Six brand new Kia vehicles to hit the market in 2009

Kia Sorento -XM, the hotly-anticipated Kia SUV!

The 2010 Kia Sorento is one of the most eagerly awaited crossovers that will appear on the automobile market in next year. As first spy shots revealed, the 2010 Sorento will get a complete exterior makeover and will undergo some major technical changes. It will also be the first Kia vehicle to house a brand new six-speed automatic transmission. [2010 Kia Sorento]

Kia “cee’d plus” -YN

The all-new Kia mini-MPV is rumoured to join the Kia range in 2009. Rumoured to debut as a concept vehicle at the 2009 Geneva Motors Show in March, the production ready model is expected to be displayed at the Frankfurt’s Auto Show in September.

Codenamed YN, the mini-MPV is about the same size as Soul crossover and also shares major technical components with it. It will be built by Hyundai in it’s new European factory based in Czech Republic and will later get a twin model from Hyundai. Latest reports suggest that YN will be will be “Europe only” Kia model.


Kia sedan -VG

The lack of information makes the VG as one of the most interesting upcoming Kia vehicles. Details are very slim and at the moment, we only know that the VG sedan will go on sale in Korean market in September 2009 and will be powered by 2,4L  4-cylinder Theta and 3,3 V6 engines.

It shares it’s platform with next generation Hyundai Azera and is expected to replace the slow selling Amanti on US market. [2010 Kia VG]

Kia Spectra coupe -XK

Sometime during the summer, the US market will be getting a two-door variant of the Forte (Spectra) sedan. Codenamed XK, the two-door model is expected to share technical components with Spectra sedan, but feature a different exterior design.

We have not seen any prototypes caught so far, but those working on the XK project revealed to us that the two-door XK coupe is expected to retain the exterior shape of the Koup concept, which made it’s official debut at the auto show in New York earlier this year. [Kia spy shots]

Kia Soul -AM

Worldwide Soul sales is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2009. It will first go on sale in Europe in February and USA in April. More than 60 different accessories that Kia will offer for the Soul will allow the customers to personalize their vehicles to match their personal style.

Kia also plans to debut an exciting Soul concept at the upcoming North American Auto Show in January.

Kia Forte -TD

Forte will succeed the current Spectra sedan. It will go on sale in US in the first quarter of the 2009 with the choice of three four-cylinder engines.

kia-soul-mpv-8.jpg     2009-sorento-2.jpg     kia-vg11.jpg

imagen-005.jpg     kia-koup-beijing2.jpg     kia-koup-beijing0.jpg

kia-vg-2.jpg     kia-ceed-plus-3.jpg     vg-jpg150.jpg

48 thoughts on “Six brand new Kia vehicles to hit the market in 2009

  1. Hey himi, is the VG an Optima replacement? I think it just might be an Optima replacement for three reasons. First, current Optima is MG, and it is not all new for 2009, and the current look would be in effect for more than a year. Second, I thought that the Amanti replacement was CH, and Third, it has Sonata’s engine options, and Sonata is in Optima’s class. I can’t wait to see the CH spy shots! I like the current Amanti, but the look is getting dated, and has looked like a Mercedes/Jaguar since day one.

  2. Greg: News on the VG are very confusing. Some say this is the future Optima and some say this is the new Amanti. However, my information shows that this is an independent model and will be placed between Optima and Amanti.

  3. I am looking forward to the XK – Two door Forte/Spectra.. Now only if they came out with an all-wheel drive version..

  4. the Koup concept was AWD. But it was an in-house-developed AWD sytem which Kia uses on its sportage. I really want Kia to announce the end of testing of the Haldex AWD system and start using them.

  5. The Soul Pricing was released today by Kia. Soul 1.6L is $13,995 including shipping. Loaded Soul! or Sport w/ sunroof is $19,295 w/ A/T.

  6. wow! so the price is within the “teens-thousands” huh… cool enough. But thats probably the reason why fetures and options have been excluded.

  7. If any one is interested and lives in the PA philly area we have a order list for the Soul. It is only $100 to reserve a Soul.

  8. Is this correct for the USA Forte? “It will go on sale in US in the first quarter of the 2009 with the choice of three four-cylinder engines.” If so, this will be the first Kia vehicle with a choice of 3 engines available in the USA, and the first compact/ sub compact with more than one engine choice.

  9. It will have 4 transmissions and 2 engines, it will have the 2.0L and 2.4L. It will also have a 6 Speed Manual, 5 Speed manual, 4 Speed A/T and a 5 Speed A/T

  10. That would explain the 3rd engine choice (CA emissions engine). Oh yeah Colby- we received our demo Soul last week- damaged! I have a bunch of pictures but can’t figure out how to upload them on here (it said wrong file extension).

  11. That stinks. I like having the Soul here but why would Kia send one that has options not available in the US? Makes no sense. Heated seats and the Power Folding mirrors.

  12. I posted the Soul pricing but since it is a hyperlink Himi has to approve it. Click on my name and it will take you to our soul web page. I posted pricing and standard equipment on there

  13. I have the Las Vegas Dealer Meeting on DVD and it goes over the new forte and engine choices and transmission choices. The 5 speed transmission will be an option on the 2.0 L engine on the EX models. But it will come equipped with the 2.0L and a 5speed manual on the LX and EX trims. SX standard with 2.4L and a 6 speed Manual

  14. Nice site Colby. Do you think any of the trims will have strandard front fog lamps? It appears the “sport” trim will be similar to the “SX” on the other vehicles, and that’s usually where they put the fog lamps now.

    I’m excited to try out one of these 2.4L 6 speed manual Fortes! But I can’t imagine it with a 1.6L. Unless they do a lot of improvements to it, that engine barely moves the Rio over here…

  15. I see that listed now. Sorry I missed it the first read through. Will there be sunroof and moonroof available on the same vehicle? I don’t know that Kia has ever had a moonroof…

  16. I am really glad too that the Forte doesn’t have the 1.6. I am glad it is getting the 6 speed manual and the 5 speed automatic, that is a relief!

  17. I find it a little disappointing that the 5 speed A/T is an option, but it will help to keep cost down by keeping the 4 speed A/T for now.

  18. colby – very good website, gives very accurate details and very clear. Anybody any info on how the Canadian version will be priced and equipped?

  19. Kia probably gave it bigger trannies cuz Kia know the popularity of the spectra… wonder if we will get the same…

  20. I don’t see the VG getting the 4cyl in the US. It looks bigger than the Camry and Accord and I thnk it would be stupid for Kia to make the Optima bigger than its competition as its suppoesed to be sportier. The VG is reportedly about the size of Maxima and was seen testing with an Avalon so I think it will compete with those cars. The Amati will likely be discontinued and the VG will take its place.

  21. The VG might take Amanti’s place in the market, but it will not be badged Amanti. The CH is the Amanti replacement. It might be the more luxury version of VG, Kia’s Genesis. Kia has been planning a RWD sedan for about a year. VG will probably get 2.4 and 3.3, and CH will probably get 3.8 and 4.6, and will be badged Amanti. The Amanti will go on hiatus for about a year, kind of like Sportage.

  22. Well, it plans on sharing the frame and engines with Genesis, but at a more competitive price.

  23. I don’t see Kia offering 2 large sedans in the US market. Maybe it’s home market but not here, it wouldn’t make any sense business wise. I had heard from many places that Kia’s variant of the Genesis has been cancelled anyway.

  24. I don’t mean to be rude, but you don’t have to see it. It’s going to happen because of diverse markets, and there is nothing you can do to change that!

  25. Ok, we’ll see. Neither you nor me work for Kia so neither of us for sure. What I’m saying is coming from what Chris Doane has gotten from his Kia sources, he works with Brenda Priddy the popular auto spy.

  26. Harry- sorry it took me so long to respond. The Kia Store (3 dealerships in the Louisville, KY area). Here is our site: http://www.kiastore.com No, I don’t know who the cute blonde is, I imagine she is a paid actress for the point of the video. 😉
    The rear left roof and side of the Soul were damaged. Probably 5 pieces total, the sales manager said, “This is probably $5,000 worth of damage!” I’m not sure what the price would be, since the parts aren’t available, but it was a decent enough amount of damage. It affected the rear hatch, so we didn’t want to open the back up and look inside the “trunk/ boot” area. We’re supposed to get another (not damaged) one in soon, so we’ll be able to see the entire vehicle when that happens. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the pics up, I think they’re too big or the wrong file type.
    Also- let us know when you get the cee’d over here, that is my absolute favorite car! The pro_cee’d specifically, but any cee’d would be awesome!

  27. I am trying to collect information on past Kia Dealer Meetings….would anyone be available for a breif phone conversation? Your input will be used to shape future meetings and events.

    Thanks you

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