Pro_cee’d wins famous Nürburgring race

The Kia pro_cee’d has made its mark on the world famous Nürburgring 24-hour race by driving from Milan to the German race track, competing and winning its class and then driving back to Milan.

Not only that, but the Kia Italy/Continental Tyres entered car suffered zero mechanical issues throughout the race and was exceptionally light on its feet, only using six 225/35 18-inch ContiSportContact production tyres for the whole event.

The pro_cee’d started the race on the same road tyres which had already completed around 900km on the trip from Milan.

The pro_cee’d was one of 217 cars to start the race. A total of 67 cars dropped out through accidents and mechanical failures, but the pro_cee’d ploughed on to make-up over 100 places from its starting position to finish 104th out of 150 survivors.

The near-standard pro_cee’d 2.0-litre CRDi SPORT completed 111-laps of the 25 km circuit often referred to as the ‘Green Hell’. The track for the 24-hour race is made up of the Grand Prix circuit linked to the world famous ‘Nordschleife’ test track which was used during the development of the Kia cee’d family. The race car had only the minimum amount of safety modifications, which included a roll-cage, fire extinguisher and six-point safety harness as well as some mildly tuned suspension and brakes.

Entered in the VLN Diesel ‘production’ class, the pro_cee’d saw off all comers to take the victory and then drive the 900 km back home to Milan.

The pro_cee’d managed to make use of a fuel advantage from its frugal and efficient 2.0L diesel engine by topping the event’s unofficial consumption championship averaging 20.03 mpg across the 24-hours. [Source: Kia UK]

16 thoughts on “Pro_cee’d wins famous Nürburgring race

  1. 104th out of 150 isnt too bad when we see that the race started with 217 cars. Congrats Kia.

  2. Kia Motors America: Take note: The Kia cee’d, in all it’s variations, is a fantastic vehicle. We want them over here! And I imagine people outside of the EU would like them as well. Please!

    Congratulations to Kia Italy and Continental Tyres. Obviously Continental makes some great tires, only using 6 over the entire race! Also, anyone seeing the “20.03 mpg” (not sure if that’s Imperial or US) figure and thinking “that’s terrible!” should understand that racecars have terrible fuel economy from the high speeds. So that ~20mpg is a really good figure. I’ve heard drag racers get about 1 mpg (US)!

  3. Kia was 104th among 150 that ended the race, but you should note that Pro_cee’d was first in it’s class!
    “”Entered in the VLN Diesel ‘production’ class, the pro_cee’d saw off all comers to take the victory.””

  4. Himi makes a good point, they were first in their class. Sure 104th isn’t fantastic, but first in class is good, and I think this part deserves notice (more a claim about the vehicle than the race): the “car suffered zero mechanical issues throughout the race”! While we don’t know how many of the 67 were from mechanical failures, the fact that the pro_cee’d had zero is fantasic!

  5. True Jason!!
    At the race, you had many tuned Bimmers, Porches and VW, so obviously serial Kia Pro_cee’d couldn’t compete with these directly.

  6. Wow! Great finish. Jason, the U.S. will get a car on the same chassis as the cee’d, the TD-Spectra for 2009. So we will get a great car like the cee’d, afterall. Slow and steady wins the race, anyway. Kudos to Kia once again!

  7. hmmm… i thought the pro_cee’d was the only vehicle in the VD class~ anyhoo, no mechanical failures and a great result for a car which only had its suspension tuned. good work kia

  8. The American version of the Cee’d is already here as a Hyundai Elantra Touring… look it up 😀

  9. EEEEEW! They did a terrible job transferring their design. Wow. Hyundai need to get their own famous designer. STOP MOOCHING OFF OF KIA!!!!!

  10. Josh: the Elantra Touring is similar to the cee’d SW, a 5 door wagon. I’d like the pro_cee’d to come to the USA (a 3 door hatchback). And we’ll see how the TD Spectra turns out. I’d still prefer the 2.0L CRDi pro_cee’d, but I’ll have to move across The Pond to get one I guess…

  11. How about a three door KOUP, Jason? Would you choose it over Pro_cee’d?
    I wouldn’t! Although I love the Pro_cee’d and find it the hottest looking Kia vehicle, I think KOUP will look even better (if it becomes a reality). It’s design is even more uniqe + it gets the H-shapped grille.
    Interior is also a step forward in KOUP compared to Pro_cee’d.

  12. If the Koup came out, production exact same as the concept, it’d be nice. But the Brembo brakes alone would probably cost a few thousand. I’d prefer the pro_cee’d, on account of cost, and I’d like the hatch. The features the Koup (could) have are nice, but the pro_cee’d is a production vehicle with equipment I like/ prefer. And as I said just before you, I’d like the 2.0L CRDi. The engine the Koup would have will definitely be a gas chugger, and it’s not cheap! So in a dream world where there’s no T2B5 restrictions in the USA, I could have a pro_cee’d and Koup in the garage, both with the 2.0L CRDi. Or possibly a 2.5L CRDi in the Koup for when I was feeling a need to sportiness? :)

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