Kia Soul: The Definitive Buyer Guide (updated for 2018 model year)

Kia Soul is a highly-successful compact crossover vehicle, which has been first unveiled at the Paris Auto Show back in 2008 and put on sale globally in the following year.

Built on the front-wheel-drive platform, the Soul belongs to the segment of “boxy” cars, which have been particularly popular in the United States.

It used to compete against the likes of Nissan Cube, Scion xB and Honda Element, but all those models have already been axed due to low sales in the U.S.

The Soul, on the other hand, has been smashing sales records year after year and even today nearly at the end of its 5 year life cycle does it good.

Let’s check why it is such a great option for those looking to purchase a smart new car.

Check our new buyer guide that reveals 21 things you need to know about the Soul before buying it.

New Kia Soul Shopping Guide

New Kia Soul: 21 things to know before buying

  • Kia Soul deals

Latest deals about Kia Soul, monthly offers & incentives, sales events and savings.

Kia Motors America runs special promotions where you can save a grand or two if you purchase this funky compact crossover vehicle.

  • Kia Soul prices & optional packages

Here we have the 2017 Kia Soul MSRP table that reveals how much each trim level cost. You can choose from three different trim levels:

  • Base
  • Plus
  • Exclaim

Prices for the entry level Base model start at $16,100 and go way up to $22,800 for the range-topping Exclaim model that comes fitted with 201-horsepower turbo engine and 7-speed DCT.

There is more to learn about the pricing and available optional packages, so please, head over to our Soul pricing blog post here which also reveals full details on the 5 available optional packages & features.

  • Special edition models

This funky car is well known for its special edition models, which are produced in limited numbers. We have seen several limited edition models till now, including the Soul Denim, Black Burner, Carribean Blue and latest Chocko Brown unit.

To learn more about the currently available Soul special edition model and its prices & specs, follow this link here.

  • Exterior dimensions

Size of Kia Soul

The Soul is a compact crossover, but what does that mean in terms of exterior dimensions?

What is the exact size of the current model on sale and how big is the vehicle inside?

This is the blog post where we talk about the Soul dimensions in more details.

  • Official MPG figures

Fuel efficiency is one of the important factors consumers check before they buy a new vehicle. Kia has fitted the Soul with their latest powertrain technology and some fuel-savvy systems, such as the ISG, so owners can achieve the top mpg figures.

To learn more about the car’s up-to-date MPG figures, check our blog post about Kia Soul fuel efficiency.

  • Exterior color palette

One of the most important things to choose when buying a new car are the colors. The Soul comes available in a rainbow of paint shades. Check the blog post about the Soul color options and let us know which one is your favourite.

  • Tire & Wheels size

What kind of tires are best for the Kia Soul and what are the standard tire dimensions? Here we have an article related to the Soul tire sizes.

  • Safety reports & crash tests

Latest crash test reports about the Soul safety (from US & Europe)

  • List of available accessories

There are a handful of Kia Soul accessories available for owners. You can choose from factory accessories or aftermarket parts.

  • Is Soul AWD available?

Is there the all-wheel-drive system available on the current generation Kia Soul? Check it out here.

  • All-electric Soul EV availability

There’s an all-electric Soul EV on sale in the US-market. Find out more about the range and other specs in a blog post here.

  • Dancing hamsters

We all love the dancing hamsters, don’t we? Here are all the commercials we have seen so far. Enjoy.

  • Kia Soul quality & reliability

Yes, Kia vehicles offer top quality these days and the Soul crossover is one of the most reliable ones, according to the US-renowned J.D. Power’s.

  • Kia Soul engine specs

There are several different engines available in the 2017 Kia Soul, including the 1,6L turbocharged unit. Check here for more details about the engine specs and horsepower ratings.

  • Kia Soul Awards

Kia’s boxy car is a multi-award winner. It has been chosen as the best vehicle in many categories, including the top quality car, best vehicle for first drivers, top low cost crossover, and many others. Let’s check the list of accolades in the blog post here.

  • Kia Soul exterior

The Soul crossover is a stylish 5-door hatchback that features a boxy exterior. Most of the people we know like it a lot.

We have published a news article with a dozen of high quality pictures revealing the Soul exterior design in more details.

  • Pictures of interior

The popular hamster car features a roomy cabin with nicely designed dashboard and cool-looking color speakers. We have lots of pictures that reveal more details about the interior of this cool box on wheels.

  • Reviews & test drives

Is Kia Soul any good? This is the question we hear quite often and while our answer may be a bit biased, as we are the big Soul fans, you can find some unbiased thoughts from different reviews and test drives. We have collected some reviews and posted important quotes from those test drives so you can get a feeling of what others think of this model.

  • Interviews with Soul owners

The blog is well known for publishing the Kia owner interviews. There are about 20 interviews with the Soul owners published here at the blog. Check them out here.

  • Main rivals

What are the cars like Soul? Here we have a list of the current competitors and rivals. Check the blog post here.

  • Monthly sales figures

If you wonder how many Souls has Kia sold this year, check our monthly-updated sales statistics in a post here.

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