Pics aplenty: More of the Kia Forte

Kia Forte update: As you may already know, after the deluge of official and unofficial reports, Kia has finally debuted it’s all-new Forte sedan today. It seems like we have been waiting for this day to come forever, but it’s finally here, and at last, we can show you the car that has been eagerly awaited by many Kia fans around the world.

Kia Forte is a very important vehicle for Kia Motors Corporation. It was developed not only to succeed it’s best selling vehicle (Spectra/Cerato), but also to show the world that Kia is capable of building good, quality and attractive cars at the same time.

The costs of Kia Forte development exceeded $200 million and it took the company 29 months to to bring the car from the paper to the showrooms. This year, Kia plans to sell 20,000 units on it’s home market and export about 10,000 units.

The Forte will be exported to Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, as well as to Australia and USA. You can expect to see it at North American dealers in the first quarter of the 2009. Next year, Kia Motors hopes to more than double Forte sales numbers. The automaker plans to sell 50,000 units at home and export more than 200,000 units abroad.

The Forte has been fitted with 1.6-liter gasoline and 1,6 diesel engine. The gasoline engine puts out 121 brake horsepower, while the diesel engine packs a maximum output of 128 brake horsepower. Both engines outperform domestic competitors in terms of power and fuel consumption.The Forte will also be available with more powerful 2,0L engine that will be added to the range at a later date.


Kia Forte comes equipped with new features such as navigation system with voice recognition, smart key button ignition system and Bluetooth technology. In addition to the high technology features that are normally reserved for larger cars, the car comes equipped with complete safety fetures, such as side and curtain airbags, a VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) system and active headrests.

The price for the 2010 Kia Forte ranges from 11.9 million won (US$11,300) to 19.6 million won, depending on accessories and engine types.

For the beginning you can take a look at the gallery of 28 images, that leaked to the web a few hours prior Kia Forte made it’s official Korean debut. Later on, I hope I can provide a video preview of the ceremonial unveiling and even more official images to you.

Kia Forte gallery:

31.jpg     41.jpg     Kia-Forte-5

71.jpg     8.jpg     10.jpg

11.jpg     12.jpg     14.jpg

15.jpg     16.jpg     18.jpg

191.jpg     20.jpg     22.jpg

24.jpg     25.jpg     27.jpg

28.jpg     29.jpg     30.jpg

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53 thoughts on “Pics aplenty: More of the Kia Forte

  1. I cant even believe this! All of them options damn well better be on the American model or I am going to kick some f-ing ass! YAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Oh, my adrenaline is running so high I can barely stand it!! You want to know why? Click my name, the full tale of me nearly murdering an Optima vandalizer!!

  2. this car is gunna whoop ass! i can’t wait! does anyone know how many speeds the transmission is gunna be? (auto)

  3. Looks mah-val-ous! Ths would have been the one I traded our ’01 Kia Sportage 4X4 in on if I hadn’t seen the ’08 Lancer GTS. If the Forte isn’t too heavy those engines should provide enough performance while still giving good mpg. Great new car from Kia!

  4. As far as transmissions go I’d love to see a 5-speed automatic. I’d also love to see a 5-speed manual where 5th gear is actually an overdrive and doesn’t force the engine to rev higher at 60mph than the automatic transmission model (like almost all manual transmission cars now). If not, then perhaps a 6-speed manual would be nice.

  5. At the second image from behind, you can see the gear-shift of the manual transmission and there are only 5 speeds… :(

  6. Damn, this car looks so nice inside!! It’s a step ahead of cee’d’s interior, which is also very nice and built with quality materials.

  7. Very very cool lookin` car – think this will be a winner for Kia and maybe their ” breakaway” model !! I personally have some reservation about the barrel- type instrument dash – but I`ll have to see more pics to form a final opinion. The pics here appear to have less red/orange coloring and are less brilliant than those in the video below — much more appealling from my perspective!!!

  8. I noticed that too Himi, I just hope they’ll toss in a reasonable 5th gear or final drive ratio. Anyway, the whole thing looks good to me. I’m looking forward to seeing one in person when they arrive stateside. I hope the interior looks as good in person and incorporates materials that are good quality as well. If so then this car could be high on my list to replace my Frontier when the time comes.

  9. Actually, the interior will most definately look even more superb when you see it in-person. I remeber when I first saw the interior of cee’d. I wasn’t really exciting about it, but when I sat in the car, it really turned out to be much more appealing than I thought.

    Kia will most probably use the 6-speed manual on the 2,0L engine. 1,6L engines in cee’d/pro_cee’ds are mated to five speed manual, while 2,0L versions get six speed m.

  10. hyundai and kia both need to setup up their interior designs. the new honda fit looks better than this.

  11. The fit looks better than the Rio, but not this. The interior looks very clean and uncluttered. Solid lines and a great fit and finish like the borrego

  12. colby, i agree. while the rio’s interior is somewhat lackluster, the fit’s dash is a bit cluttered and doesn’t have the aesthetic that this does. honda has been edging towards that for some time, and i think that’s most apparent in the new accord. overall design of the forte is also more pleasing, though i do wonder…. 2 door variant? what becomes of the spectra5? powertrain upgrades for the american sx trim? for as quickly as kia moves as a company, i’m very eager to see the trim packages and options for the us market.

  13. That is replaced withs Soul….you should not forget the 2-door Forte Koup. This is the model that replaces the 5-door Spectra IMHO.

  14. I am very satisfied with the Forte’s design. As with Ceed, the design is better than the Hyundai’s (New Elantra, a.k.a. Avante).

    Yes, the design is a compilation of elements seen in different manufacturer’s cars. The world is a Global village. so … We shouldn’t care about the different design elements being used by different car manufacturers.

    What is more important is to find an visual identity and stick to it, propagate it on the entire car portfolio. BMW has done that with greatest success. Every model is a member of the family, but with different virtues. I think that KIA is on its way to do the same.

    Still you couldn’t satisfy all tastes, and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    What would you say to Britain’s Daily Telegraph’s survey of Top 100 ugliest cars of all times?

    As the list is still not completely published I have just seen a part. I’ve selected some well designed cars that still made it to the list of the ugliest. What is wrong with Brits if they don’t like the design of BMW 7, Z3, X6, 6?

    98 – BMW 7-series (Chris Bangle’s design)
    93 – VW Touareg
    91 – Mercedes R-class
    86 – BMW Z3 Coupé
    84 – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
    81 – Peugeot 308
    68 – Lexus 430SC
    65 – Renault Vel Satis
    63 – BMW X6
    58 – Honda Element
    55 – Chrysler 300C
    51 – Chevrolet HHR
    48 – Smart fortwo
    46 – BMW 6-series
    41 – Cadillac Escalade

  15. 11.9 million won (US$11,300) to 19.6 million won, depending on accessories and engine types.

  16. Sorry to rain on your parades, but I drove the Forte last week (in Korea) and… you get what you paid for. While the exterior styling looks good, the interior is another story. I’m not talking about styling here b/c that is a subjective matter…. rather I am talking about build quality and attention to detail. Both are poor. Corners have been cut everyone. The interior plastics are hard and shiney. Small items that add a high-quality touch to a car are missing, like painted door latches, housings to hide the seat mounting bolts, and housings around the fuel-filler and trunk release handles (they just stick out of the carpet with no shrouds at all).

    In addition, the thing rides stiff…. really stiff and engine is loud, and neither the stiffness or loudness are in a nice performance way. Both are in a cheap way.

    Believe me, I am no Korean car hater. I have lived in Korea for more than 10 years and have driven a Hyundai Elantra (called Avante here) since 2002. I bought it new and picked it up from the factory with just 9 kms on the clock.

    Immediately after drive the Forte, I jumped in my Elantra and wondered why I ever thought about getting rid of it. The quality and design are top notch and light years ahead of the Forte and it rides better and is quieter than the Forte dispite the fact that its 6 years old and has 85,000 kms on the odometer.

    I wish Kia would have spent a little more time on money on making the car higher quality, kept the price the same (the price is excellent i might add, but again you get what you pay for) and got rid of some of the unneccesary standard features like the ‘start button’ etc.

  17. wait they dont have MPG computer in their cars. its km/l. anyway, the soul is supposed to be launched by the end of this month. not november. or was that production start date? I have feelings that he drove the prototype. because i remember the spyshots showing shiney grey interior. The car on the site which had unproffessional images showed very good fit and finish. I really think you were driving a prototype. .

  18. It must be a prototype, or he’s lying. If the Forte is heavy, the 1.6 might not be good enough for the car, and that pisses me off! KIA: THE WHOLE WORLD ISN’T EUROPE! SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO HAVE SURPLUS POWER! EVEN IF IT IS ONLY 15 HP!

  19. 1.6 L is enough. but U.S. is getting a 2.0L. isnt that enough. Kia is known for making fuel efficient cars. hmm. that explains the critics Mohave recieved on some website.

  20. even the mohave/Borrego get better MPG than MOST of the competition. its a body-on-frame truck so low 20’s is good IMO. the 1.6L engines making 120+ hp is good for a SMALL engine and its good they are offering the 1.6L as an option. the civic makes due with a 1.8L for years now and nobody complains. the higher perf. Si has a 2.0 and thats fine so the 2.0 in the Soul and Forte and just fine.

  21. Borrego/Mohave has got class leading MPG according to EPA and its mentioned on the Kia America site as well. best in class doesnt include crossovers. its best in BOF cllass.

  22. Hey Huey! There’s a huge interest in Forte, because it’s a brand new Kia and there has not been any test drives in English language.

    I’m really interested in your Forte test drive reports. Must say I’m a little surprised about your findings, especially with the interior materials, which are, according to your statement, not on the highest level.

    I’d love to hear more about the Forte, so if you drive it again make sure you write a report and take some images. If you wish I can post your test drive observations at the front site at the blog. If you’re interested, please email me at: info@kia-world.net

    Thanks for the updates.

  23. thanks them for desing kia forte very buaetiful
    i am waiting arrival to markets syrian …. please sent to me email after permission to market middel east for consult

  24. Guys relax…it’s a Kia. It’s nice for its price but frankly without a hybrid option, Kia is one step behind everyone. They missed the boat.

    They could have offered this car with a hybrid powertrain and dominated the lower end market as Honda and Toyota are still trying to do.

    Don’t expect this car to set any standards or break any benchmarks. It’s pretty run of the mill.

  25. Huey…

    Good review.

    If anyone wants to sort of tell what a Kia Forte is going to be like in quality and ride, go and test drive a Soul.

    I was hoping for A LOT more from the Soul given how good it looks and how much hype there was about it.

    I came away disappointed. It’s very clear the effort was put into design…not manufacturing and fit and finish.

    Overall quality was OK but so passe compared to Honda and Toyota.

    Also the ride….I don’t know what Kia is doing but you’d expect smooth yet firm feel in ride like you’d find in a Fit or Civic. In the Soul, it felt like the bushings were dry and harsh….while the firmness was too soft. I don’t know how you can manage that but that’s an engineering feat in itself.

  26. Huh, it sounds like you haven’t actually driven the Kia Soul, have you? You just feel intimidated about how this might steal sales away from Honda, so you are trying to stop people from trying it. Don’t worry, we’re used to your type.

  27. Actually it sounds like you’re a bit insecure. We’re all used to your type too. You also have a bit of a problem reading and comprehending. If I commented on the Soul’s harsh ride and feel, do you think I figured that out while sitting in a showroom?

    Yeah I feel intimidated about Kia stealing sales from Honda since my life and income are all related to Honda and its existence.

    Sometimes I wonder about people…..are they really that stupid or is it just a select few that are?

    It doesn’t change the fact that the car wasn’t up to current Honda and Toyota standards…no matter how much you cry about it.

  28. Since when do Honda and Toyota have standards??? Just look at all the eccentricity going on with a Honda interior. It is like a repellent, and that is why Honda continues to lose sales. What Soul model did you drive? Even different FIT models drive differently, as do Soul models.

  29. Also, why should Kia waste their time with hybrids? Kia is going for hydrogen technology, and are advancing ahead of Honda and Toyota because they haven’t focused so much on hybrids. Kia is scheduled to MASS PRODUCE an AFFORDABLE Borrego hydrogen powered SUV by 2015, before any other manufacturer mass produces a hydrogen vehicle. Hydrogen is future, hybrids are a short term solution for a bigger problem, and that is why Kia has not been bothering with them.

  30. Are you joking about Honda and Toyota not having standards? Most car manufacturers try consistently to topple Honda and Toyota from their coveted positions of top quality auto makers year after year after year. And then someone like you comes along who’s completely detached from the world’s events. Where the hell have you been for the last decade or so? Seriously…your comment makes you look like a complete tool.

    Furthermore, no one says you have to like the interior of a Fit…but nothing you say changes the fact that it’s probably the highest quality subcompact car out there bar-none.

    I drove the top of line Soul with the decked out rims, best interior options, priciest model. How stupid do you think people are to not notice quality differences? Are you so arrogant to think you’re the only one who can tell what’s good and isn’t?

    As far as alternative energy….it doesn’t matter what path Kia takes…hydrogen or battery. Hybrids…to educate you a bit…are coupled technologies. They don’t have to be batteries. My point is that Kia should have taken that step because it’d prove it’s interested and capable. If you think that’s a waste of time, you are sorely mistaken. For Kia to not bother with that is not only short-sighted but extremely arrogant of them.

  31. And by the way….we’re supposed to wait until 2015 for a stupid SUV powered by hydrogen when Honda and Toyota are putting 50-60 MPG hybrids on the road TODAY? What mileage do you think the next 2 generations of hybrids from Toyota and Honda will be making by 2015?

    Who cares about SUV hybrids? People need smaller cars with 100 MPG potential…not more living rooms on 4 wheels.

  32. Who would want a hybrid? Hybrids have the emissions of a 1960s era car compared to hydrogen, just saying. When you have to replace the batteries, you are f*cked,

  33. You really have no freaking clue what the hell you are talking about. Absolutely none. Go and educate yourself and then get back to us.

  34. Actually, both of you sound pretty stupid. Noz, if you are so against Kia, why come here? Sal, just drop it, you are making yourself look like a fool. My comment: maybe you should be worried, I mean, our Kia dealership is next to the Honda dealership, and our sales are a good 3-4 times higher.

  35. I have been driving the SX Forte and i love the way it handles. Maybe the American ones are a bit better.

  36. Greg,

    Don’t act like an idiot. I never said I was against Kia…nothing I have said has been against Kia. However I pointed out that Kia can get a market share of a rising area in automotive technology that they should try hard to get with their smaller oriented cars.

    I’m not a fanboy of any make or model. But I do know when something is of better quality over the next and I’m willing to say so. Instead of criticizing people for saying such things, perhaps you’d be better simply saying yes..Kia has come a long way since the cars it made 10 years ago…and still has room for improvement before it can fully compete quality-wise with Honda and Toyota.

  37. Huh, an AIDS joke, yeah nice. Why would an UNMARRIED 15 year old have an STD you f*ckhead. And what did I say to make you so pissed?

  38. Yeah, because we all know that people who aren’t married don’t have STDs. Stay in school.

  39. Just bought a Forte SX and I’m loving it. I owned a 2003 Honda Civic which I married into and I never liked it much. The 1.7 Liter just didn’t cut it when I wanted to get up hills or needed an extra kick to merge in traffic. It also just wasn’t that fun to drive. When I test drove the new Corollas and Civics this past week I was reminded of my old Civic again. Nothing that got me excited about trading in my clunker for a new car. I liked the Mazda 3 and Hyundai Elantra more, but my favorite of all these was the Kia Forte SX. It’s 2.4 Liter engine with 173 horsepower had way more zip than the Corolla or Civic, and still had about equal gas mileage (23 city, 31 highway). I preferred it’s look, inside and out and it was more fun to drive. Rear disc brakes, standard bluetooth, more space, and the far superior 10 year/100,000 mile warranty all helped make up my mind. After comparing the feel, features, and price, it was a quick decision for me.

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