Spy shots: Kia K9 interior image

This is the very-first image of the new Kia K9 interior. The all-new luxury car from Kia Motors will be launched in South Korea within a few months and will replace the aging Opirus luxury sedan. The Opirus was sold in the United States as Kia Amanti, but the carmaker discontinued it from its range about a year ago due to poor sales results.

There are no plans at this point to bring the new Kia K9 to the States, so the model will stay exclusive to the South Korean consumers. Some sources state that the carmaker will offer it in China, as well as in the Middle East, but not in the USA or Europe.

The K9 luxury sedan will share its platform with Hyundai Equus and Genesis sedans and will also adopt powertrain technology from its sibling models. Therefore you can expect the carmaker’s highly-advanced V6 and V8 engines to provide the power to the rear wheels. Yup, the all-new Kia K9 will be the very-first rear-wheel-drive Kia sedan… and hopefully not the last one.

You have probably heard that Kia is considering bringing the GT concept to real life and creating a number of variants of the stunning concept car, which made its official public premiere at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Kia K9 interior image: 


9 thoughts on “Spy shots: Kia K9 interior image

  1. If this is just a move by Hyundai to keep Kia down then I guess this is a smart move. Cause it don’t make sense to keep FIGHTING over the same Market share.

    Now if we lose K9 then there BETTER be the GT here in the States. As I have stated over and over I was waiting on the replacement Amanti. Now I got to wait on the GT. KIA BETTER NOT SCREW me on this one. I have half my down payment already.

  2. There are no plans to bring the K9 over presently b/c it would be a mistake to bring over a RWD luxury sedan that is priced btwn the Genesis 5.0 and the Equus.

    It’s the same reason why Kia delayed bringing over the Cadenza (1st needed the new Optima to bring Kia credibility within its segment).

    Once the Cadenza has been in the US market for a couple of years, look for Kia to bring over the K9 (the GT should be ready around then as well); by that time, consumers would slowly be getting used to a $30k sedan from Kia, so a $50k sedan from Kia won’t seem as big of a stretch.

    While I don’t particularly care for the dash designs on either the K9 or Cadenza, the materials used in the K9 blow away those used in the Cadenza.

    It’s a good thing that Kia is refreshing the Cadenza before its US launch b/c with the new Azera and Avalon, it’s going to have to notch things up a bit (such as for the interior; and maybe sharpen up the front a bit).

    I wouldn’t say the K9 is for “grandpas” and “grandmas”; plenty of 30 and 40 somethings, as well as some 20 somethings have gotten the Genesis sedan, esp. the 4.6 and 5.0.

  3. Kia’s reputation just 2 years ago was subpar and it still is clawing its way up.

    Kia is just now starting to get some respect with the Sorento, Sportage, Soul, Rio and Optima.

    Launching the Cadenza back in 2009/10 would have been a bad move, just like when VW tried to make the quantum leap from the Passat/CC to the Phaeton.

    You can talk all you want about advertising, but TV advertising is expensive and not the best way to spend advertising $$ on what are LOW volume models.

    The top sellers in the Cadenza’s segment sell about 5k a month (the Cadenza might do somewhere around 2k) and the K9 will likely sell a little better than the Equus.

    The Sedona and current Forte are not anywhere near the top of their respective segments so spending $$ on expensive TV advertising wouldn’t have brought a good return on the investment.

    Look for Kia to spend significantly more on TV advertising with the new Forte and Sedona.

  4. Don’t be insipid.

    The hamsters (Soul) and kid puppets (Sorento) have made the 2 Kia models among the best sellers within their segments (with the Soul outselling the entire Scion lineup).

    Kia won’t do the same for their higher-end/non-kid carrying models, just like as they have done with the Optima (which btw, has taken its share of luxury buyers).

    As for the US sales of the Optima, it has been hampered by low availability.

    Until US production started late in 2011, Optima production was limited to Ulsan and the US allotment was limited to around 7,500 (the rest going to Korea and Canada with Australia being limited to 1k for the ENTIRE year).

    It was also the reason why the European launch was delayed twice.

    Now with US production, supply of the Optima has slowly risen which is why we have seen a correlating rise in US sales – from around 7,500 to over 10k.

    As supplies increase, I expect Optima sales to settle in at around the 12-13k mark.

    Also, the high-priced SX trim has been in so much demand that Kia has had to reconfigure production so that more SX models are produced.

    So before going off on Kia advertising about the Optima, it would help to know the FACTS.

    As for Mazda, look where their advertising has left them – sales far behind Kia and much slower growth; not to mention the Mazda6 being such a sales failure that Mazda has abandoned US production of the 6.

  5. Methinks you need to recheck your eyes b/c the greenhouse/C-pillar of the K9 doesn’t look much like that on the 3 Series/Genesis – not quite the Hofmeister “kink.”

    When it debuts, it should be the best looking car in its segments (altho, it is supposed to be a “tweener” between the Genesis and Equus); it’s not like the E/S Class, 5/7 Series, GS/LS, etc. are exactly great designs.

    The front and rear of the K9 should be particularly good; where the K9 fails a bit in design is in the dash – way too conservative and “old style” for something that is going to look the way it does on the outside.

  6. I saw nothing really “groundbreaking” in the GT. Personally, I thought it looked over-done. Nothing really special.

  7. BD: I agree with you and think in general that all Kias have a similar “issue”. They look gorgeous on the outside, but not so attractive inside. Kia has still lots of room to improve interiors, hopefully they realize that and do it quickly.

  8. Schreyer doesn’t do interiors. Some guy that came from Cadillac pens the interiors. I really like the simplicity of the Sportage interior. Also, a sudden stop from any speed wouldn’t make the phone go flying…unless you suddenly stopped in reverse. Think about inertia.

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