Real-life images of the new Kia K3 / Kia Forte 2014

We have shown you the very first official image renderings of the new Forte compact sedan a while ago!

Today, we are bringing you an exclusive set of real-life images of the South-Korean-market Kia K3, known also as Kia Forte in the USA.

As we have learned before, the all-new 2014 Kia K3 / Forte is scheduled to go on sale in the USA in April 2013.


Here’s an article releated to the 2014 Forte dealership arrival

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Images of the 2014 Kia Forte + dimensions, engine specs, trim levels…

Kia K3 / Forte promo gallery:


12 thoughts on “Real-life images of the new Kia K3 / Kia Forte 2014

  1. Yup Dodge Intrepid / Chrysler 300 hell there is a LOT of Dodge Dart in this.

  2. Where’s the 300?

    And the new Forte looks a lot like the Rio sedan from the side and rear which came out BEFORE the Dart (which, btw, has Hyundai Azera-like taillamps).

  3. The point is that this new Forte took so long to be shown that a lot of other cars appeared and already are in production, wrongly making people think that Forte is the copycat…

  4. Definitely a change from the 2010-2013 Forte which I like. I called my 2010 Forte LX Sedan my ” poor man’s Audi “.
    I can’t wait to see it when it’s revealed and not teased…

  5. Unfortunately it has to be available in Europe, bad because it is very nice model looks nicer than Kia ceed, if you like sedans. Back similar to the current mondeo

  6. Nevermind. I guess the picture I mentioned before is a mock-up made over a cee’d pic…

  7. The front (both the grill anbd headlights) of the Cee’d is better; not as busy and more sleek looking.

  8. In the meanwhile, there has been a Forte 2014 being tested here in Brazil, it was pictured under heavy camouflage but it is clear that it is this same version, not the chinese/russian. It’s good to remind that the first Picanto spy shots were taken here in Brazil (December 2010)… It’s a pity that Kia Brazil charges us ridiculous expensive prices for the cars.

  9. K3 will be a big hit in the U.S. There is no car like that in its class and its upper tier. With the 200 horse power Sonata engine mounted and priced at $27,000, K3 can even compete with more luxury models like Mercedes C class and BMW 3 series.

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