People’s Thoughts On Kia Optima 2016 – What Do You Think?

Over the past couple of months, Kia has been displaying their upcoming 2016 Optima sedan all over the world.

We have seen the car making its official debuts in Korea, USA, China and Europe.

The stylish Kia midsize sedan has gained nothing but positive comments and reviews from worldwide automobile media.

But, how about others? What do other people think of the Kia Optima 2016 (model year)?

We have collected a few comments (positive and negative) from the visitors of our Kia blog, so let’s read about their thoughts.

POSITIVE comments:

Kia Optima White1. SHOODIVA: “Very excited to see this 2016 Optima model. I’ve owned a 2013 and now own 2014 SXL… Will be seriously looking into purchasing this model.”

2. JTZ: “This new Optima design will be a challenge for Kia. This is one of the world’s best looking cars ever. Many auto makers made really nice designs and yet when they gotten redesigned they really messed it up.”

3. CarmenQuincy:  Some say this new Optima is too conservative. I personally think it is extremely good looking and stylish. No car out there will appeal to everyone. Some will like the looks and others will not. This is a 4 door sedan, not a sports car. If someone wants a car that looks mean and aggressive, get a hot, sports car with a big V8.

NEGATIVE comments:

1. SONY MILLER: I’m a former die hard Chevy fan. But now I currently own a 2013 Optima SXL, and I absolutely love it! Since 2013, I’ve compared my Optima’s interior and exterior styling to my friends and coworkers Chevy’s, Lexus, Fords, Toyotas, Honda’s, Mitsubishi’s and BMW’s. And, my SXL always got the most attention and positive compliments.

Also, I’ve raced against my cousins Dodge Challenger, Charger and 300 on curving roads. And, even though his cars have more horsepower.

My Optima SXL killed him because it’s lighter, excellent with cornering and the gear ratios kept it ahead of them.

However, the few things that set Optima’s apart from the competition have been removed.

First, they traded the wrap around, fighter jet inspired interior that was centered on the driver. For a plain, flat, boring dashboard that emulates Toyota & Honda.

Next, they downgraded the engine on the turbo from 274hp to 247hp. I’m still hoping that was a typing error. And lastly, the exterior styling bears a striking resemblance to the 2015 Toyota Camry.

In my opinion, Kia has done the same thing that Ford and Chrysler did when they copied the Optima’s exterior styling to the Ford Fusion and the Chrysler 200.

Kia Optima LEDs rearI’m extremely disappointed with the new 2016 Kia Optima. I was praying for a twin turbo, 4 wheel drive Optima for 2016 with the 2010-2013 styling that made this car so popular and convinced so many people to buy Kia’s.

But, unfortunately the company has sacrificed individuality and performance for a more common car. While their competitors are building faster more powerful cars that are loaded with safety features that people actually want to drive.

It’s sad, because my next car will not be a Kia as long as they are continuing to steer the company towards boring styling and lacking performance.

2. ROBERT: The 2016 Kia Optima is not as SLEEK as the 2015. I bought the EX last July and have been thrilled as it rides as good as it looks. The 2016 looks “boxier” and not as dynamic!!!! Disappointed as I was looking to buy the 2016.

While it may be a little more luxurious on the inside it is not as “aerodynamic” on the outside so I will be keeping my 2015. It is disappointing as I expected more on the exterior design!!!

What do you think of the Optima 2016?

Now, let us hear your thoughs on the all-new Kia Optima midsize sedan!

Feel free to share what you think about it.

the 2016 kia optima is not as SLEEK as the 2015. i bought the EX last july and have been thrilled as it rides as good as it looks. the 2016 looks “boxier” and not as dynamic!!!! disappointed as i was looking to buy the 2016. while it may be a little more luxurious on the inside it is not as “aerodynamic” on the outside so i will be keeping my 2015. it is disappointing as i expected more on the exterior design!!! – See more at: http://www.kia-world.net/2016-optima/#sthash.FbFTHQtd.dpuf

5 thoughts on “People’s Thoughts On Kia Optima 2016 – What Do You Think?

  1. I am the owner of a 2011 Optima Ex Turbo. At that time it was a standout in terms of styling, both interior and exterior. Also the 274 hp turbo was an excellent advancement for a car in the $30k price range. Unfortunately it appears Kia has tried too hard to stay within their original styling cues, without showing much forward thinking. Now the 2016 looks very similar to my 2011, and the hp has been significantly reduced. I was hoping for an all wheel drive version which obviously hasn’t happened. The car now has become plain vanilla.

  2. Based on early photos on videos of the 2016 Optima, I was a bit put off by the look of it. Over time with more detailed photos and video, I could clearly see the lines and saw it as a beautiful improvement on the original. The interior is massively better than the original, which makes it look more European than Korean, I like that the designers made it look original. The chrome finish vent I am not a fan of but it works on some colors. I understand the design to aid airflow, I have the 2014 Optima Hybrid with a similar feature, this is also something you see on sports cars for economy and/or brake cooling. Nice feature. The dash is most certainly not flat, it is still angled toward the driver but does not carry an outline to accentuate that fact.

    For me, I want them to bring some of those European features to the US, front and rear parking sensors, headlight washers, park assist and lane keep assist are some features that would really make this a standout in its class. Maybe KIA could do a super and turbocharged engine with 300 hp like Volvo for their top model, or 285 hp and 296 lb of torque, while still providing 34 mpg. They should also be able to do 37 with the 2.0T (and 2.0T super-turbo charged) and an 8 speed transmission. The CVTs are getting nicer each year and upping the economy, I prefer teh regular auto but it’s time for KIA to put one in their car to improve the economy even more. Can’t want to see one in person.

  3. I have a sleek, black 2015 Optima Turbo SX. I was really taken by the design when I first saw it, and fell in love with it when I drove it. The athletic, aggressive, stance. The awesome interior geared for the driver, and all of the cool appointments and extras that came with the Tech Package. Really a great car. I’ve had Mustangs, and a Vette, and believe me, I’m digging the KIA. WHAT HAPPENED? They took the EDGE and AGGRESSIVE look away form the 2016…not to mention HP. I’m REALLY dissipointed that they have turned this cool car into a plain-Jane, every-day grocery getter. Bigger, fatter, and slower…kinda like the new American population…maybe they will relate!

  4. My lease was up on my 2013 Optima EX, Which I absolutely LOVED! I was considering buying it out but the payments to finance would be more than an lease. So I am leasing the 2016 Optima EX.

    First, I do not like the exterior changes. It is boxier than my 2013 it doesn’t look as sleek. Kia got rid of the dual exhaust which in my opinion had a sportier look. Kia changed the luxury package on the new model. I had the luxury package on my 2013 which included front and back heated leather seats, as well as ventilated front seats, the Infinity sound system, navigation, CD and panoramic sun roof. The Kia now uses Harman Kardon sound system, but it is only available in the SX model, the EX comes with standard sound system. Kia did away with the CD player. The 2016 Optima does not have heated back seats only front seats are heated.
    I loved my 2013 EX, I must say the 2016 EX model is just average… The thrill is gone.

  5. I own a 2014 Optima and love it..I was unhappy to see the new front end on the Optima looks to much like a Camry where’s the fog lamps and were is the dual exhaust? That’s what people like to see in the Optimas..Please fix the mess :(

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