Rendering of the 2010 Kia VG

After we have shown you an exciting rendering that previewed the next generation Kia Sorento, we can now spice things up a little bit again by showing you the artist rendering sketch of the upcoming near-luxury 2010 Kia VG sedan.

The fancy speculative drawing surfaced to the web today and previews the possible production shape of the 2010 Kia VG sedan that we have been commonly seeing in the last few weeks. Future Kia VG sedan has been spotted testing in Death Valley (USA) and South Korea for several times and there are many great spy shots and videos of it.

Currently sitting atop Kia’s US lineup is the Amanti sedan but it is believed that this car will eventually replace the Amanti when it goes on sale in the second half of 2009.

Early spy reports suggest that VG’s mechanical base, as well as it’s engines, will be shared with next generation Hyundai Azera. Therefore you can expect to see the updated, direct-injection, 3,8L Lambda V6 engine fitted under the hood of the near-luxury VG sedan. [Source: Bobaedream]

vg jpg150 Rendering of the 2010 Kia VG cadenza

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38 thoughts on “Rendering of the 2010 Kia VG

  1. i was really hoping that it would get the Kee concept’s light bar thingo but yeh… not gonna happen i know~ it would be great if it came out lookin like that but it looks a bit like the BMW CS concept car to me…

  2. OK, now its not so Genesis looking when the lights drop at the edges. notice that new Kias have got that ‘character’ line tucking in under the door handles, instead of buldging out. Anyone want to talk about the grille? does it look fine without a logo?

  3. I am having a really hard time believing that Kia’s line-up looks so well designed! I feel like I am looking at the Audi line-up!!

  4. That’s one handsome sedan. I’m going to recommend this to anyone looking for a larger sedan. It exudes confindence and class.

    I agree the Kia logo needs to be in place though…

  5. i too think the logo would be better on there but this being a rendering, i’m sure it will REALLY be there. specially with the H-squeeze grill.

  6. the spyshots also show nothing on the grille besides a round circle which is definately not Kia’s logo. I hope the guys at Kia read these comments and change their mind. I dont want this one looking like Genesis. It looks horrible with that plain grille.
    BTW, pat, you say, renderings look better than the real thing? well, actually, Kia has used very little camo in front and we’ve already seen a a big part of it and it looks better than renderings. its the rear renderings which will be more interesting for me. what say?

  7. Ok, this looks too good looking to not have the Kia logo and to just be one segment over the Optima.

  8. Now that is one fine looking near luxo sedan from Kia. And yes, do display your logo proudly in amidst that handsome grille, Kia. Looks awesome, this new VG sedan. And the character lines “tucking in” at the door handles look great IMO, too!

  9. When I took a first glance at it, my mind couldn’t tell what it resembled. The VG has been Scheryerlized big time!!! It’s so muscular. I hope a concept version comes to Detroit before the actually production version though.

  10. It better come to Detroit, not some stupid international show!! I will be in Detroit again this year with my NEW Samsung camera. Click my name to check it out!

  11. Yeah! I mean doesn’t it make sense to bring production Sorento out along with this in concept form for Detroit?
    The VG still doesn’t make any sense to me. Are journalist sure this is on Azera platform because that face looks more like the Genesis than the Azera. Is it possible that it looks like the Genesis but is on Azera platform? But won’t Hyundai be worried about Azera sells once this debuts. I mean this looks not only sportier than Azera but it looks sportier than Genesis too (at least to me).

  12. Keep in mind fellas that KIA on some models in Korea (and even have seen in Canada Sorento’s) DOES use a circular grill with KIA fit around an image of what appeared to me to be mountains.

  13. Man, these designs are really fantastic ! I especially like the design treatment in the front fender/ hood area where you get that “lowered look” that Schreyer described in the earlier video on the Forte, It really does seem to emulate some Audi and general european sedans. Very cool.

  14. Mideivon—–Keep in mind fellas that KIA on some models in Korea (and even have seen in Canada Sorento’s) DOES use a circular grill with KIA fit around an image of what appeared to me to be mountains.—–
    If you look at the spypics you can clearly say, that there’s no logo. but its just plastic thing made to resemble a badge. but even if it is that round Kia logo, it doesnt suit the grille. It should either be the upside-down triangle with an ‘O’ in it [like Mohave and Opirus. its the luxury badge] or it should be the Kia logo OR it should be a black grille with the Kia logo on the hood [like soul and kee]

  15. I know. I’ve seen it many times before and seen on sorento once with it here in UAE. I dont think it will suit the grille very well. I never liked that logo anyway.

  16. I am glad that this is only a CGI, if this were what it really turns out like I would be somewhat dissapointed…

  17. I think the grille IS getting the circular logo. I went back to the first spyshots of VG and if you look closely, there’s clearly a circular badge.

  18. K-Sport (Boris);

    I don’t know exactly, i think because of the way the headlights dip down toward the far sides. I suppose the grille as well, I guess i was expecting it to be less curved and more straighter sharper lines. But as I said, its good that this is only a CGI.

  19. Although I hope they do bring this to Australia, unlike the Amanti. Because I think it would put the locally made large sedans in their place, i.e. the Holden Commodore (Pontiac G8), Ford Falcon and Toyota Aurion.

  20. That’s a nice logo. It looks too small though. People will know the original Kia symbol before they would notice that small one even though it’s still nice. If it was bigger about the size of the original logo, it would be more noticeable.

  21. Please give me more material to published in our media papers. I am a journalist in Nigeria newspaper called Leadership newspaper i Abuja. Kindly give me contacts of your Nigeria office in Abuja.

  22. I can’t wait until we start seeing teasers of this. I know this is going to be one very fine sedan.


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