Kia Provo Coupe Headed For Production? (Video)

Kia has unveiled a vehicle at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show that might just be set to rival the MINI one!

The Provo coupe concept is a stylish model that delivers on every level. Don’t let the fact the Provo is a concept fool you, as Kia has made sure that every aspect of the design can easily be put into production id the concept proves to be a hit with the buying public.

The best way to describe the new sporty hatchback is the Rio’s sportier brother.

It would also be the perfect replacement for the Venga compact MPV, despite the fact they have different characteristics.

The Venga comes across as sensible and spacious, whereas the Provo exudes sportiness and style.

Kia Provo Coupe Presentation Video

Radical design

One of the more unique aspects of the vehicle can be found in the LED clusters used in the front lights. The lights can be used in a traditional fashion or configured to different settings, which includes a representation of the Swiss flag.

A black strip across the front of the grille is used to separate the LED’s.

In the center you will find an orange accent that has the effect of narrowing the grille to give it more of a traditional Kia “tiger nose” look.

Kia Europe head of design Gregory Guillaume, explained that this may very well be the future of the tiger nose design.

Guillaume also spoke about how the C-Pillar linked both sides of the car through the roof, holding it together and making the car look strong.

The Provo 2-door coupe is almost like a mix between the MINI hatch and the 2-seater MINI coupe, with Kia describing it as a 2+2.

You could conceivably get passengers in the back seat, but it would be a tight squeeze. The Provo comes with a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Rio and has a wider track, both of which give it a sporty stance.

Guillaume said that they would likely use the same wheelbase as the Rio if the car went to production, but also admitted that it could be shorter.

The cabin has a clean, uncluttered design, with very few buttons and simple controls. The gearstick and handbrake lever are noticeably absent, and the infotainment system is controlled via touchscreen or rotating dial.

Advanced powertrain tech

The Provo coupe concept comes with a 4-wheel drive smart hybrid system under the hood. An electric motor and 1,6L turbo combine to deliver 246 horsepower overall.

It is highly unlikely that this particular powertrain will ever make it to production, with the likelier choice being one of the Rio’s petrol or diesel engines.

Kia Provo Release Date

The official word from Kia is that they are waiting to see how the public reacts to the Provo before deciding whether or not it will be green lit for production.

The feeling is, though, that this is a sure-fire hit, so look for production to begin in the next couple of years.

7 thoughts on “Kia Provo Coupe Headed For Production? (Video)

  1. Style-wise, I just do not like Kia’s concept vehicles. I would rather see a “production style” concept vehicle instead of these over-done monstrosities. Kia makes absolutely beautiful production cars, but I just can’t bring myself to like their concept cars.

  2. I like the Cross GT, Kee, and Track’ster…..and even those are pretty “meh” if you ask me. The GT is odd-looking to me, and I am beyond sick of seemingly every Kia concept having suicide doors. I’m not saying they aren’t “unique”, just that they don’t really make me look twice. Their production models on the other hand….those sure do make me do a double take. Even a 2011 Sorento I saw the other day made me do a double take…..maybe it’s just that the production models are the real deal, not some million dollar fantasy.

  3. I really like the GRAND Cherokee. I have always thought that was a sharp design….same for the Durango. I about lost my lunch when I saw the 2014 Cherokee though. Yuck.

  4. This needs to be the NEW Kia Koup. Lets stretch that wheel base out to the size of the Forte Sedan and lets keep that width intact. We need the V6 in there. Now we talking about a vehicle that will SMASH the Brz, Camaro , Charger, Mustang, and all the Mini combinations combined.

    This must and has to be the New Kia Koup. Come on Kia do the right thing.

  5. If the Provo goes into production and if the consumer version even resembles this concept car it will be one of the most radical looking designs on the market; something that will make you look twice on the road for sure. Very futuristic looking.

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