Snow White Pearl Optima, Kia’s 10 millionth car for export

Kia Motors surpasses 10 millionth car export mark today with a Snow White Pearl Optima sedan that was earmarked for shipping to the US-market.

To commemorate this significant milestone event, the automaker held a celebration ceremony at Pyeongtaek Port which was attended by some 400 invitees including Kia Motors Vice Chairman & CEO Hyoung-Keun Lee and local government officials.

Kia’s significant success story began with a small shipment of 10 pick-up trucks to Qatar in 1975. Since then, the company has made a rapid, increasingly significant imprint of the global automotive industry, particularly in recent years with the introduction of a new generation of models including Sorento, Sportage, Optima and Rio.

According to Kia, it took 30 years for Kia Motors to reach the 5 million unit export mark, but only six years since 2005 to reach 10 million. The number of overseas destinations for Kia Motors vehicles has gradually expanded from only 10 the 1980s to 156 countries today, according to the company.

Since its first export in 1975, cumulative exports units have grown to 4.27 million in North America, 2.45 million in Europe and 0.88 million in the Asia & Pacific. Kia Motors has made the biggest strides in the North American market where global makers are engaged in heated competition.

The A-segment Kia Picanto has been the automaker’s most popular export model, with 764.453 units exported, followed by the B-segment Rio and Sorento CUV, with 747.554 units and 656.446 units shipped, respectively. Out of 10 million units exported overseas, a little over 4.27 million units were sold in North America, 2.45 million units were sold in the European market and 0,88 million in Asia.

With the introduction of larger cars such as Sorento, Cadenza and Optima, Kia’s profitability also greatly improved over the past years. An average price of each car shipped overseas soared from $1.400 in 1975 to nearly $12,000 in 2010. Revenues from exports also rose from $100 million in 1987 to $11.2 billion in 2010, reported Kia today.

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  1. I want to buy THAT car. Period. My life will not be fulfilled until I own THAT car.

  2. I love this car. I tried to win one in your last promotion and got to level 8-I went to to dealership and checked out the Optima-it is really cool. Think in honor of your goal being hit you should have another cool contest?????

  3. Revenues from exports also rose from $100 million in 1987 to $11.2 billion in 2010, reported Kia today.

    Whoa, that’s a large jump, eh?

  4. The Cube looks so light and cheap that you could just lift it up and rock it right over, huh?

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