Kia Sorento Interior Design Revealed In New Pictures

The all-new third-generation Kia Sorento SUV is not set to go on sale in Korea till next month, but Kia hasalready decided to share a few (interior) pictures of the new model.

Included in this news post are also some additional details, including the new convenience features, dimensions and the Korean-market pricing.

Read further to learn more about the next-generation 2016 Sorento!

Line-Up Position

The Sorento will fit between the larger Mohave SUV and the smaller Sportage SUV in the current Kia line-up.

Interior Design Pictures

Kia Sorento Redesign Interior  Kia Sorento Inside

As far as styling goes, the Sorento shares some features of the newly launched Sedona minivan. That particular model has received some nice praise for its style in a market that is usually quite bland.

Kia said that the new design can best be described as “bold and Premium,” which is very much in line with their goal of brand refinement.

A strong hood design sets the tone for the styling of the new model, with rounded shoulders and the addition of strong sheet metal giving the car a sportier, muscular stance.

The addition of chrome around the window sill, as well as blacked out B and C pillars helps add to the upscale look. Also features is an angled rear quarter window merged with a large D pillar.

The all-new Sorento also features a massive panoramic sunroof, wraparound 3D LED tail lights, a shark fin antenna, and a spoiler that acts as a stop light over the curved rear window.

Sorento Photo   New Sorento SUV

Improved Pedestrian Safety

The vehicle also comes with an active hood design that is in place to protect pedestrians in the event of a crash.

The higher trim levels also come with a smart tailgate and an around view monitoring system.


The new model is longer than before, stretching an additional 90mm to 4,780mm in length, while the wheelbase adds 80mm. These additions should deliver improvements to the overall driving dynamics.

Reduced Noise

Kia has worked on the underbody tray in an attempt to dampen road noise, which should lead to a quitter ride with less vibration and harshness. The undertray now cover 2.5 times more than the outgoing model.

In an effort to improve NVH, Kia has opted to use high tensile steel in the construction of the car.

53% of the frame of the new Sorento is constructed from that material. The use of high strength steel means that the car handles better and is safer in crashes.

Further bolstering the structure of the car is the use of structural adhesives, with the vehicle featuring twice as much as the nearest competitor.

Rigidity and sound dampening are improved with the use of these adhesives.

Kia Sorento   Sorento Picture

Diesel Engines, Price

There will be a pair of diesel powertrains offered in South Korea, with pricing for the 2016 Sorento dependent on that.

The base model will feature a 2.0-liter E-VGT engine and will carry a starting sticker price of 27.65 million won (US$26,810).

The Noblesse Special trim level comes in at 34.6 million won and will feature the 2.2-liter E-VGT diesel engine found on the Luxury trim for 29.25 million won.

Kia has yet to release any specifics regarding how the model will be equipped in the US and other overseas markets.

What can be expected is that a gasoline engine will be available, as well as other features that will be dependent on trim level.

4 thoughts on “Kia Sorento Interior Design Revealed In New Pictures

  1. Earlier pic released by KIA had different slot opening at bottom of front bumper bar compared to pic of car on beach showing front configuration. It looks just spot on and is well designed and not plain looking at all!

  2. Those 3 interior elements (lateral AC vents and central multimedia) are standing out of the panel, enclausered inside that “metallic ring”, just as the new grille it is (as you can the “ring lateral” see where the grille meets the front lamps.

    And yes, Kia is totally aiming for the german design features.

  3. New flash: Jaguar is challenging Hyundai and beat Hyundai to it. They have a small RWD car called the XE. Hyundai is supposed to challenge it with their small wheel base and tackle the BMW 3 series with it. We know Hyundai is not going to let Jaguar get away with this.

    Also, Hyundai wants to rival the Lexus RX and Audi Q5. They want a luxury CUV. I hope they do it. It’s supposed to be on the Genesis platform. It will almost be like a Genesis crossover.

  4. I only follow KIA and Hyundai in Australia as facts are clear:
    1. Their designs are aesthetically dynamic and appear ahead of opposition – so it puts them at top of pecking order for sheer style (in my view to the eye it is apparent). Sportage and new Sorento are unreal, as will be the new Carnival (Sedona in USA market) which looks classy stunning. Take the Rio for example in looks hot design wise and yet to see a competitor get even close to such a great smart trendy design!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Their interiors are not utterly boring and same same in endless sea of sameness which other cars makers are!!!
    3. Their inclusions are quite high and in most corners of market in different category are at top of pecking order
    4. But they need to nail suspension better and steering which by and large is bland and lifeless with hardly much feedback when driving straight and is too responsive twitchy with tiny steering wheel movement. Kia and Hyundai have responded by adopting an Australian market only suspension setup – still think they need to tweak it more either by better products getting installed into car during manufacture to enable it to further get to top of pecking order


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