Kia Niro Small SUV Spied Testing, Could Be Released In 2015 Or 2016

Hyundai unveiled their ix25 subcompact crossover vehicle in April at the Beijing Motor Show.

Sister company Kia is now planning on joining the segment with an small SUV of their own.

The automaker has already shown interest in the small SUV by launching the Niro crossover concept a couple of months ago.

The vehicle study unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show was an eye-catching hi-tech masterpiece, fitted with a highly-advanced hybrid powertrain system under its hood.

Kia revealed it had no concrete plans to bring the Niro to production in the existing form, however, the company noted that the concept may be hinting at a possible future B-segment contender.

Kia Small SUV   Kia AWD SUV Spy Shots

First Spy Shots Hit The Web

Several months later and a heavily camouflaged B-segment SUV has been spotted testing for the very first time.

The spy photos here are believed to showcase an early prototype of the upcoming Kia small SUV.

The pics reveal little in the way of styling details, but the shape is definitely similar to the Hyundai ix25.

The main difference, of course, is the signature front and rear fascia that the Kia model incorporates.

As far as dimension go, the Kia model will likely be the same as the ix25 at 4.270 mm long, 1.780 mm wide and 1.630 mm tall.

While no technical details are forthcoming yet, Hyundai has said that the China-spec ix25 would feature a Nu 2.0L petrol engine. Expect Kia to go with the same version of the 4-cylinder engine.

The ix25 should hit China in the next few months, while Kia’s SUV is rumored to be launched sometime by the end of 2015 or early 2016. (Photosource: auto.ifeng.com)

4 thoughts on “Kia Niro Small SUV Spied Testing, Could Be Released In 2015 Or 2016

  1. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the Soul? Especially if this new car has AWD. I know I’ve been over this before, but Kia can’t give the Soul AWD as-is, it simply doesn’t have the right platform (or rear suspension) for it. The Soul is very SUV-like with its ride height and versatility.

    I’m thinking this is possibly another China-only model.

  2. It is very likely that the model will be limited to some Asian market initially. China is one of them.

    However, the increasing popularity of small SUVs in Europe and other markets will force Kia to start selling such car globally.

  3. Oops yeah, the HRV. I think Hyundai and Mazda is looking into the small CUV segment too.

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