Soulster concept gets an early unveiling ahead of 2009 NAIAS

As we all know, Kia will unveil an all new, Soul based, concept car at the 2009 North American International Auto Show. Kia’s press conference and concept’s official unveiling are scheduled for January 11th at 2:20-2:45 pm.

So far, the company has not revealed us much of information on it’s secret show-stopper, but we have been informed that the concept will be wearing the Soulster nomenclature and it will demonstrate the flexibility of the original Soul design.

In addition, Kia has also released a pair of Soulster teaser images. None of them has revealed us much of the exterior design, but both hint at something that’s more “fun to drive” than original Kia Soul. Let it be a two door Soul coupe or a soft-top Kia Soul, this concept seems to be attractive and should gain a lot of attention among the visitors of Kia stand in Detroit.


What I wanted to show you today, is the first rendering of Kia Soulster. Made of two teaser shots put together, the final picture gives us a great first-look at the Soulster concept car. I’m not saying that this is how the final shape will look like, but it can’t be far away from that, right?

10 thoughts on “Soulster concept gets an early unveiling ahead of 2009 NAIAS

  1. +1 JoshyLofty

    Although I would have liked to see a soft/hard back version, like the Freelander. :)

  2. a roadster costs less?!
    And Greg, its not all that bad. its just a rendering….

  3. Greg, behave! As said before there is no reason why WE should stay out in the could because you just happened to want it, secundo other sites published the photo as well so Kia-World as the n°1 Kia enthusiasts site surely can’t stay behind, tertio you really think the world evolves around you, don’t you? I’m sure a lot of people would apreciate you more if you wouldn’t litter this nice site.
    Himi: thanx for this nice site and exciting info!

  4. Enthusiasm is an..umm…contagious type of a thing, isn’t it? Especially with automobiles!

  5. And if it were up to me I would have obliged, Greg. I know it’s important to you and I could’ve waited till this Friday to have seen it, really. Oh…well.

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