Report from Paris Auto Show: Soul vs. Toyota Urban crossover

The 2008 Paris Auto show has opened it’s doors today. First to get up close to all exciting concept and production cars will be the press reporters and worldwide media.

Starting today, automotive blogs will fill up their websites with numerous auto show reports and lots of pics revealing dozens of vehicles that will be presented to the public for the first time.

Some of my friends working for Kia Motors are already at the scene. A few minutes ago I received and email with nice regards (no pics though) from Paris and some great news.

At the Kia stand in Paris there is a full range of Souls presented, each with a different style.

Those who have seen the car up close state it looks absolutely fantastic. It’s design is great and built quality is very good too.

One of the obvious finding from the fist few hours of the Soul is that the media like it a lot! The Soul was very well accepted by all of the journalists and their response so far was very encouraging.

Among many great cars debuting at the show, the Soul is one of the most viewed and desired vehicles in Paris.

One thing was pointed out as well, and that is a comparison to it’s main compeitor at the European crossover market.

Guys at the show compared the Soul with Toyota Urban crossover (see the images attached below), which will also make it’s European debut in Paris and they state that the Soul looks and feels much better compared to it’s rival from Toyota.

And that’s something that is really nice to hear!

We will soon have more news from the auto show. Remember, Kia Soul debuts today, at 16.45 hrs! That means in less than two hours folks!!

Comparison between the Soul and Toyota AWD crossover

19 thoughts on “Report from Paris Auto Show: Soul vs. Toyota Urban crossover

  1. That’s what I asked a Kia dealer two days ago. He was exhibiting a facelifted version of the Sportage in one of the shoping centers here in Slovenia and he did not know about the warranty. All he could tell me about the Soul was that it will come to the Slovenian dealers in February. He also said that they received a brochure about the Soul and he liked it very much.

    After I asked him if he knows the “Kia Bible” (KIA-WORLD blog), he replyed no, but said to check it out that day when coming home!

  2. I actually like the style of the Urban cruiser on these images. Compared to Kia, I still prefer the Soul and would buy the Soul over it any time. I see only one advantage that the urban cruser has and that is the 4wd availability.

  3. arumage Says: ” The Toyota Urban Crossover is a Scion xD on stilts.”

    And all tucked up in the butt. Looks like the bastard child of a Pontiac Aztek and a Subaru Outback, IMHO. Each to his own, of course, but I think the Soul is a better look, especially for the US market. Much nicer design, more interesting lines, lots of cool toys if you like that sort of thing… I think this will be the most popular car HKAG has put into the US market yet.

    I fell in love with the Soul at the first concept pics. While I was disappointed that the really gadgety things (carputer, racing seats, up-and-over DVDs) didn’t make it into production, I got over it quickly. I can’t wait to test it in April – but I think I’m holding out until the Soul hybrid is released here.

  4. Hahaha :) :) :) …looks like a bastard child of Aztek and Outback!
    That’s a good one Carolyn. You made ma laugh out loud!

  5. the Toyota looks like a taller version of the Matrix, not that distinctive, the Soul is much better, looking forward to when they become available in Canada and get to see one in person.

  6. like himi I also think urban cruiser’s design isnt too bad but only refering to the front and not rear. But of course, its still soul for me. according to our wheels mag the urban cruiser is a Rav4 replacement cuz toyota wanted all their SUVs to have ‘cruiser’ in their names lol.

  7. arumage is right, the Urban Cruiser is a Scion xD. It just has a different front bumper and AWD. I believe the JDM Toyota Ist has that front bumper as well.

  8. The Urban Cruiser’s not that bad. It’s just a lifted Scion xD (with a different front clip) which isn’t such a bad ride. The Soul looks nicer IMO though.

  9. Well yeah, based on tese images it’s not that bad, but those who have seen it in person say it’s not as good as the Soul. And that’s great news. Seems like once again, Kia’s product is better than Toyota’s. Still remember cee’d vs Auris comparison tests? Cee’d beet it almost everytime.

  10. In the last picture for the Urban Crossover, it looks horribly overweight, like the way it all buldges outwards from the windows, and the rear lights look like they are off of a Dodge Calibre. All in all, it looks like some crappy last minute decision to design and build it, just to try and steal sales away from the Soul. (I am probably wrong though, but seriously, thats all it seems like)

  11. urban cruiser is not in soul’s class. why are you comparing them? urban cruiser is the new rav4.

  12. Yikes, Kia is so much better a manufacturer of all sorts of vehicles than Toyota its frighthening. The Soul clearly trounces the Toyota Stump-bumper pictured above. I can’t believe all the dorks that still refuse to give Kia their due. Some of the American websites I frequent are so stupid in their view of Kia it’s cantankerous-ly, hideously hilarious. They are not looking with their eyes, ears and minds open. Thing is, I noticed that my 1999 Kia Sephia beat both the Hon-duh Civic and the Toyota Corolla hands down. It was a nice discovery to make. Better build quality and better looks from Kia than Toyota. Better Warranty from Kia. The list goes on and on and on. I’d very much desire to see Toyota fall on hard(er) times.

  13. Actually, after doing a small amount of research on the net, the Urban Cruiser is not the new Rav4. Toyota have already released images for a new Rav4. This UC appears to be a small crossover vehicle, much like the soul.

  14. urban cruiser has got 4WD. its a compact mini-SUV that sits below the rav4 as I’ve discoverd. its rival is the the nissan qashqai. soul would be in this class if only it had the da*n 4WD/AWD.

  15. I test drove a Scion xD/Toyota Urban Cruiser recently. It is very nice & all, quite a peppy little engine as well (i spun the tires repeatedly & didn’t mean to) but it was WAY too narrow in the interior and i felt like i was driving a tiny bus with the way the seats were straight up. didn’t like it @ all, really. but it is kindof a nice looking car. not beautiful, just nice.

  16. Kia’s great at making roomy interiors. I was just speechless about the space in sportage.

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