Spy shots and more news-rumours on the 2010 Kia VG

Before we move to Los Angeles auto show where Kia will officially unveil it’s latest production and concept car, we will take a quick look at the 2010 Kia sedan, whose new spy pictures just hit the web today.

Wearing a VG project name, this near-luxury Kia sedan is one of the future vehicles that has been spotted testing quite frequently lately. But in spite of it’s often public appearances, there are not many facts known on the vehicle itself. As a matter of fact, everything what you could have read about the VG so far, except of it’s official Korean release date, is more or less a speculation.

Today we received some news about it and they reveal that the VG will share it’s platform with future Hyundai Azera, which is currently being developed under the HG codename and is about to hit US shores in late 2010. Both models, the Kia VG and Hyundai HG will be FWD cars and will not be based on Genesis’ rear-wheel-drive platform as some reports suggested before.

Both models will also feature a brand new 6-speed automatic transmission, developed in conjunction with parent Hyundai. In addition, one of the latest news coming from Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group reveals the company has been busy with developing a new generation four, six and eight cylinder gasoline engines that will feature an advanced direct injection system.

The 2010 Kia VG and Hyundai Azera replacement model are believed to be the first cars to benefit from a direct injection engine technology, which is expected to bring engine’s horsepower ratings up by 7 percent and lower fuel consumption by 5 percent.

The Kia VG will probably make it’s official South Korean debut at the Busan Motor Show in April next year, while it’s sales is scheduled to commence in September of 2009. Source: bobaedream

2010-kia-vg-4.jpg     2010-kia-vg-3.jpg     2010-kia-vg-1.jpg

21 thoughts on “Spy shots and more news-rumours on the 2010 Kia VG

  1. I hope this has an optional 4 cylinder! A 3.3 or 3.8L V6 is fine for this car. Being FWD, the 4.6L engine wouldn’t fit transversely in the engine compartment. Just as long as it is light, I’ll be happy.

  2. Though I’m one of the few fans of the current generation Amanti, I look to this model to take its place and from the looks of it, possibly compete with Acura designs. not a bad thing at all.

  3. I’m a fan of the current Amanti too! Regarding VG, I love the wheel design, and I think that they look big enough.

  4. I had heard that the Azera is “going away” but you seem to confirm that Hyundai is indeed working on a 2nd generation of this car, or at least a “replacement”. My understanding was that the Azera would be dropped from the lineup with the next-gen Sonata slotting between the Genesis and Elantra.

    Guess we’ll find out in a few years huh.

  5. I thought that it was going away too. I think that the Sonata is big enough to fill Azera’s shoes though.

  6. I don’t know. Hyundai Azera is known as Hyundai Grandeur in South Korea and it is selling like a hot cake there -or at least it was until recently. I know ut was one of the best selling Hyundai cars in Korea. If I know correctly, it was the second best selling model for a few years.

    So, axing such a good selling car would be pointless. I know it doesn’t do well in the States, but at least it does on Hyundai’s home car-market. Perhaps your understanding was correct and Hyundai will really exclude the Azera from it’s US line-up, but most probably, Kore will get it’s new version.

    We shall see

  7. Not that it means much on the world automotive, but Kia shouldn’t/wouldn’t waste it’s time bringing the VG to Australia, as large front drivers just don’t cut it here, in fact, they are hated with a passion. I drive a Mitsubishi 380 (Gallant in the US) and I love it, but it did bring the death knell of Mitsubishi manufacturing here in Australia. In the end they couldn’t give them away. The other 2 large cars we have here are RWD and even they are suffering at the perceived image of high fuel usage vehicles, even though the price of fuel has dropped by at least 30% here recently. Of course there are the large BMW and Benz rear wheel drivers but they are way out of the price range the VG will be aiming at. But who knows what may happen by 2010, things may turn around completely by then and the larger car may come back in favor, it’s happened before and it will happen again.

  8. himi-the Kia VG looks like it has 18″ wheels, eyeballing it in this picture, and that should be big enough. That is one reason I love my ’08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS, though, is it’s large for the overall size of the car 18″ sporty wheels. Wheels are very important to me with my rig. In that respect this larger car, the VG, might need 19″ or 20″ wheels, eh?

  9. The only problem with the larger wheel diameter is you’ve got to have a lower profile and once you start getting below 45% or 40% the ride really suffers. It’s ok for the sports enthusiast but not a vehicle for general sale to families etc.

  10. Truedat, OzyTone. Leave ’em at 18″, if that is indeed the tire size we’re seeing on this pic of the new Kia VG.

  11. Errrr…Boris, how many have you driven lately??? Any at all???
    They may look great, and I agree with you on that one, with all rim and hardly any tire showing, but I don’t know what the roads are like around your way, but get on a bit of roughish bitumen and it’s hell after a while, especially if you’ve a got a sports suspension as well.

  12. My dad’s friend has a Bimmer 7 series which I had sat in. I didnt feel the ride was to bad at all. maybe its cuz roads aren’t so rough here.

  13. im pretty sure thats the hyundai tiburon/coupe/tuscani wheel. someone go look it up for me i cbf lol. never liked those wheels.

  14. oh and boris, my mom has a 530i with the M sports professional package and the ride does NOT at all feel supple at all. even with the wheels downgraded from the 19″ M wheels to the 18″ Ms. but thats the whole point of a BMW (especially with the sports suspension) if we wanted a smooth ride, we’d have got a merc. oh and aussie roads are ****

  15. yes patrick, those are the tiburon gt/se wheels. standard in 17″ i think. same bolt pattern as the 350Z, usually clad in all-season 215/45/17Rs. a little on the thin side, i think the optima sport package 17s are a little wider.

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