2018 Kia Soul Color Options (Exterior & Interior)

5 things you need to know about the 2018 Kia Soul color palette changes.

We can all agree that this Kia crossover vehicle is a sweet little ride, but one thing that we might disagree on is the best color for the car.

One of the questions that we most frequently get asked is “what colors does the 2018 Kia Soul come in?”

Let’s just say that it’s a whole lot more than the number of colors in the rainbow, which may spark debate as to which is the best.

2018 Kia Soul exterior color choices

2018 Kia Soul color optionsAll told, there are 10 Kia Soul exterior colors available for the 2018 model year, with each one brighter and bolder than the rest.

With so many color options to choose from, picking the perfect one may prove to be a bit of a challenge.

The Alien 2 (green color) is out of this world, and perhaps even the universe (our top choice), while the likes of the Inferno Red, Caribbean Blue, and Wild Orange color options will also guarantee to make heads turn.

Colors of 2018 Kia Soul Base

  • Inferno Red
  • Clear white
  • Bright silver
  • Titanium gray
  • Shadow black

Exterior colors of Soul Plus 2018

  • Clear white
  • Bright silver
  • Titanium gray
  • Alien 2
  • Wild orange
  • Inferno red
  • Caribbean blue
  • Mysterious blue
  • Shadow black
  • White / red (two-tone color)
  • Inferno red / black (two tone color)

Kia Soul Exclaim color options

  • Clear white
  • Bright silver
  • Titanium gray
  • Inferno red
  • Shadow black

Exterior colors for 2018:

There are some changes among the exterior paint shades available and those are:

  1. Wild orange is now available on Soul Plus
  2. Alien 2 (green color) is no longer available on Soul Base, but you can get it when you opt in for the Plus trim

Not available anymore:

Solar yellow paint has been axed from the 2018 Soul color palette.


There is a lot to love about this funky Kia hamster ride, and the wide selection of attractive exterior colors is just one more thing to add to the list.

Which paint shade of Kia Soul is your favorite?

9 thoughts on “2018 Kia Soul Color Options (Exterior & Interior)

  1. I am glad Kia has stepped up on the Soul colors. That is one of my biggest complaints from customers are that they do not offer enough colors. I hope some of these exterior paints progress to other models in the future.

  2. Wish that Kia would have a Rust color for the Soul+….something different….like the 2013 Green….loved that a lot….toned down, and calming. The Alien II, just seems too much in the green. I believed I saw some of the other KIA cars that were Rust….would really like to have that orrrrr bluish/purple car, which would be my favorite. I am an old person (72)….and I like different!! Can’t KIA see fit to be just a bit more different? Love the car!!

  3. Please bring back that beautiful creamy white❤❤ do not like any of the new colors!!!!

  4. I’m 68. I have owned the original Alien I called a Funky Green. standard transmission. I now have the Solar Yellow. The colors you now offer for the Soul! are depressing. All that neat stuff under the hood, great safety stuff and interior and you are dressing it in funeral colors!?? Come on KIA!! There are no options to cross dress to the 2-tones of the Soul+ (which should also be an option for the Soul!) Like the 2-tones, at least they add some interest in the whole package. Maybe a white/Blk too.

  5. totally not impressed with the color choices now. My 2014 Solar Yellow Soul was and is VERY well known around the area, makes me and everyone else smile, and is – frankly – my ‘happy place’. Now? Well, late 2017/early 2018 WAS going to be time for a newer version of my favorite car but, guess not. I’ll have to look at something yellow elsewhere. Sorry – but you are selling out to the masses with boring, common colors (ok, the orangeish is doable but not for me – too ‘Harley davidson’.)

  6. What about interior colors? Not mentioned above. Have an inferno red 2017 SOUL Exclaim. Came with black leather. Have always had light colored interiors with previous cars, (This is my first KIA.)- either fabric or real leather. LOVE my SOUL+. Hate my all black interior. So depressing. Any chance of camel interior in future? Not a weird tan or brown, but true British tan camel?

  7. agree with all the comments on color. You would think the highest trim, the exclaim would have some cool colors but I echo the person who said they are funeral colors. Have you all seen that disgusting houndstooth black and gray interior that they put in the exclaim? Again the highest trim and you can’t even get all leather interior. what is wrong with this so designers? Are they all 95-year-old man who were gray pinstripe suits and black ties? Must be. i’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. … hey Kia, look at your competitors. The 500 X by Fiat and the countrymen buy mini Cooper. Also the jeep renegade has some really cool colors. You’re losing a lot of customers because your colors are so boring and so tiresome.

  8. Why oh why can we not have a better colour choice for the top of the range. We are planning on buying a new kia soul next year, and we would like it in mysterious blue, but this is not one of the colours offered on this model. If we can’t get this colour,then we may go somewhere else to buy a new car, for a colour of our liking. Kia, you are not doing yourself any favours.

  9. I’m looking for the limited edition I have an alien green and wanted this blue/black limited edition but couldn’t find it anywhere. If I can’t find what I’m looking for then I might buy a Mini- Cooper countryman. Kia needs to step it up and bring out more limited addition models . Hey I’m in my 50s and still want a cool car I’m not ready for just anything boring or standard, I love my Kia so please sent the dealerships more choices and may I suggest that you need to make it where you can order the car you want like you can the Coopers.

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