Kia Rio Redesign – Getting More Conservative Styling?

The current generation Kia Rio subcompact car has been on the market since 2011.

It has been one doing well in terms of sales, but lately, it has seen increased competition from new models such as the Renault Clio, Skoda Fabia and updated VW Polo.

That is why Kia are working hard on the Rio redesign.

The official unveiling of the fully redesigned model will take place later this year, with the Paris Motor Show being the likely venue.

Kia Rio redesign – spy video

One of the near-production Rio prototypes was recently spotted being put through its paces in Northern Sweden.

The test vehicle was under some pretty heavy camouflage, but we were still able to make out a few design changes.

This isn’t really a huge surprise, as Kia always tries to up the ante a little with each new generation.

Proof of that can be seen with the fantastic changes made to the most recent versions of the Sportage crossover and Optima sedan.

The new Rio hatchback seems to have a front end that is somewhat similar to that of the Forte facelift, but the design could be a little different in each of the members of the Rio family (3-door and 5-door models).

Projection headlights will be made available, and there may even be a full-LED option available if these images are anything to go by.

A diffuser-type feature appears to have been added around back, and the taillights are broader than before.

It’s tough to tell, but they are either divided by the trunk opening, or perhaps the gate has been stretched out a little.

The wheelbase definitely appears to be longer, and the overall dimensions of the 5-door hatchback also seem to be larger.

The next-generation Kia Rio will feature a 1,0L 3-cylinder turbo engine like the one currently being used in the cee’d hatchback.

There is no official word on what we can expect in terms of transmission options, but we believe that the old 4-speed may be ditched in favor of Kia’s new 6-speed dual clutch transmission.

Kia has also confirmed the approval of a hot version of the model, called the Rio GT. We can expect to see this one in 2018, with a 1.6-liter turbo engine generating around 180 horsepower under the hood.

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  1. Last thing that was told in Namyang was that the GT Version will have around 140 turbo powered hp…

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