Short Kia news: VG spy shots, partial strike, Paul Willis goes back to VW

Here we have some short Kia news announcements and other notes which reveal more details about the current happenings in the automobile industry!

1. Paul Willis quits Kia role and returns to Volkswagen: Former Volkswagen UK boss Paul Willis is leaving his current post as chief operating officer of Kia Motors Europe after barely nine months in the role.

On October 1st,  he will take over responsibility as managing director of Volkswagen Group Ireland from Bob O’Callaghan, who is retiring.

2. Hyundai-Kia workers to launch partial strike: Unionised workers at Kia and Hyundai plan to stage partial strikes over a wage deal and working conditions on Thursday and Friday, if they fail to reach agreements with management…


Kia VG: Leftlane shows more images of the “nearly naked” VG sedan, which was caught recently, wearing less camouflage. They have a set of 7 images, worth to look at! Head over to their site to check on them…read more.

Update: The VG has been renamed to Kia Cadenza and has gone on sale in the USA.

Rondo review:
The all-new Kia Rondo may not be the most exciting car to look at, but it shines when it comes to utility. With good fuel economy and room for seven, it’s ideal for young families…read more.

13 thoughts on “Short Kia news: VG spy shots, partial strike, Paul Willis goes back to VW

  1. With each round of spy shots the VG looks better and better. I can hear people saying it already- “Whoa! That’s a Kia?!?”

  2. kia has around 28 000 workers at factories. the workers have launched so many strikes against kia that looses are very high. here’s a quote from TradingMarkets.com: A series of partial strikes have forced Kia to lose 157.3 billion won so far this year, the company said.
    Kia is starting to lessen the camo covers on all their proto vehicles. does that save money or are they trying to keep people interested in their cars. whatever they’re thinking, I like these shotss with less camo.
    How long has this gen of carens/rondo been on the market? its about time for a mid-cycle facelift if its 3 years old.

  3. hey guys, did you know, Genesis’ battery is in the trunk next to the spare wheel? do you think it will be the same in VG?

  4. I think that Rondo is in it’s sceond full year and we should soon see a facelifted prototypes running all-around.

  5. In my step mom’s 01 Oldsmobile Aurora, the battery is under the back seat. The car has a 4.0 V8, and there is nowhere for it under the hood.

  6. OK… I see genesis in those lights. anyway, what badge is on its grille? Kia’s logo isnt a circle and neither is Kia’s luxury logo and circle. is it something to fool people?

  7. that suits a luxury car. badge on the hood. then what do they do to the grille? the genesis doesnt look so good in front with nothing on its grille… and neither will this or any car

  8. With all the discussion of the new VG, …. nobody has commented on the management related items ! I luv Kia and look to the future with great opimism BUT,.. these are troubling matters. Firstly,Kia`s militant unions hold the ability to adversely influence production plans and ultimately of course company profitability. Very concerning from almost any business perspective. Secondly, the continuing inability to hire and then retain for any reasonable period of time non-Korean Senior Management personnel is disconcerting and reflective of problems that we can only speculate about! Come on Kia -get your act together.

  9. there have been a lot of strikes at Kia this year. Anyway, I think the tail lights of the VG resemble some of audi’s tail lights like the q7…

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