2015 Kia Optima MSRP Price + List Of Optional Packages And Features

The news article here reveals exact MSRP pricing details of the 2015 Kia Optima mid-size sedan!

In addition, it also reveals all the optional packages available on the automaker’s top-selling mid-size sedan.

The current Optima model offers a choice of 5 different trim levels and 4 optional packages!

Each is priced differently as it contains different premium features and technologies.

Let’s take a look at them NOW!

2015 Kia Optima MSRP pirces

2015 Trim Level MSRP Pricing

  1. LX; the entry level trim is priced $21,650. It comes available with a 2.4L GDI 4-cylinder engine and 6-speed automatic transmission.
  2. EX; adds more features than the base LX trim and costs $24,100. It is also offered with the 2,4L GDI engine and 6-speed tranny.
  3. SX; this is where things get a little bit more exciting! The SX model adds some attractive exterior and interior features, but still no upgrades to the engine (2.4L GDI unit and 6 automatic gearbox). The cost: $25,700!
  4. SX Turbo; this is the trim level that gets a 2,0L turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine with more than 260 horsepower! The SX trim pricing start at $27,700!
  5. SXL Turbo, known also as SX Limited, this is the top-of-the range Kia Optima trim level that offers all the extras you can think of. Its MSRP price start at $35,500!

Kia also offers several optional packages on their updated Optima. The packages add several exclusive extras to the car.

Here’s the list of packages with MSRP prices

NOTE: Click the dark-red painted “package links” below to find detailed list of available features!!

  • Convenience Plus Package, available on LX model, costs $1,600.
  • Technology Package is available on EX model (but also requires Premium package) and is priced at $2,400.
  • Premium Package with MSRP price of $3,300 is available on EX and SX turbo models.
  • Premium Technology Package is offered on SX model and costs $4,600.

And finally, Kia also offers a “white color package” that includes a Snow White Pearl Paint.

It costs $200 for those opting for the LX and EX Optima models, while those choosing the SX, SX Turbo or SXL trims have to pay NO extra for it.

NOTE: click any of the “red-colored” packages above to get a full list of features that come standard with each particular package!

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