SPACE BABIES – Kia’s 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

Kia’s Super Bowl video commercial, called Space Babies, highlights the all-new Sorento crossover vehicle!

As long as there have been inquisitive young minds, there has been that one burning question that every parent dreads being asked.

Careful thought and grasping for the right words are often the way in which most parents stumble their way through the answer, but there is an alternative route.

Kia commercial Super Bowl 2013

Space Babies

That path less travelled will be revealed on February 3, in front of 100 million people no less, when Kia Motors America -KMA shares the story of a flustered father faced with that most difficult of questions.

You will get to share his pain as he sits behind the wheel of his 2014 Sorento CUV and tells his son about the faraway planet that he calls “Babylandia.”

The ad will air during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and will chronicle the tale that the father tells.

The TV commercial, directed by Jake Scott, is called “Space Babies” and tells of baby boys, girls, dogs, and pandas making the trek from that far off planet to their new families.

Just as the little boy in the ad is about to offer another theory, the quick-thinking father activates Kia’s UVO voice-activated jukebox before junior can override the Babylandia tale.

Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing & communications, KMA, said that the Super Bowl is the marketing event of the year, and one that Kia has utilized very well over the past three years.

He feels that the awareness of the Kia brand has improved dramatically thanks to those Super Bowl spots, and feels that “Space Babies” will continue that trend.

Sprague also said that the ad perfectly highlights the challenges that parents face every day, and how the many technologies and amenities found in the Sorento can help them get through them.

The “Space Babies” spot is once again the brainchild of David&Goliath, KMA’s go to advertising agency in recent years.

The ad can be seen on YouTube before it airs. This will be the fourth consecutive year in which Kia runs a Super Bowl ad.

Kia became the first company to air their ad in theaters before the big game and will adopt the same method this year, showing “Space Babies” in more than 33,000 theaters nationwide staring on February 1st. [Kia Motors America]

Kia’s latest video commercial TEASER:

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  1. Excellent commercial all the way around. Kudos to the advertising team. I will not say the name od the advertising agency foe the competitve secret kia needa to keep. Probaly all the competitors know anyways who the agency is.

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