not practical to make those lights due to price. anyway, while i liked it then, right now, I feel those LEDs would look too cheesy on a production car.

    the interior here is beautiful. i like the design of the centre controls area and the white stitching for the black leather looks nice. i still think that gear shifter needs revising. push-button shifters for autos are old school.

  7. Those LEDs around the headlights do light up solid. At least they will for the Korean market. They are a German built headlamp.

  8. New Sonata YF 2011 have a wheelbase longer than Current Azera : YF = 2806 mm Azera 2780 mm.
    the VG will be the same wheelbase as YF as the same engine ThetaII 2.4 GDI and one of 3.3L or 3.5L Lambda V6.
    a replacement for Magentis/Optima. the Amantis is the KIA form of Azera.

    if the G in VG mean Genesis why use front wheel drive in a rear wheel drive chassis?

  9. HyundaiSmoke Says: October 7th, 2009 at 1:02 am
    I think KIA is Hyundai 10 years ago=Slowly going upmarket.

    WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING??????? Kia is the FASTEST growing automaker in the WORLD…They are NOT Hyundai 10 years ago ya lunatic…This is a Kia forum go to your Hyundai forum and shut your gate

  10. I think the VG will be a milestone for Kia. Awesome interior, great horsepower, killer looks. That’s what sells. Hopefully will not have the amanti/opirus name….. They have to set this car apart from the amanti/opirus. VG is a good name.

  11. The main question is…

    …. What’s the purpose of the tennis ball? What’s the secret test procedure that requires a tennis ball?

  12. KiaGuy I will defend HyundaiSmoke alittle. Its actually the Hyundai-Kia group, same company. Here is USA they try to be seperate, but rest of the world it’s the same thing.

    Attaboy the G in VG doesnt mean Genesis, Hyundai-Kia has group the VG with the Azera. That is what a Hyundai-Kia engineer told me. I read all the storys that it’s replacing the Amanti, and he said thats not true. Whatever its replacing, its going to be 100 times better than that car or it might not be replacing anything, just adding to the stable.

  13. I just like the color of the VG in the sideview mirror picture. That “red wine” color is just awesome! Oh, and I heard something about Kia calling this “Opelia”. I REALLY hope they don’t!

  14. Hey, I have a question for you guys. If Kia brings this to LA, and NAIAS, could it become COTY??

  15. Greg,

    Not for 2010 because I doubt it’ll be introduced as anything but a 2011. So it’d be the next year before it’d be eligible.

  16. KiaGuy,

    Your comment was totally uncalled for and what’s worse, not even accurate. He didn’t say Kia was growing slowly; he just said its now slowly going upmarket. Kia indeed is growing faster than anyone, but for now is still competing in the value segment at the bottom of the market. That’s not an insult; that’s where the growth is right now anyway.

  17. Scott Says: October 7th, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Kia and Hyundai are seperate companies anywhere in the world just as much as in the United States, just the same as Volkswagen and Audi, Nissan and Renault, etc.

  18. wat wit the fuss about kia being hyundai 10 years ago? it is just a comment,almost all hyundai bloggers also blog kia just like me.even though these two automakers are differnt they are still under the same command.so guys please show some love to both hyundai and kia.pls no discrimination
    and kia shud please give the vg a nice name.by the way i love those codenames.they are awesome!!!!

  19. Thanks Derrick,

    My Whole arguement was about something I said in another thread about 3 weeks ago.

    I said that Koreans dont do Econo cars. Economy is not in the Korean Culture. As Koreans, have been an oppressed people. Most oppressed people whether they were Jews or Blacks, etc… once they get something they want it to be extravagant. Its a way to enjoy the freedom of increased wealth.

    Think about this. Gas is $8 a gallon in Korea, and they still drive boats and other various extravagant sedans.

    What made the Japanese so successful over the years in the Auto business was the idea that they incorporated various cultural aspects in their vehicles. The Koreans have been trying to do that with Hyundai, but they havent gotten to it yet with KIA.

    Hyundai will bring itself upmarket as a Value, Safety, and Fuel Economy Luxury Make. In the next Ten years, I predict that the conpmay will start working on KIA as a Sport make to build it into a Value Sport Luxury Company by 2020, also KIAs new Marketing Campaign “Defects to Zero.” Which hasnt started yet, will make KIA be a focused Reliablity Brand; that they strive to be the most reliable car make on Earth.

    That’s what I was referring to with my comments for the most part.

  20. Just noticed this, but the interior has a striking number of cues carried over from the KND-5 concept.

  21. This car will sell for thousands less than the Genesis, so I cannot see a reason to compare the two. This car is intended to be cross-shopped with Maximas and top-trims Accords and Mazda6’s. Compared to those, it certainly looks competitive.

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