Kia Soul EV “Fully Charged” Ad Features Geek-Chic Hamsters

Kia’s trio of Soul-loving hamsters have done a lot in the 6 years they have been around.

They’ve been hip-hop artists, space travelers, shooter game stars out in search of peace, and makeover subject, all in the name of telling the consumer how great the Soul is.

Their latest roll see’s them drop the gym suits in favor of tweed suits, suspenders, and wire-rimmed glasses.

The hamster professors are caught doing experiments all meant to help promote the new electric 2015 Soul EV.

Kia’s Fully Charged Commercial Video

The new campaign, called ‘Fully Charged,’ like all the others that have gone before relies heavily on music and the talents of ad agency David&Goliath.

The song that is used this time around is “Animals” by Maroon 5, which will appear on their upcoming album.

The new spot will first be seen during the MTV Video Music Awards on August 24th.

The hamsters channel Frankenstein by zapping a Soul and a real life hamster to create a Soul EV and a stunning female hamster, which is where the fun really begins.

The new Soul EV 2015MY will be available in the third quarter.

The Soul EV on display in the ad is a black-red model, with the original gas-powered Soul already features. It is a stunning green model that gets turned into the electric car.

The new Soul EV will hit select west coast markets in 2015, with the east coast taking delivery a year later.

The markets chosen will be dependent on the level of demand and where the concept of the EV is truly embraced.

2 thoughts on “Kia Soul EV “Fully Charged” Ad Features Geek-Chic Hamsters

  1. Dam Kia has done it YET AGAIN!!! Another hit commercial and vehicle.

    Now how bout some dollars put behind the Cadenza.

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