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The Paris Motor Show later this month is where the 4th generation Kia Rio will be officially unveiled.

Kia is showing off a set of new images that give a clear look at both the exterior and inside of the car, and they are very revealing indeed.

The majority of the design work was done in the Kia centers in California and Germany, but there was also some input from the global headquarters in Korea.

The new Rio shows off smooth surfaces and straight lines, which gives the car a new look that is both confident and distinctive.

The newest version of Kia’s tiger nose grille can be found up front, and it’s now thinner and wider than what it used to be.

The integrated bi-function headlights are also a little thinner, and have a more sculpted appearance than before, as well as a U-shaped LED light signature.

Other changes up from include the fog lamps being moved outward, helping give the vehicle a greater width. It’s not just the lights that do that, though, as the car is actually wider by 5mm at 1,725mm.

The profile of the new 2017 Kia Rio 5 door hatchback reveals a car that is longer, thanks in part to a long bonnet and a pronounced overhang, as well as an additional 10mm added to the wheelbase.

The overhang in the back is shorter, and the C-pillar is thinner and more upright. The new dimensions see the Rio grow by 15mm in length, whilst also being 5mm lower in height.

Straight lines are clearly visible along the side of the car, running from the shoulder all the way along the doors. It’s a look that helps add to the lengthier look of the new Rio.

There is a more upright look at the rear of the vehicle, including a rear windscreen that is near vertical. The aforementioned straight line starting at the grille carries all the way to the back.

There is where you will find newly sculpted rear lamps with an arrow-shaped LED design. The new look around back, combined with the changes to the front, helps deliver a new Rio that looks stronger and more confident.

The cabin design in the new Rio is modern, and has an ergonomic style that is very driver friendly.

The straight lines form the exterior also feature on the inside, and create a wider appearance that delivers a real sense of space.

The new dashboard has been angled towards the driver, and has a new infotainment system sitting front and center.

The driver can take advantage of a floating human-machine interface on the touchscreen to control audio, navigation, and new connectivity systems. This new set-up allows Kia to reduce the number of buttons on the center console.

As far as color choices go for the upholstery, you can get back or grey cloth, or the option for black or grey faux leather.

There is also the option of a “Red Pack,” which gives drivers a red and black faux leather trimmed seats in the cabin. Gloss black and metallic trim features are used in the cabin to create a very modern look.

With new safety and connectivity features on board, the all-new Rio will also come with improved ride and handling characteristics.

All of this should help the Rio remain as Kia’s bestselling global model with more than 473,000 units sold around the world in 2015 alone.

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