Silver Kia Forte Koup spotted at the race-track

Another day and here we have another news report related to the striking Kia Forte Koup. Among all Kia vehicles, the upcoming Forte Koup has been the most commonly seen car at the blog over the past two weeks with fresh new images hitting the web almost on daily basis.

During this past weekend you could have seen some cool pics showcasing the hot-looking Forte Koup painted in dark-silver color and equipped with a nicely designed set of 17-inch alloy-wheels. A closer look at Forte’s sexy but revealed a US registration plate, which tells us that the model was obviously a US-spec Kia Forte Koup.


Following those great shots, we have a series of new ones brought to my e-mail box earlier today. Based on the reg-plates, this time, the Koup has been spotted in South Korea while running on a race-track. The purpose of testing is not known, but the Koup you see is obviously undergoing some high-speed race-track testing.

This makes me wonder what if Kia engineers have put a more powerful engine under it’s hood and are now testing the vehicle before it hits the production!? The company has two newly developed turbo engines that could fit the Forte pretty well.

First possible option is the 2.0L turbo engine that has just recently been applied to the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe and generates 210 hp while the second one, a 1.6L turbo engine with 175 hp is still waiting to make it’s production premiere.

But since the US-spec Forte Koup will have a 2.4L inline four-cylinder engine that produces 174 hp it’s more likely that a possible sporty Koup variant is going to feature the same 210hp turbo powerplant under the hood as you can get in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Except of some rumors we have heard last year, no official words have been released about a sporty range of Kia models so far. Related link: exclusive Kia Forte Koup review 

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17 thoughts on “Silver Kia Forte Koup spotted at the race-track

  1. I was told by sources within Kia USA corporate 1-2 months ago that they were very much considering putting the 2.0T engine in the Forte Koup and it looks like it will finally be happening! I can’t wait.

  2. This car is for no speed limit zone areas. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! With trance music playing in the background.

  3. I certainly hope you are correct in saying that this may be a prototype running the RS Turbo motor from the Gen… I think that Kia is trying to boost enthusiasm and anticipation by leaking such photos onto the net. If I decide not to get a GenCoupe R-Spec in 2 years when I move to the USA, this is definitely my fallback plan!

    The design is on par with the Gen for sportiness… you can’t beat Kia’s new design team!

  4. Kia is considered to become a sporty brand so it’s a bit time for Kia to wake up and start providing sports cars!!
    Every car company builds at least one sporty model while several other build a range of sporty cars.

    No I’m not talking about premium brands such as BMW or Audi, but others Such as Opel (Corsa OPC, Astra OPC, Zafira OPC), Renault (Twingo RS, Clio RS, Megane RS), VW (Polo GTI, Golf GTI), Seat (Leon FR)! All those companies build image with these cars. Probably they are not making any money with them, but it’s image that’s also important and I don’t know a better way to build the image among automotive enthusiasts than through sport cars!

    So, Kia, please bring us a compact car more powerful than 140+ hp! And check out our poll at the right in the sidebar. It’s obvious what people want you to do!

  5. I want it in Europe! (and don’t come saying that we already have the cee’d family. These are hardly sporty cars..)…

  6. I don’t want those TINY wheels! Can anyone say carbon fiber wrapped chrome 20 inch wheels?

  7. Hey US Forte Pricing realased. EX Model $17495 including Delivery, nice. The vehicle Fuel Economy pack w/ 5 speed tranny only $600 option. SX 6 speed $17995!!! NICE

  8. they need to get their ass in gear and make a 4wd chassis

    this car begs for some real 4wd action like a WRX or EVO. Be that as it may the new Chevy Cruze is about to come out and that car has similarities with this.

    I think we are about to see an interested US battle. But this car looks a whole lot better than many of its opposition.

  9. The Forte will get the 2.0T from the Genesis guys, dont worry. Tony, I think the Haldex AWD system is for bigger cars, and of course the Next Gen Amanti (VG) will get that. It will also go on a Hyundai Model or 2.

  10. the car on average price increasre of only $300, the base LX 5speed is $13695 plus Dest. Charges. The LX is still basic with options like crank windows and manual locks and mirrors.

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