Europe Gets New Soul With 1,6L CRDI Diesel Engine

Kia Soul European media launching event and test drives take place in Italy!

As far as family cars go, there are few that are quite as funky as the Kia Soul.

It is one of the most popular models in the small crossover segment, with its small SUV styling putting it in direct competition with the likes of the Renault Captur and Nissan Juke.

The second generation Soul takes some definite inspiration ffrom the Track’ster concept vehicle, while now riding on the Kia Cee’d platform. That said, it retains all the chunky charm of the original.

European drivers have the option of a 1.6L GDI gasoline or 1.6L CRDI diesel variant, with the latter obviously delivering potentially lower running costs.

The 2014 Soul is bigger and more spacious than before, whilst bearing a ton of design features that make it look a little more like an SUV. There is no denying that it is still very much a Soul, though.

Rear-LED-Kia-Soul    Kia-Soul-Europe

2014 Soul UK-Specs, Trim Levels, Colors

You have the option of 5 different trims in the UK: Start, Connect, Connect Plus, Mixx and Maxx. The latter two come equipped with an Urban Styling Pack that delivers black trim to a number of different body elements.

The Mixx model has 4 different 2-tone color designs that include colored roofs, while the Maxx employs a glass panoramic roof up top.

There are 11 different Soul exterior colors to choose from and several cool alloy wheel designs.

The most noticeable of those wheel designs come on the Mixx and Maxx, which get 18-inch wheels compared to the 16 and 17-inch wheels on the others.

A thoroughly modern interior can be found inside the cabin, with the TFT dials on the dash particularly pleasing.

The layout has been really well done and the use of quality materials abounds. Higher end models get touchscreen navigation and a killer sound system, as well as incredibly stylish piano black inserts.

Kia Soul Interior   Soul-2014-Red-Color

New Kia Soul Ride, Handling, Warranty

The ride is great, too, and can actually be adjusted to suit your tastes via the Flex Steer system that offers Comfort, Normal, and Sport settings.

There is a little bit of a weight increase that has an impact on the feel, but it does little to hamper the overall body control of the car.

Shifting action is smooth, too, thanks to a 6-speed manual gearbox. Higher models have the option of a 6-speed auto.

Reliability has been the name of the game for Kia recently, and that is backed by a magnificent 7-year/100,000 mile warranty. That type of warranty tells you the level of trust that the company has in the cars that they deliver.

As mentioned earlier, the 2014 Soul model now shares a platform with the Kia Cee’d, which is one that has already been well proven.

The new Soul had been available in the US and Canada for a few months now, which means any minor kinks have likely been ironed out.

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