Picture Gallery Of The Kia Cross GT Concept CUV

Looking like the offspring of the GT concept and a luxury CUV, the stunning Cross GT concept was unveiled by Kia Motors America at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

As camera flashes popped and strobe lights danced across the room, the Cross GT stood elegant and proud, wowing everyone in attendance and further enhancing Kia’s reputation for world-class design.

The Cross GT is the perfect union of high technology and nature, creating an eco-friendly symbiosis between car and driver that would make Mother Nature proud.
While totally conceptual, the Cross GT proves that Kia is serious about delivering a larger premium CUV than the latest Sorento.

V6 Hybrid Powertrain

Nature is the true inspiration for the Cross GT. It is coated in a glorious looking Fusion Copper and driven by technology, but the powertrain is an efficient hybrid that is geared towards reducing the carbon footprint it leaves behind, without doing anything to affect the performance you would expect from a luxury crossover.

Under the hood you will find a state-of-the-art electric hybrid system, V6 engine, 8-speed automatic and torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive. This is an engine that is very clearly on a par with the sophistication that is found both inside and out.

The V6 is backed by Kia’s parallel hybrid system, an electric motor that fits between the engine and the transmission, looking for all the world like a pancake. The electric motor can be found neatly tucked away under the rear floor.

The V6 and electric motor combine to deliver 400 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of maximum torque, with the Cross GT able to travel up to 20 miles on electric only.

That adds up to car that dlivers on power and performance, whilst still providing excellent fuel efficiency.

Kia Cross GT Dimensions

The wheelbase of the Cross GT comes in at 122.0 inches, which is about 15 inches longer than the Sorento. The 192.8 inch overall length also tops the Sorento by 8.4 inches.

It’s also a little wider than the 2014 Sorento as 79.1 inches, but the height is lower, with the 65.3 inch vertical coming in 1.6 inches shorter. The overall effect is a lower roofline than the average large CUV.

The Cross GT can easily handle 4 passengers and all their belongings, all in an incredibly comfortable interior. The large airy cabin and sloping hood give the Cross GT a nimble appearance that will help it fit right in on even the most crowded urban environments.

The dual rear-hinged doors, often referred to as “suicide” doors, add to the sophisticated image the Cross GT delivers.

The cargo area is accessed through a more traditional “clam shell” design with a standard glass hatch and tailgate appearance.

The use of advanced LED technology gives the Kia Cross GT totally unique lighting identity that completely complements the signature Kia grille.

The interior is the epitome of modern luxury, with nature still given its due.

Re-harvested American Walnut can be found on the instrument panel, and 100% eco-friendly renewable wool has been used throughout the interior to help build on the environmentally friendly appeal of the car.

A large storage compartment can be found underneath the flat load floor in the cargo area located behind the rear seats.

How much of the Kia Cross GT is concept and how much is reality?

Michael Sprague, executive vice president of marketing and communications, KMA, said that the feedback on the 2014 Kia Cadenza, which appeared at the Detroit Auto Show, is an indication of just how much Kia customers are looking to the brand to deliver cars in the premium segments, with those cars offering high levels of sophistication at value prices.

He went on to say that the Cross GT was the next logical step in the evolution. He said that while the Cross GT is only a concept, it is a possible example of future design directions.

Kia Cross GT concept Pics



3 thoughts on “Picture Gallery Of The Kia Cross GT Concept CUV

  1. Can they make a concept without suicide doors? I mean, if they aren’t going to bring them to the production model, don’t bother. Ugh.

  2. Looks nice (for a CUV), but Kia needs a larger 7 row mainstream CUV before they dip their toe into the luxury CUV market.

    But it’s good to see that when Kia does enter the luxury CUV market, that all the indications are that they will be sticking to RWD/AWD and not “tarting up” some FWD platform.

  3. I’m glad this is a RWD crossover. I have always wondered why they couldn’t make the Borrego a crossover and keep the RWD. I mean, the Grand Cherokee and Durango are crossovers and are both RWD.

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